Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1744 - Instant Change of Circumstance

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Chapter 1744: Instant Change of Circ.u.mstance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“You are the Green Dragon’s ancestor?” The vermillion dragon laughed. “What a load of bull! You might as well say that you are the ruler of heaven! Or even the Buddha!”

The imperial members of Divine Dragon did not comment but deep inside, they were all in fact offended by Chen Xiaobei’s statement.

How could this Childe Chen claim to be the Green Dragon’s predecessor?! That would make him the forefather of the Divine Dragon tribe’s forefathers!

That was a ma.s.sive, degrading insult to the imperial family of the Divine Dragon tribe!

Not knowing the truth about Chen Xiaobei, they were all peeved at his insolence.

Ling Qingfeng was the only one who knew that Chen Xiaobei was merely telling the truth!

At the portal, before they entered the ruin, the Divine Dragon statue actually bowed to Chen Xiaobei!

That was enough evidence to prove that the dragon blood that Chen Xiaobei inherited was both, in rank and seniority, far superior to that of the Green Dragon – the ancestor of the Divine Dragon tribe.

There was no time, however, for Ling Qingfeng to explain all this for the battle had reached the critical part of the final juncture.


The vermillion dragon sword struck Chen Xiaobei’s head, completely engulfing him in its sharp talons.

This strike was meant for the Dragon Emperor. If Chen Xiaobei had not stepped in, the Emperor would have been killed!

In spite of that, Chen Xiaobei was unfazed. He waved his hand and swung the sword straight down with no fancy moves or sleight of hand.

Fwahhh… Fwahhh…

The Spiritual Qi in the surroundings began to stir.

No one except for Ling Qingfeng believed that Chen Xiaobei was the predecessor of the Green Dragon nor did they believe that he would be able to make use of the Spiritual Qi in the ruin!

Right now, to everyone’s surprise, the Spiritual Qi in the air were coursing in from every direction toward Chen Xiaobei’s intent and right into the green dragon sword.

“Roarrrrr!” The mountain made up of dragon remains shook, was.h.i.+ng the entire mountain range in purple-gold light.

Then, a 10,000 mile-long giant purple-gold dragon image rose from the mountains, launching itself into the air towards the hundred mile-long vermillion dragon.

The vermillion dragon suddenly seemed tiny in comparison to its colossal nemesis; inferior in size, strength, speed, and force.

“Good heavens… This… This, this, this…” The Vermillion Dragon King’s heart squirmed inside his chest. A sudden terror struck him to the point where hands that were tightly clutching the sword weakened and lost all its strength.

“Screw you, you piece of s.h.i.+t!” Chen Xiaobei spat, not bothering to even move his sword.


At Chen Xiaobei’s fancy, the ma.s.sive purple-gold dragon image flung a claw at the helpless, puny vermillion dragon.


As that was happening, the vermillion dragon sword in the king’s hand suddenly smashed into pieces, scattered all over the floor, and left dark without a ray of Spirit Light.

Blaaaargh…” The Vermillion Dragon King threw up a mouthful of blood, as he was flung a few hundred meters away from where he was standing. The ground on which he landed caved in.

“Argh… Blaargh…” The Vermillion Dragon King slumped in the concave depression, blood streaming endlessly from his mouth with half the bones in his body broken. He could not even get back up on his feet.

His pupils shrank upon the realization that his supposed victory had suddenly taken a complete turn for the worse!

How was it that his most powerful strike was thrashed without being even allowed so much as a chance to counter the attack!

What boggled him most was that the upstart of a green boy was indeed the predecessor of the Green Dragon as he had claimed!

To put it more accurately, he was indeed the ancestor of most dragon tribes!


The purple-gold dragon continued to press on.

Its gargantuan claws enveloped the 4,000 remaining vermillion dragon soldiers.

Chen Xiaobei could wipe the soldiers out with just a thought.

Killing thousands with just a thought!

Now, that was true power, the raison d’être of every elite! That was the never-changing truth!

Chen Xiaobei could feel his blood grow hot at this thought!

Although he was still very weak, he would possess strength like this someday, and perhaps, would be even stronger still!

“Forefather, have mercy… Have mercy, please…”

The 4,000 men got down on all fours and begged while hitting their heads against the stones.

Celestial Cultivation common soldiers, Ethereal Cultivation, and G.o.d-Ascension Cultivation core elites all kowtowed to him.

Even the blood-covered Vermillion Dragon King flipped over and kowtowed.

They addressed Chen Xiaobei as ‘forefather’. They did so with such sincerity and duty, it was as if they were wors.h.i.+pping their G.o.d.

“Little Tiger! Let’s go there!” Chen Xiaobei instructed, and the Giant Barbaric Tiger leaped forward.

Chen Xiaobei looked down at the vermillion dragon soldiers and said, “Since you’re calling me your forefather, tell me, why wage war against the Divine Dragon tribe?”

“I’ll… I’ll tell you…” The Vermillion Dragon King managed with great difficulty. “In ancient times, the green dragon and the vermillion dragon were enemies… Then, during a major battle, both dragons were severely wounded and eventually died… The elders of our tribe told us that sooner or later, the Green Dragon tribe would come and take revenge on us… They would come and wipe out our entire tribe… They also told us that when we, the future generation get the chance, we must destroy the entire Green Dragon tribe… When the opportunity presented itself, we ripped this s.p.a.ce open but we found out that our strength was almost equal to the Green Dragon tribe. So, we decided to make the first move… and eradicate the entire Green Dragon tribe… forever putting an end to any future trouble…”

The Vermillion Dragon King was so severely wounded that he coughed up blood as he spoke.

“Catch!” Chen Xiaobei threw a Taiyi Life Enhancement pill to the king.

“This is?” The Vermillion Dragon King looked puzzled.

“What is it? You call me ‘forefather’ yet you don’t trust me?” Chen Xiaobei said in a frosty tone.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1744 - Instant Change of Circumstance

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