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Chapter 1648: My JianghuTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Mr. Chen! That’s not for us to joke about! The overlord is the backbone of the Northern Wilderness Starfield! We can’t let anything happen to him!” said Dong Zhuo in a worried manner.

The overlord was, after all the king of the entire starfield. Civil war would break out if the other planets knew that their king was dead. By that time, swathes of people would die because of that. In the worst case scenario, the entire Northern Wilderness Starfield could be ceased to exist.

“You guys don’t trust me? Quickly ask them to leave this place!” said Chen Xiaobei while staring at the overlord.


The overlord could not figure out what was Chen Xiaobei trying to do.

“Didn’t you hear what Bro Bei just said?!”

Lu Bu glared at the overlord signifying that he could slit his throat whenever he wanted to.

No… Please don’t kill me… Everyone! Leave us! Are you guys trying to kill me?!”

“Yes… Yes… Yes… We will leave now! Mr. Chen! Please don’t kill him!”

Dong Zhuo and Wenren Jinghao were worried that the whole thing might spiral out of control. So, they hurried off to send all the high-ranking officers to the portal. After that, Chen Xiaobei looked at Osnur and signaled him to follow them. The portal had been recently built by Bai Linsu and it could only be operated by certain people. Osnur was the person that Chen Xiaobei chose to manage the portal. After all, Osnur’s combat power was only 500,000. There was nothing he could do to help Chen Xiaobei even if he stayed here.

Besides, Osnur was really familiar with the Jianghu on earth. With the Heavenly Dog Biscuit that he consumed last time, his loyalty was sworn only to Chen Xiaobei. Right now, the entire place was left with Chen Xioabei and the ones who were instructed to slap their own face just now. As for the overlord, Chen Xiaobei had made him stand aside first. He would deal him lastly.

“Mr. Chen… Faction Leader Chen… Temple Master Chen… Spare our lives please… I beg you…”

Filled with fear, the entire group of demiG.o.ds started to cry their hearts out to beg Chen Xiaobei to let them live.

“Zhou Daoxian, Ding Xiadong, Xu s.h.i.+qiu, Shuldean, and Betadalf! I want all five of you to come out right now!” said Chen Xiaobei.

It looked like nothing good was about to happen to them since Chen Xiaobei called out their name specifically. Right now, Chen Xiaobei was like their G.o.d and they had to do whatever Chen Xiaobei asked them to do.

“Mercy please… Faction Leader Chen, please spare our lives!”

With Zhou Daoxian taking the lead, all five of them knelt down on the floor and crawled to Chen Xiaobei.

“Tell me now. How many times have I spared your lives? How many times have I saved you and how many times have you guys attempted to kill me? I have shown you all the mercy that I have within me! Today, the five of you have to die no matter what!”

“No… Please don’t do this to us… We swear our loyalty to you! We will never think of killing you anymore!”

Immediately, the five of them started to knock their heads on the ground to show their sincerity. They knocked so hard that the floor in front of them started to shatter.

“Your words mean nothing to me! You guys are telling lies! Only will believe the lies you guys spew! Little Diao Chan! Send them to h.e.l.l!”


Diao Chan lifted up her weapon and prepared to kill the five of them.

“No… Faction Leader Chen! All five of us are the faction leaders of top-tier ancient factions! The entire Jianghu would turn upside down if you kill all five of us! Faction Leader Chen! From today onwards, the entire Jianghu on Earth belongs to you! Are you going to destroy your own Jianghu?”

“You don’t have to worry about my Jianghu! Actually, I want to power up my cultivation as much as possible but I didn’t do any training for the past three days! Do you guys know the reason behind it?”

“No… We don’t know…”

“See… how stupid you guys are! For the past three days, I have set everything up to take over the Jiangju! I’m the one who called Little Diao Chan to come help me deal with the situation here! I have also found five replacements for all five of you!”

“What?! Our replacements?!”

Zhou Daoxian and the rest of them were left in fear and shock.

“Bro Bei! They are here!”

Suddenly, Wu Guangwen led a dozen people to Chen Xiaobei. Judging by the way they dressed, one could guess that all of them were also from the five respective ancient factions, and it was obvious that Chen Xiaobei knew all of them personally.

“Bro Bei!”

A young man who walked at the front greeted Chen Xiaobei.

“Faction Leader Chen!”

An elderly man greeted Chen Xiaoebei as well.

“Young Master Zhuo, how are you? Elder Zhuo is looking good too!” said Chen Xiaobei with a smile on his face.

The young man was Zhuo Qunfeng and he was one of the core disciples of Kunlun Faction. As for the old man, he was Zhuo Yaolung – the forth elder of Kunlun Faction. A long time ago, Zhuo Qunfeng was Chen Xiaobei’s enemy. All this while, Zhuo Yaolung had been trying to convince Zhuo Qunfeng to make peace with Chen Xiaobei. After the adventure that they had Jingjue Kingdom, they saw that Chen Xiaobei had indeed done everything that he could have done to save their lives. That was how they finally became friends.

All these people that came here were from Xiangxiu Faction, Mount Shu Faction, Hogwarts Magic School, and The Vatican. They were going to replace the five people that Diao Chan was supposed to kill.

“All five of you should die in peace now! Our Jianghu will become a better place without you guys!”

“No… Please don’t kill us… We will not think of killing you anymore! Never!”

Zhou Daoxian and the rest of them started to cry even louder.


In a cruel second, the whole place became dead silent once again. Their voices were cut mid-sentence, dismissed as they were killed with one slas.h.!.+ The smell of blood and body parts scattered on the floor had terrified everyone silly in the hall. After that, Chen Xiaobei turned around and took a look at the demiG.o.ds behind him.

“So, do you guys want to live or die?”

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1648 - My Jianghu

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