Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1659 Just Kill

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"You don't know your chalk from your cheese!" Fu Ziyun was annoyed. "I gave you a way out but you did not cherish it. I'll just go ahead and let Hong Tianmeng kill you then!"

The young maids glared at Chen Xiaobei with contempt in their eyes.

The middle-aged men standing at the entrance of the tent also wore mocking smiles on their faces while jeering, "How could such a stupid kid manage to catch a Cloud-riding Golden Antlers Deer? It must have been sheer dumb luck huh!"

Hong Tianmeng's minions waved their hands in the air, shouting, "Kill! Yong master! Kill him! Hahaha…"

Bro Huo's face was ashen. He was so afraid that silence had befallen him.


Hong Tianmeng transformed into his Giant Rhinoceros image again.

One punch was a whopping 180,000 combat power. That was comparable to moving a mountain!

"You little t.w.a.t! Watch me squash you into mincemeat!" Hong Tianmeng clenched his teeth, his eyes savage, launching all of his rage he had harbored against Fu Ziyun at Chen Xiaobei.

"Piece of junk!" Chen Xiaobei swung the buck around so that it rested on his left shoulder, and channeled Earth Ethereal Force with his right hand.

The Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training Manual was launched.

200,000 combat power at full capacity! Wood Ethereal Force bloomed into a vibrant green giant hand, plunging down from the heavens like the Buddha's Palm from the movies.


The giant palm slammed onto the back of the rhinoceros.

The surging rhinoceros was suddenly thwarted as if a giant mountain had crashed onto it, preventing it from moving. 

Chen Xiaobei's combat power was in itself already stronger than Hong Tianmeng's! On top of that, the element of Wood trumps that of Earth!

The result of the fight was not a surprise at all. 


The giant palm crushed the rhinoceros until nothing was left of it.

The crowd that had been watching exclaimed in astonishment, "Ho… How is that possible…"

A second ago, they all thought that Chen Xiaobei was a foolish idiot, having antic.i.p.ated he was going to lose.

But right at this very second, the truth had now slapped them hard right across their faces.

The 'idiot' they had thought would die, actually possessed such terrifying strength.

Who really was this 'idiot' in question?


A loud slap exploded on Hong Tianmeng's face.

With one hand carrying the deer, Chen Xiaobei sent a palm flying down hard on Hong Tianmeng's face.

Blood sputtered out of Hong Tianmeng's mouth as he spun round and around like a spinning top until he toppled over. 

He fell to the ground with a loud thud. Hong Tianmeng's head throbbed profusely, and he was seeing stars. With a violent swing of his head, he threw up all over ground with a mixture of blood and broken teeth.

Chen Xiaobei's combat power was closer to that of Fu Ziyun, but he was elementally superior causing his attack to be doubled in effectiveness.

The damage he inflicted on Hong Tianmeng was clearly far more severe than Fu Ziyun's!

Everyone was shocked.

"Argghhh… this freaking hurts…" Hong Zhimeng cupped his face, and howled, "You f*cking twerp! How dare you hit me… Don't you know that Major General Hong is my father?! You will pay for this! You pay the most painful price for this!"

"How much of a price?" Chen Xiaobei asked indifferently as he walked over to his opponent.

"My father will make sure you are dead!" Hong Tianmeng roared. "He will beat you up and skin you alive! Finally, he'll crush you until all your flesh and bones turn into a slop and feed it to the dogs!"

"Mm, so I have to pay such a hefty price for simply slapping you?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"Yes! That's right!" Hong Tianmeng glowered. "My father is the Major General! Hitting me means. .h.i.tting my father as well! This will not end well for you!"

"What if I kill you? What kind of price will I have to pay then?" Chen Xiaobei asked in a frosty tone.

"Wh… What? You… You want to kill me…" Hong Tianmeng's breathe quickened. "No! You wouldn't dare! Even Fu Ziyun wouldn't dare kill you! You wouldn't dare…"


Chen Xiaobei kept silent, and only his hands moved – a swift swing of his black blade and crack!

"Arggggh…" Hong Tianmeng's head was severed. Blood sprayed out from his neck where his head used to be, soaking the ground with a red puddle.

"My G.o.d… That… That kid killed our young master Hong…"

Hong Tianmeng's minions screamed, shaking from head to toe. They were now fl.u.s.tered like children before an angry teacher.

They could not believe that Chen Xiaobei actually killed the son of Major General Hong.

He did not even blink while doing it!

"Who in the world is that kid? Who does he think he is?" Fu Zhuyun asked gravely. 

His maids were as white as a sheet, as if haunted by the most frightful of ghosts.

Bro Huo was alarmed. "Doctor… You've gotten yourself into some serious trouble…"

"Bro Huo, you and I have only met this once. You're not involved in any of this! Just go!" Chen Xiaobei said. Though Chen Xiaobei spoke in a seemingly cold manner, he was obviously protecting Bro Huo from the receiving end of the Hong family's spite.

Bro Huo knew very well that he could not afford that. "I…"

He heaved a long sigh before quietly retreating.


[For eliminating Third Generation Villain. You receive 30,000 merit points!]


[Your current merit points total is 33,580,000; 11,420,000 points away from the next level.]

[Charm: 3,358,000; Luck: 3,358,000]

Chen Xiaobei did not absorb Hong Tianmeng's blood essence and spirit after killing him, so the merit points were transferred to his account immediately. 

Qixi festival, Mid-autumn festival and the Gourmet Food compet.i.tion were drawing near, and there were going to be a lot of Red Envelopes up for grabs.

It was only necessary for Chen Xiaobei to acc.u.mulate as much luck as possible.

"So, what do you say? Are you going to get lost or are you going to fight me?"

With one hand still holding the deer and the other grasping the black saber, Chen Xiaobei approached Fu Ziyun.

"I…" Fu Ziyun gulped. He could feel very clearly, experience the overbearing aura coming from Chen Xiaobei.

This aura had nothing to do with cultivation or age; it was solely built on a person's mental strength.

Fu Ziyun felt as if a primordial ancient beast was glaring at him, ready to tear him into pieces.

"Huh… Let's go…" Fu Ziyun turned away.

Chen Xiaobei paid no heed to him but turned his gaze towards the entrance of the tent and said, "I've come so submit my catch! Am I late?"

"No, no, no… Please come in! Come in!" The middle-aged men who had been watching nodded and bowed, before inviting Chen Xiaobei in.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1659 Just Kill

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