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Chapter 1760: Default Winner

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Puti! Have you thought of something?” Luo Qiongcang leaned forward inquisitively.

The other core members of the royal family sat upright in their seats as well, ears p.r.i.c.ked up.

Since the betrothal contest plans were decided, Luo Puti had been devising plans and drawing up her strategy behind the scenes. Both the first and second tasks were her ideas which had produced effective results with very clear and well-defined intentions.

On that account, her opinions were taken seriously and highly regarded.

“I don’t have a solution yet… But, the situation is not as bad as you think!” Luo Puti said. “The first task earned us a lot of Earth-G.o.d grade materials. We were able to use this month to convert them into interstellar weapons enough for 100,000 men!”

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement. Luo Puti’s plan had indeed worked very well in their favor!

Luo Puti continued, “As for the second task, our goal was to incite opposition between the compet.i.tors and the Tenshou-Royal Dome alliance! According to our intel, when Feng Chongwu and Yun Changxiao were hunting for the Giant Barbarian Tiger, they were interrupted by Tenshou and Royal Dome soldiers and had sustained pretty serious injuries! Their sifu is a core elder of Heaven Dominating Faction! He will definitely avenge his beloved disciples! For the third and also final task, I am setting a forty-five-day time limit so that we can contact Feng Chongwu and Yun Changxiao’s sifu and invite him to exact retribution with us! Getting this core elder’s support on top of the Fengs and Yuns a.s.sistance will surely boost our combat force!”

After finis.h.i.+ng her speech, Luo Puti received looks of approval and commendation.

She was not finished, however, and continued saying, “One final thing though – Helian Tulong! During the second task, no one from either Tenshou or Royal Dome dared to cross him! This tells us that the Helian Family is extremely powerful! Making Helian Tulong the Fuma will ent.i.tle us to the Helian Family’s aid! Even if a war is to break out, we would at least have a chance!”

“Make Helian Tulong the Fuma?” Luo Shanhe looked confused. “But the third task has not even been announced or completed yet. What if he loses?”

“Don’t worry!” Luo Puti replied. “The third task is for the contestants to present a betrothal gift that will win my heart! This is a very subjective a.s.signment. I just need to say that Helian Tulong’s gift moved me and he’ll be crowned the winner!”

Luo Shanhe praised, “Luo Puti, that is a very well-rounded plan! It seems I was worried for nothing!”

Luo Qiongchang, however, did not share his brother’s excitement. “What about that Tenshou spy?”

“He probably won’t be back!” Luo Shanhe replied. “According to the reports, he left the ten-thousand mountains only a few days into the second task! There’s no way he could’ve captured a Giant Barbaric Tiger!”

“That’s true…” Luo Qiongcang nodded but heaved a sigh. “How unfortunate. The Giant Barbaric Tiger is made up of treasures! If that spy could bring one back, we can exchange it for even more interstellar weapons!”

“I think he’ll come back!” Luo Puti remarked. “That Royal Dome spy Ximen Shuoxue didn’t capture a tiger. He’ll be eliminated from the compet.i.tion! That Tenshou spy is their last p.a.w.n. They won’t let him give up that easily!”

Luo Shanhe frowned. “You mean that Tenshou will find a way to help that spy to get a Giant Barbarian Tiger?”

“It’s very likely!” Luo Puti nodded. “Since there’s only one final task left, the Tenshou will want their spy to stay in the compet.i.tion to beat Helian Tulong!”

“That can be easily taken care of!” Luo Qiongcang expressed. “If that Tenshou spy dares to come back, I will kill him myself! Then he won’t be able to join the final round!”

“No! Don’t!” Luo Puti shook her head. “I will decide the winner for the final round! Helian Tulong will win! We cannot kill that spy so Tenshou will still think they have a chance at winning the third round! If we kill that spy, we’ll startle the enemy and they might retaliate and attack!”

Luo Qiongcang inhaled sharply. “That is a very rational thought! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even thought of that!”

Luo Puti answered lovingly, “Father, you’ve spent half your life in battle. You’re used the direct manner of solving problems. It’s only understandable that you’re not used to these kinds of labyrinthine plans!”

“That’s true! All these fighting and warring has muddled my old brain!” Luo Qiongcang smiled. “We are so fortunate, though! The heavens have taken care of us and our ancestors have protected us when they allowed you to return to me! As long as you are here, things will take a turn for the better!”

Luo Puti merely nodded. An empty look in her eyes and a deadpan look accompanied her pretty face where delight should have been.

Luo Qiongcang waved his hand and announced, “Everyone, you may be dismissed. We’ll do as Luo Puti proposed!”

The people left the meeting room a.s.sured by Luo Puti’s sound a.n.a.lysis and steady plan.

When everyone had left, the Emperor turned to his daughter, a solemn expression on his face. “Puti, you did very well. You were able to dispel the core members’ fears with a few words! If the plan goes well, we’ll be able to survive this tribulation…”

“That is my duty…” Luo Puti’s tone was sharp and chilly, showing no delight whatsoever at the idea of the plan succeeding.

Luo Qiongcang sighed deeply. “I know that this must be difficult for you… this being so unfair and all…”

“It’s nothing! This is the path that I’ve chosen!” Luo Puti said icily. “For the sake of the 13 billion innocent citizens of Saint Duke! For the hundreds of Saint Duke’s Luo Family members! For the sake of my foster parents, Luo Bin and Lin Xue! No matter how unfair it is to me, it is still worth it!”

“Mm… It’s good that you have straightened it out with yourself…” Luo Qiongcang sighed again. “It’s late. Go back to your room and rest! After collecting the Giant Barbarian Tiger, we’ll need to go to Apocalypse Starfield to exchange them for weapons! We also need to contact the Feng Family and the Yun Family, as well as their Heaven Domination Faction’s core elder… For the next 45 days, we’re going to be really busy and very tired…”

“I know…” Luo Puti nodded somberly before leaving the room.

She had just stepped out of the meeting room when a red spider crawled out of her pocket, and climbed up her shoulders.

“Little Hong… There are only forty-five days left…” Luo Puti’s tone was heavy and burdened. The icy coolness on her face melted away exposing barren exhaustion and loneliness.

“Arrgggh! For the 80,002th time, my name is not Little Hong!” The little spider gestured angrily. After he calmed down, he pondered while asking, “45 days to what? Complete your sentence!”

Luo Puti did not understand the creature so she said nothing else and dragged herself back to her room.

The second morning.

Chen Xiaobei arrived early at Saint Duke’s palace. After flas.h.i.+ng his Bridal Token, he was immediately escorted inside.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1760 - Default Winner

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