Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1565 Change Of Place

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"Huh? What is this place?"

When Chen Xiaobei stepped through the wall, the entire scenery had changed. It was like he stepped into a different world, back to the ancient times. 

The eerie dark forest and cold cavern had suddenly turned into clear blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds! Under his feet were a neatly laid green brick pavement, and surrounding him was a magnificent ancient palace.

The palace was humongous – it was 50 steps to the next floor and there was a pavilion every 10 steps, going as far as a hundred miles. It was impossible to see the where it started and where it ended.

"Wow! Don't tell me that I've travelled to the ancient times like those cliché novels."

Chen Xiaobei frowned. The place was so big that he dared not believe that it was part of Emperor Qin's tomb.

"Where did the Blackwater Mystical Snake go? There's no evidence that it's been here."

The more Chen Xiaobei thought about it, the stranger it seemed. The Blackwater Mystical Snake was a mammoth sized beast. If it did come through here, it would have left a dent in the ground, and would have crushed a few of the pavilions. 

However, everything was pristine.

Could the Blackwater Mystical Snake have gone to another place?

"Ah, forget it. I better leave this place before my enemies get here."

Chen Xiaobei kept moving forward. 

As he walked, he took out his phone to send Liu Xuanxin a message, but there was no signal in there.

"No, I can't go too far. I won't be able to contact them. I better find a place to hide nearby in case my G.o.ddess of Luck and the others need my help. I have to find out what's happening first!"

He walked into the nearest three-storey pavilion.

Stepping through the door, he was shocked by what he saw.

The building was filled with piles of treasure of silver and gold, pearls and precious stones in all colors, shapes and sizes. It was impossible to tell how much of it there was.

And that was just one building!

There were countless pavilions out there! If there were just as much treasure in each house, there would enough of it to form mountains!

"Could… Could these be the Emperor Qin's actual burial objects? This amount is just bewildering!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed.

Of course, he was merely expressing surprise. All these earthly riches meant nothing to him!

Had these treasures been Spiritual Items, he might have been excited.

These piles of common gold and silver were worthless to him. He could not be bothered to collect them.

"I have more important things to attend to! I cannot waste time!" Chen Xiaobei quickly ascended the steps to the top floor.

The cracked opened a window and looked down from above to observe the situation below.

Very soon, one by one, shadows appeared on the surrounding streets.

"What… What is this place?" Feng Bucun stared at his surroundings in surprise.

"Bucun! Are you alright?" Feng Aotian had arrived with his men.

"I'm fine! There is no danger nearby!" Feng Bucun went to meet him. "Father, your wounds have not healed yet. Go take a rest first!"

"Mm, alright." Feng Aotian nodded. The Blackwater Mystical Snake had injured him pretty badly; this was a good chance to tend to his injuries.

Feng Aotian swallowed some pills, sat cross-legged on the ground and began to channel Ethereal Force to unclog his veins and heal his wounds.

The rest of the group arrived soon after.

After a series of exclamations, the leaders of the group imitated Feng Aotian's example, and began to tend to their wounds as well.

The disciples and elders of these leaders did not sustain any injuries, so they split up and explored the place to familiarize themselves with the environment and to detect any early warnings so that they would be prepared in case of any danger.

"Young Lady Liu, we're going to walk around and see if we can find Xiaobei. Would you like to join us?" Xiangyu asked.

"No, I'll stay and accompany Sifu." Liu Xuanxin shook her head. "If you have any news about Chen Xiaobei, remember to come and tell me immediately!"

"Alright!" Xiangyu nodded, then left with Li Xiang and Six-Eared Macaque to the street where it was less crowded.

After a quick stroll, Xiang Yu came up with a conclusion. "This is Epang Palace! It's exactly the same as the one I burnt down many years ago!"

"Tha… That's impossible, right?" Six-Eared Macaque said. "If you've already burnt the place down, why would there be one that is exactly the same?"

Xiangyu shook his head. "I don't know for sure. It's probably because Emperor Qin wanted to remain as Emperor even after his death, and asked Xu Fu to build the Epang Palace in exactly the same fas.h.i.+on!"

"After he died, he did not enter Earth G.o.d Realm!" Six-Eared Macaque asked. "If it's like what you said, then could he have become an evil spirit and stayed here as it's emperor?"

"There is a possibility." Xiangyu nodded.

"Evil spirits are different from Yin spirits. Yin spirits cultivate their merit points in the underworld, and Evil Spirits cultivate ghost powers in the human world!"

Six-Eared Macaque asked, "After thousands of years, what cultivation would the Emperor be at today?"

Xiangyu replied, "That's hard to tell. It's possible that Emperor Qin has become an Earth G.o.d at the level of 'Ghost Emperor', but there's also a chance that his soul has been destroyed!"

"Soul is destroyed? Why is that?" Li Xiang asked.

"Because of Xu Fu!" Xiangyu said. "Since Xu Fu left his descendants a backdoor to rob the tomb, why would he allow Emperor Qin's spirit to stay? That would like sending his descendants here to die!"

"That makes sense!" Six-Eared Macaque nodded. "Xu Fu is not a good person as well. He betrayed the Great Qin, became a j.a.panese and destroyed Emperor Qin's soul! So disloyal and treacherous! So ruthless!"

"That's just a speculation," Xiangyu said. "Emperor Qin is rare individual in the three realms! Even if Xu Fu planned it, he might not have been able to get what he wanted!"

"In fact, before Emperor Qin's demise, he had already sent Xu Fu far away! The funeral procession was managed by the Emperor's most trusted servant. Something unexpected happened back then! Anyway, before we know the full truth, Emperor Qin could be a Ghost Emperor, or could have already gone for good, completely vanis.h.i.+ng from the three realms!"

Six-Eared Macaque and Li Xiang nodded in agreement.

"The building in front looks like a bedroom, let's go in and take a look!" Xiangyu pointed in front.

The three of them headed towards the building.


But just as they were about to push the door open, they heard the sharp slas.h.i.+ng sound of a sword behind them!

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1565 Change Of Place

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