Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1762 - Everyone, Stand Up

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Chapter 1762: Everyone, Stand Up

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“That… That….” mumbled a quivering Luo Shanhe who was standing near the door and trembling uncontrollably.

Anyone with perfectly good eyes could see that the creature standing in front of the hall was a real Giant Barbaric Tiger! The pair of perfectly good eyes would also confirm that this beast, which was equivalent to a One-star Earth-G.o.d, was very much alive and kicking.

Although Luo Shanhe was at the peak of G.o.d-Ascension cultivation with 500,000 combat power, without an Earth-G.o.d instrument, he would not be able to survive a Giant Barbaric Tiger’s strike!

If the tiger fancied an attack, Luo Shanhe would not even have the time to take out an Earth-G.o.d Instrument considering they stood at such close range!

“My G.o.d… That… That is actually a living Giant Barbaric Tiger…” Both Feng Chongwu and Yun Changxiao felt their knees grow weak. All they could do was to keep themselves from falling off the chair.

It was then, in the ten-thousand mountains where due to Tenshou and Royal Dome’s sabotaging efforts, both of them had nearly died in the jaws of a Giant Barbaric Tiger.

Their sifu came at the nick of time to kill the a.s.sailing tiger and saved their lives but the incident scarred them for life.

The two of them would buckle at the slightest mention of tigers – now, they were this close to soiling their pants as they witnessed the towering tiger just within reach.

“This is impossible…. This is impossible…” Helian Tulong muttered. “Giant Barbaric Tigers are wild and practically untamable! It would rather die in a battle than being caught alive by humans! This s.h.i.+thead has done what the elites of my family couldn’t even do…”

Helian Tulong had employed many of his family’s elites and two Earth-G.o.d instruments to complete the second task. The Giant Barbaric Tiger they were fighting had chosen to die fighting rather than surrender.

A very puzzled Helian Tulong could not understand how Chen Xiaobei was able to capture a Giant Barbaric Tiger.

Could Chen Xiaobei’s backup be that much stronger than the Helian family?

Helian Tulong felt uneasy at the thought. He could not wrap his mind around the idea of how powerful Chen Xiaobei must be.

“Childe Zhufeng… Please… Please put the tiger away!” Luo Shanhe stammered. “It would be disastrous for our palace if the tiger becomes hysterical…”

“My little tiger is very well-behaved. None of you dare to touch it? Too scared?” Chen Xiaobei chuckled satirically before stuffing the Giant Barbaric Tiger back into his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring.

Luo Shanhe breathed a sigh of relief and gave Luo Qiongcang a call to inform him not to send an army.

Chen Xiaobei returned to the hall and addressed the three young masters. “Gentlemen, as we have agreed, you do not have a place to sit here!”

Yun Changxiao and Feng Chongwu did not have to be asked twice. They both stood up immediately, afraid that if they angered him, Chen Xiaobei would release the Giant Barbaric Tiger to kill the both of them.

Chen Xiaobei ignored the two and walked up to the seat in the center. “Childe Tulong! Why are you still seated? Do you not acknowledge your defeat?”

“I…” Helian Tulong’s face crumpled as if he had just tasted warm t.u.r.d.

He had never had to admit defeat to anyone of the same age! Not in the Nine Zones at least! Not even in Apocalypse Starfield!

The first time he had lost to Chen Xiaobei was when the Earth-G.o.d material he brought was inferior to Chen Xiaobei’s! That, to Helian Tulong, was already humiliating enough!

He did not expect to lose again this time, so soon and so badly!

On top of that, this time, the embarra.s.sment was even worse – once he got up from his seat, he would not have a chair to sit on anymore!

He would have to stand aside!

As the Helian family’s number one prodigy, the core disciple of Heaven Dominating Faction, and the champion of the Nine Zones leaderboard, Helian Tulong always had the main seat! In less ideal situations, he would at least be given the seats at the frontest!

Not having a chair to sit on was a first for him!

He had never ever suffered such opprobrium in his life!

From the bottom of his heart, Helian Tulong would rather die than concede.

But the bad name of being a sore loser was just too low a level for him to stoop to. If word got out about it, Helian Tulong’s face would be sweeping the floor! The Helian family would not be able to bear such shame!

Above it all, Helian Tulong could not figure out who Chen Xiaobei was. He was also concerned about Chen Xiaobei’s mysterious backup!

“Fine, you got me!” Helian Tulong hissed through gritted teeth. When he got up from the chair, not forgetting to give Chen Xiaobei the stink eye.

Chen Xiaobei could not be bothered to reciprocate. He sat down on Helian Tulong’s seat and said, “Eighth w.a.n.gye, can you announce the third task now?”

“Hold on…” Helian Tulong walked quickly up to him and said, “I still have to check the three young masters’ games!”

Helian Tulong, Feng Chongwu, and Yun Changxiao, the top three elites of the Nine Zones Earth leaderboard, were all standing. Luo Shanhe did not know whether he should sit or stand. It was all very awkward for the poor man.

But the moment he saw Helian Tulong staring daggers at him, he abandoned his seat and stood with the rest.

All three young masters and Saint Duke’s Eighth w.a.n.gye were on their feet in the grand palace’ hall while Chen Xiaobei sat comfortably in the main seat with an ‘If I can’t do it, who can?’ gesture.

Moving quickly, Luo Shanhe checked all three storage bracelets and took the three Giant Barbaric Tigers in them.

“Eighth w.a.n.gye!” Helian Tulong said in a frosty tone. “Do you plan to take that kid’s tiger?”

Luo Shanhe answered, “I was thinking about that… but the problem is… I can’t control a living Giant Barbaric Tiger…”

“That’s not what the rules say!” Helian Tulong was obviously very displeased with the answer.

“I…” Luo Shanhe was lost. He did not know how to handle a situation like this.

“Rules are dead. Humans are alive. We’ll just be flexible and be accommodating, can’t we?” Chen Xiaobei retorted.

“The second task is a comparison of strength. I definitely have the strength to kill the tiger, but since I can’t turn in a living tiger, I’m willing to pay with Spiritual Stones! Saint Duke is using tiger to exchange for Spiritual Stones anyway!”

“You can pay with Spiritual Stones?” Luo Shanhe’s eyes lit up. “No problem! We’ll do that! We’ll just convert the tiger’s value into Spiritual Stones!”

With the war at bay, Saint Duke was frantically looking for buyers interested in tiger cadavers and beast cores. They would then get paid in Spiritual Stones and use them to buy weapons.

The traders were aware of Saint Duke’s situation and would use Saint Duke’s desperation to lower the price. Saint Duke would have to suffer some pretty serious losses as a result.

Chen Xiaobei’s willingness to pay with Spiritual Stones was like music to Luo Shanhe’s ears.

“The Giant Barbaric Tiger has the health of an Earth-G.o.d. You can even say its entire body is made up of Earth-G.o.d grade materials!” Chen Xiaobei said. “But, the tiger is not an Earth-G.o.d. Even if its parts are made into an instrument, it would not have the Special Abilities of an Earth-G.o.d level instrument! So, for the entire body of the Giant Barbaric Tiger, including its core, I will pay 500 million medium-grade Spiritual Stones! What do you think, Eighth w.a.n.gye?”

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1762 - Everyone, Stand Up

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