Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1638 - Worse than Animals

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Chapter 1638: Worse than Animals

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Who is that?” The demiG.o.ds turned their eyes towards the door and saw a group of unfamiliar men walking towards them.

The person who had just spoken was the person with the highest cultivation among the group – Six-Eared Macaque. Having used the Asura Divine Mirror’s Special Ability, he had taken Zhou Daoxian’s form, and even possessed his 650,000 combat power.

However, in order to differentiate himself from the real Zhou Daoxian, Six-Eared Macaque made it a point to have a cooler hairstyle, and wore a set of black armor which made him look full of vim and vigor.

Behind Six-Eared Macaque stood Jiang Ziya, the powerful deity Li Xiang, the new Blood Emperor who had already made his name in Blood Descendant’s Jianghu and Dio, the King of Werewolves of which after the mausoleum exploration, had made the decision to stand on Chen Xiaobei’s side.

The demiG.o.ds flinched at their arrival.

Jiang Ziya’s cultivation was low, so he made no comment, and made his way to Chen Xiaobei and Xiang Yu, plopped down on a seat and wet his whistle with tea.

Six-Eared Macaque, Li Xiang, and Dio on the other hand, stood in front of Chen Xiaobei.

“Try and touch my Bro Bei and see!” Six-Eared Macaque boomed, giving off an oppressive aura, intimidating and overbearing.

Of course, this aura had something to do with his ma.s.sive 650,000 combat power, which would place him in first place on Earth alongside Zhou Daoxian!

Li Xiang and Dio were not weak either. Although their combat power was at only at 600,000 each, both of them had the natural born talent to transform into their original true forms!

If they fought against human opponents of the same combat power, they would surely crush their compet.i.tion without difficultly! They could be ranked as the third or fourth strongest elites on Earth.

Behind them was Osnur with only 500,000 combat power. He was not very strong, but since he was also a G.o.d-Ascension Cultivation demiG.o.d, no one dared stare him down at his feet.

Six-Eared Macaque, Li Xiang, Dio, and Osnur approached Zhang Yufeng, Yang Yiqian, and Crowton who in a panic, hurriedly withdrew their Ethereal Force.

“Come on then! Weren’t you going to kill my Bro Bei? Why are you guys so scared now?” Six-Eared Macaque said, his voice thickened with contempt.

“You… Who do you think you are!” Zhang Yufeng looked at the person next to Six-Eared Macaque and asked, “LI Xiang! You are the new Blood Emperor! You have just consolidated all the vampire families around the globe! This is supposed to the highest point in your life! But here you are willingly taking on the role of a watchdog for that wide-eyed snowflake?”

“Stupid! I am one of Bei Xuan’s eight Keepers of the Law!” Li Xiang snapped. “From today onwards, the Blood Descendants all over the world are affiliates of the Bei Xuan faction! Serving Bei Xuan is the Blood Descendants’ highest honor! You lot are not even qualified to come under the banner of Bei Xuan!”

“This is insane… You must be mad…” Zhang Yufeng said in disbelief. “The Blood Descendants considers themselves Earth’s n.o.bilities! Proud and vainglorious, but you here you are willingly submitting under a child’s jurisdiction! Sooner or later, you Blood Descendants will die like dead chickens!”

“You! Dio!” Zhang Yufeng turned to the other side and shouted, “You werewolves and Blood Descendants are old enemies but here you are standing by Li Xiang’s side? What happened to your creed? Where are your conscience?”

Dio replied in a deep voice, “The new Blood Emperor Li Xiang and I have already made a blood covenant. We have written off all our past transgressions and animosity between our people! From today onwards, we’ll coexist in peace!”

“What? You believe the promises of the Blood Descendents? It appears that you really have forgotten that you’re a werewolf!” Zhang Yufeng spat. “Have the other werewolves agreed to this decision of yours? The four Werewolves a.s.sociations will tear you into pieces!”

“Hmph, you don’t have to worry about that!” Dio said. “We werewolves will never trust the Blood Descendants, but we trust faction leader Chen! With him as the intermediary benefactor, we don’t have anything to worry about!”

“What?!” Zhang Yufeng shrieked. “I think you’ve lost your mind too! Chen Zhufeng is only a little over twenty! He was just born yesterday! How does that qualify him to be trusted?”

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Dio said. “My four Werewolf Kings and I have witnessed Mr. Chen’s strength and character back in Emperor Qin’s mausoleum! If it were not for him, at least half of the people here would not have walked out of that place alive! If we don’t trust faction leader Chen, who should we trust then? You?”

“How… How is that possible…” Zhang Yufeng stammered, sensing that something was not quite right.

Taiji faction’s Yang Yiqian was the first to react. “Ding Xiadong! Didn’t you say that Chen Zhufeng is weak?! How could he have saved you and gotten you out of the mausoleum then?!”

“I…” Ding Xiadong was suddenly tongue tied.

He had said that to sow dissention, and incite conflict. But now that he was being questioned, he did not know what to say.

“Please calm down, faction leader Yang!” Zhou Daoxian stepped up to the plate. “That kid is not very strong! He just has many tricks up his sleeves. He only has three for backup, and there are ten of us here! We can still kill him!”

All five of the Anti-Bei Alliance people stood up, and with the addition of Zhang Yufeng, Yang Ziqian, Jing Yuan s.h.i.+tai, and Calderon, that made up the ten!

“I will not be a part of this grudge between the both of you!” Calderon shook his head.

“What is it? Do you know Chen Zhufeng?” Zhou Daoxian asked.

Calderon denied, “I don’t know him, but the Rothschild serves him as well. I will not fight him nor help him!”

It was obvious that in Calderon’s eyes, the chances of Chen Xiaobei winning was slim so, it was only rational for him not to side with Chen Xiaobei.

“Fine! If you say so! Then just stand aside and watch!” Zhou Daoxian said. “Nine of us of Anti-Bei Alliance is enough to kill Chen Zhufeng!”

With that statement, Zhou Daoxian had forcibly dragged Zhang Yufeng and the others into Anti-Bei Alliance.

But Zhang Yufeng and the other three did not make any protest. They still regarded Chen Xiaobei as the enemy.

Thus, all nine demiG.o.ds advanced towards Chen Xiaobei.

Zhou Daoxian could take Six-Eared Macaque while the other eight could confront Xiang Yu, Li Xiang, Dio and Osnur!

Eight against four. Under the pretext that their combat powers were on similar levels, the Anti-Bei Alliance had a higher chance of winning.


Suddenly, another two people walked in!

“Zhou Daoxian and all the people of Anti-Bei Alliance! You are all Jianghu’s seniors! Do you have no sense of shame? Back in the mausoleum, you went down on your knees, covered in tears and snot, begging faction leader Chen to save your lives! He saved you and here, you want to kill him! You are repaying his kindness with hostility! You are worse than animals!” A girl in a platinum mask rebuked. Although she was reprimanding them, her voice was as melodious as ever.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1638 - Worse than Animals

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