Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1756 - Insufficient Financial Resource

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Chapter 1756: Insufficient Financial Resource

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At Xuankong Zhenren’s direction, the auction officially began.

A stunningly fine female auctioneer walked on the stage. Her voluptuous body and short skirt turned heads before she even spoke.

When she did, a melodic voice greeted the audience, which somewhat lifted the tense atmosphere.

Without much delay, the auction items were taken out one by one.

While the Yellow Wind black market auction wasn’t large by any means, the things they sold here were rare and premium products of impeccable quality!

The first item on auction was One-star Earth-G.o.d grade! Any conventional market would not carry this item, not even if you had the money!

Such was why only the wealthiest of the wealthy were allowed to attend the Yellow Wind black market’s auction. Obviously, they were ones who had the means to buy these good quality items.

The final transaction price for the auction items beginning from the first were all well above 300 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones.

A Two-star Earth-G.o.d Instrument had even been sold for two billion medium-grade Spiritual Stones before.

Even if Chen Xiaobei did not buy the Black Water Stone, he would still be unable to afford this Two-star Earth-G.o.d Instrument.

All he could do was sigh and lament on his insufficient finances! If only. He made up his mind. Once he had dealt with this urgent matter, he needed to find a way to earn as many Spiritual Stones as possible!

Then, finally!

After all the One-star and Two-star Earth-G.o.d Instruments had all been procured, the time had come for the last epic item.

“Our honored guests! Please allow me to present today’s last epic item!”

The pretty auctioneer smiled gracefully at the audience, drawing everyone’s attention to the stage.

An equally attractive attendant carried a platter onto the stage, uncovered.

On the tray was a black jade the size of an egg. Water rippled on its surface, and it had a cold, dark-colored light glowing around it. One look at it could easily tell that it was definitely not a common item.

“I probably don’t need to explain anything more about this auction item! Most of our honored guests today have come just for this!” The auctioneer introduced. “I would like to announce today’s epic item, the Three-star Earth-G.o.d Black Water Stone! The bid starts at 100 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones! Each additional bid must not be less than 10 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones!”

Thrilled, Chen Xiaobei raised his hand. “I bid 110 million!”

Immediately, his enemy’s eyes turned on him.

Du Tiannan grumbled, “s.h.i.+shu Zhu! That is the a.s.shole who humiliated me! Our families are long-time friends. You have to help me take him down!”

Zhu Youfu’s thick sausage-like lips spread into a smile, “Don’t worry, my dear! My ultimate target today is to get that Black Water Stone! Even if you didn’t tell me that, I am not about to let that kid get it!”

Du Tiannan raised his chin and pointed a finger at Chen Xiaobei, “Hey kid, you want to buy the Black Water Stone? You’ve got to wait until your next life!”

Yun Ziqiao also shouted at the same time, cooing, “Songtao gege! That kid is very mean! Can you outbid him for the Black Water Stone? I really want to see his dismal expression!”

“No problem at all!” Jiang Songtao smiled. “To tell you the truth, my father recently decided to make a Two-star Earth-G.o.d instrument. He has everything he needs except for the Black Water Stone! That’s why I brought 3 billion with me today! No one will be able to take it from me!”

“Wow! Songtao gege! I can tell you, that was manly!” Yun Ziqiao said adoringly.

Encouraged by the confidence boost, Jiang Songtao looked very pleased with himself.

Yun Ziqiao turned around and hissed at Chen Xiaobei, “Hey a.s.shole! Did you hear that? The Jiangs are a top-tier family. They have really deep pockets and he’s going to crush you like a bug!”

Regardless, in the face of Du Tiannan and Yun Ziqiao’s taunts and insults, Chen Xiaobei was stoic with calm.

After all, his financial resource was limited. Even if he did his best, he would not be able to beat his opponent anyway. Using words to retort them was meaningless and useless.

“Great. Just great…” Su Xiaoman murmured with hints of despair. “I knew it. Showing off at this time will definitely bring trouble to oneself! We should’ve taken a step back yesterday. We shouldn’t have made Du Tiannan and Yun Ziqiao slap themselves. Perhaps we should have all just talked it out!”

“Silly girl…” Chen Xiaobei sighed. “The Black Water Stone is extremely rare! Even without Du Tiannan and Yun Ziqiao, there would still be plenty of fat cats clawing each other for it!”

“That…” Su Xiaoman looked around.

Alas! That was the truth. Unfortunately for Zhu Youfu and Jiang Songtao, they were not the only ones as many of the guests were also eager to get their hands on this extraordinary relic.

“Young master Jiang! You are quite the madman!” A silver-haired man grinned. “Why don’t you just bid three billion? I, Gui Sha will just bid a thousand more!”

Jiang Songtao swallowed. “There you go again, making jokes, Elder Gui Sha… There’s no need for us to flash our trump cards so quickly, right?”

“Why not?” A bald hunk asked. “The Black Water Stone is very rare. I, Nine-Lives Dhutanga, have been waiting for thirty years for this! I’m not here to laugh and giggle with you lot! I’ve brought my entire fortune here today! I must get it, come what may!”

“Hehehe….” A woman as skinny as a stick laughed mockingly. “Nine-Lives Dhutanga, is your entire fortune as much as mine eh?”

“Huh?” Nine-Lives Dhutanga frowned. “s.h.i.+tai White Bone! You… You too… want the Black Water Stone?”

“It’s not just her… I will not give it up that easily either!”

“The Black Water Stone is priceless. I will fight hard to get it!”

All at once, nearly all the wealthy individuals in the VIP seats expressed a similar att.i.tude – they all must, one way or another, have the Black Water Stone!

“Hey, a.s.shole! You’re so done! Hehehe…” Du Tiannan was still pointing his finger at Chen Xiaobei. “Silver-haired Gui Sha! Nine-Lives Dhutanga! s.h.i.+tai White Bone! These are three evil persons that lead some top-tier factions! They are rich enough to go against the entire country! Compared to them, you are nothing!”

Yun Ziqiao was not about to be left out of it either. “Hey a.s.shole! See? So many people of means are determined to get the Black Water Stone! The hammer price could be over five billion! You only added 1,000 to the starting bid! How pathetic! Wake up! This is a game for the wealthy, not a poor b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you!”

“It’s over…” sighed a deflated Su Xiaoman upon hearing the extremely discouraging lingo.

Chen Xiaobei said nothing back. If he had had enough Spiritual Stones, he would surely have used them to smash Yun Ziqiao and Du Tiannan’s faces in.

The problem was that Chen Xiaobei was simply not wealthy enough in comparison to all these magnates!

“Elder Xuankong,” Qin Yiyian’s eyes fell on Chen Xiaobei. “Who is that guy?”

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1756 - Insufficient Financial Resource

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