Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1650 - New Bei Xuan Faction

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Chapter 1650: New Bei Xuan FactionTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“This… What is this… Is this poison? I refuse to eat… No… I will not eat it…” screamed the overlord while struggling.

Now that Chen Xiaobei had become his sworn enemy, the overlord figured out that Chen Xiaobei must have had wanted to poison him.

“Not going to eat, is it? Lu Bu! Kill him!” said Chen XIaobei.

“Hmph! I have always wanted to kill this coward!” shouted Lu Bu.

Before Lu Bu lifted up his weapon, the overlord screamed once again.

“Ah… Ah… I will eat… I will eat whatever you give me… Just don’t kill me…” screamed the overlord while opening his mouth wide.

Knowing that Chen Xiaobei could kill him anytime, the overlord knew that he would have to eat it even if Chen Xiaobei was going to feed him a pile of s.h.i.+t.

“I’m a fair person! You used a curse to try and control me! Now, I’m going to control you with a Heavenly Dog Biscuit! Lu Bu, you can let him go now!”

“Thank you master!”

The overlord stood up and stared at Chen Xiaobei like he was his G.o.d.

“I have a few questions to ask you! Others told me that you have three Earth G.o.d tier weapons! Is that true?”

“It’s a half-truth. That three Earth G.o.d tier weapons you have heard actually belongs to my Sifu. He will come and help me whenever I come across something that I cannot deal with. I just told others that I have three Earth G.o.d tier weapons to put fear in them!”

“No wonder Lu Bu could capture you with ease!”

Right now, the overlord’s Sifu was not someone that Chen Xiaobei could deal with. It seemed like he had to wait for some time before he could get his hands on the weapons.

“How many Spiritual Stones are left in the temple?”

“Not many… It requires a huge amount of Spiritual Stones to run a starfield! Paying the high-ranking officers and employees are nothing! The thing that cost me the most Spiritual Stones is building the s.p.a.ce Jet and intergalactic weapons! In order to prevent intergalactic war, I have to invest a good amount of Spiritual Stones for military research! 70% of the tax that I collected from the entire starfield goes to this project! Other than that, I will have to hand over the remaining Spiritual Stones to my Sifu! If not, he will stop protecting me!”

“What?! Your Sifu is clearly taking advantage of you! My Sifu is the best! He always look after me no matter what! And he had gifted me some really powerful items as well!”

“You are right! My Sifu is taking advantage of me! I don’t have a choice. Without his protection, I don’t think I can be the overlord of this starfield!”

“I can understand that. This is like paying for protection fees!”

“Master, are you in need of Spiritual Stones? At most, I can squeeze out 50 to 60 million Spiritual Stones for you! I can get more after I confiscate everything that Tie Family possessed! I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of Spiritual Stones at the Chamber of Commerce!”

“It’s okay. I still have 192 million Spiritual Stones with me! I don’t think I can use all of them anyway! As for the Spiritual Stones at the Chamber of Commerce and temple, don’t touch them first. Do what you need to do every day! I don’t want anyone to see that you have sworn loyalty to me!”

“I understand! I will do what you tell me to do!”

“Alright! You can go back now! You will be under Jiang Ziya for now! Contact me if there is something big happens!”


The overlord nodded his head and left the place.

“This is so frustrating! Such big fight but Bro Bei did not manage to get any EarthG.o.d tier weapons! Not even Spiritual Stones! This is really bad!” said Lu Bu.

“I don’t need all that for now! Those are just small things!”

“Then, what is the big thing that you gained today?”

“People! Today, I have the hearts of people! I have won them! Earth, Atlantis, and Northern Wilderness Starfield are the perfect triangle! If I manage them well, I will get able to get what I want in the future!”

“You are right! That makes sense! Though Earth G.o.d tier weapons and Spiritual Stones are really powerful, it would require a huge amount of them to be used every time you get into big fight! But, if you have your own army and intergalactic weapons, you can basically kill all those demiG.o.ds that wish to kill you and you will spend way less resources to complete the whole gig!”

“That’s right! I remember that I fought the three Demonic Beast Kings with the combat s.p.a.ce jet before, and I actually managed to fight them off! With that being said, I will now need to focus on managing these three places. After all, my family and friends need to head back to Earth and live there!”

“Okay! I understand now! Now, we just need to make sure that Earth and Northern Wilderness Starfield are in good hands! If you manage to do so, people will respect our Bei Xuan Faction and your family and friends can live a peaceful life because of that!”

“Right! That is my goal!”

In order to make sure that his friends and family get to live a peaceful and good life, Chen Xiaobei was willing to give up all Spiritual Stones and Earth G.o.d tier weapons.

“Oh right! Just now, you mentioned our Bei Xuan Faction. Does that mean Dian Chan and you are planning to join me?”

“Not planning! We have made up our mind!” said Diao Chan.

“About this… The two of you are more than welcome, but I’m afraid the temple of Bei Xuan Faction is too small for the two of you to move in!”

“Bro Bei, please don’t make the decision for us! Hahaha… While I’m in the Earth G.o.d Realm, I have managed to find a Spiritual Mountain! I have set Bei Xuan Faction up there!”

“Huh?! You’ve opened up a Bei Xuan Faction in the Earth G.o.d Realm?!”

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1650 - New Bei Xuan Faction

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