Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1743 - Great Ancestor

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Chapter 1743: Great Ancestor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Childe… Zhufeng… No! Don’t go! You’re no match for the enemy…” The Dragon Emperor called out after Chen Xiaobei, terrified and fearful on Chen Xiaobei’s behalf.

Chen Xiaobei, however, had already left on his Giant Barbaric Tiger at Earth-G.o.d speed. It was too late to stop him.

“Where did you come from, you stupid boy? What makes you think you could fight me?” The vermillion dragon elite jeered mockingly. “So what if you’re riding on a Giant Barbaric Tiger? The green dragon will gradually disappear! My sword has the strength of a Three-star Earth-G.o.d! Killing you would be as easy as killing an ant!”

Without the Dragon Emperor’s blood, the green dragon blade was growing dim and would shatter at any time.

The green dragon was also growing faint and fading gradually.

Like the vermillion dragon king said, once the image disappears, Chen Xiaobei would not be able to block the vermillion dragon’s attack.

Even with the Giant Barbaric Tiger with him, Chen Xiaobei would still not be able to survive this fight.

To the vermillion dragon king, killing Chen Xiaobei was just the simple matter of brandis.h.i.+ng his sword.


The sharp vermillion dragon sword struck downwards with a substantial force!

“Roaaaar!!” The vermillion dragon roared, savage and vehement!

The giant beast, along with the sword, was coming down, hard and fast, towards Chen Xiaobei with the wrath of a Three-star Earth-G.o.d strength!

The Giant Barbaric Tiger would not be able to bear a force like that. Neither the Nightstalker Outfit nor the upgraded Ultimate Protective Puppet would too! Even if Chen Xiaobei were to use all of his trump cards, none of them would be up to the task!

Howbeit, Chen Xiaobei showed no signs of fear. The expression on his face was and sangfroid as if everything was just fine.

“You’re just a vermillion dragon. The audacity!” With his right hand, Chen Xiaobei ran the green dragon blade across his left index finger, making a small cut where a small drop of blood escaped.

Yes! Only one drop!

Then Chen Xiaobei quickly sealed the wound with his Ethereal Force to prevent any more blood from spilling.

“Hey, kid! Are you the clown that the Green Dragon tribe hired? You’re going to use one drop of blood as a sacrifice for the sword? This is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard!” The vermillion dragon king laughed mockingly. “I thought you were brave but it’s only because you’re off your trolley! Hahaha…”

Compared to a large amount of blood the Dragon Emperor and the vermillion dragon king had used, the little drop of blood Chen Xiaobei left on the green dragon’s blade was insufficient, infinitesimal.

It was not only the vermillion dragon king who questioned Chen Xiaobei’s action, but even the Dragon Emperor, Ling Qingfeng, and the other imperial family members were uncertain about it too. What the h.e.l.l was Chen Xiaobei up to?

The Dragon Emperor, especially, regretted his decision. What spell was he under that made him loosen his grip on the green dragon sword and let Chen Xiaobei take it from him!

Now, not only was Chen Xiaobei going to die, but the green dragon sword will also fall into the hands of the enemy!

The Emperor shook his head in devastation – losing the green dragon sword meant the end of the Divine Dragon tribe!

In his heart, he had already become the miscreant; the failed wretch. Even in death, he would not have the dignity to face his generations of ancestors.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting, spine-chilling screech interrupted the Emperor’s thoughts.


Heads turned to the source of the noise – the green dragon sword in Chen Xiaobei’s hand had lost its green brilliance. The blood that filled the cracks were completely drained.

But! Instead of shattering, the sword glowed a brighter, more luminesce purple-gold light!

The light seemed to be holding the cracks together, and was thousands of times more secure!

What was even more impressive was that the speckles of rust had vanished as if brand new – three-feet long gleaming green blades as sharp as a needle!

The body of the sword sparkled, and dragon scales adorned its hilt!

“How… is that possible…”

Everyone who was watching were bowled over.

“Childe Chen… used one drop of blood… it worked…” The dragon kings exclaimed. “Could it be that Childe Chen’s cultivation is even higher than father’s? That’s impossible…”

“There’s more!” The Dragon Emperor gasped. “The green dragon sword has transfigured back into its original form! According to the ancient books, only an Earth-G.o.d’s dragon blood can do that!”

The princes looked at each other. “Could… Could Childe Chen… be an Earth-G.o.d? My G.o.d… This is scary…”

“No…” Ling Qingfeng shook her head. “Zhufeng is not an Earth-G.o.d… He has Earth-G.o.d blood essence, and it’s at least Earth-G.o.d ranked!”

Blood essence meant that the blood in Chen Xiaobei’s veins were Earth-G.o.d blood.

Bloodline, on the other hand, referred to the unique physical make-up pa.s.sed down from a person’s ancestors.

For example, the Divine Dragon tribe’s ancestors were Earth-G.o.d ranked green dragons that pa.s.sed down green dragon blood vessels to their descendants.

However, after thousands of years and generation after generation, the blood was gradually watered down until it was no longer an Earth-G.o.d level although the special ability of the bloodline may still be present!

It was in no way comparable to Chen Xiaobei’s Witch Dragon Blood!

The vermillion dragon king had read the ancient books, so, he too understood what was happening.

His initial shock, however, quickly dwindled, and he said mockingly, “Wow! Kid! You have Earth-G.o.d blood but sadly, you’re not a real Earth-G.o.d neither are you a green dragon descendant!”. Even if you are able to cause the green dragon sword to return to its original form, you won’t be able to use the green dragon Spiritual Qi in this place, which means that you won’t be able to activate the strength of the sword!”

When the people of Divine Dragon heard this, they began to panic. They all knew that the vermillion dragon king was right!

Only a true descendant of the green dragon could use the Spiritual Qi here. Why else would the vermillion dragon tribe have to retreat from time to time to replenish their Spiritual Qi supply?

“Hahaha…” Sword in hand, the vermillion dragon king increased his pace, “You have nothing more than Three-star Earth-G.o.d’s strength – killing you will be almost effortless!”


The Three-star Earth-G.o.d strength vermillion dragon sword was coming down on Chen Xiaobei!

“Yes, I’m not a green dragon descendant –”Chen Xiaobei reached out and sliced the air with his sword, “but I’m the ancestor of the green dragon!”

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1743 - Great Ancestor

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