Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1767 - Murderous Evil Spirit

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Chapter 1767: Murderous Evil Spirit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Chen Xiaobei withdrew ten million low-grade Spiritual Stones from his Infinite s.p.a.ce Ring.




After he crushed all of it, an ocean’s worth of Spiritual Qi was unleashed. Immediately, the Chaos Blood Sword absorbed all of it. Amongst all of the ring’s items, the Chaos Blood Sword, Blood G.o.d’s Deity Killing Painting, and Ying Zhen’s Black Coffin had absorbed a million Spiritual Stones before. That would also mean the attack that Chen Xiaobei had unleashed earlier was worth around two million low-grade Spiritual Stones!

Right now, it had absorbed another ten million Spiritual Stones. In other words, it could unleash another 12 hits, giving it the strength of a One-star Earth G.o.d!

“It’s time to avenge Puti’s stepparents!”

Chen Xiaobei walked out of the prison cell and prepared to unleash all his rage on enemies that he was about to encounter.

“My sword will rise from the abyss and blood will spread in Royal Dome!” shouted Chen Xiaobei and dashed at his enemies.


The sound of dragons resonated through the air. Chen Xiaobei’s intense ferocity had spread to every corner of the building. The ice-cold prison had now turned into a living h.e.l.l!


Chen Xiaobei swung his Chaos Blood Sword. The Sword Qi exuding from it gave the impression that a demon overlord was ready to tear the s.p.a.ce into half!




Seconds later, the Sword Qi became nine Crimson Dragons, seemingly strong enough to be able to turn the entire prison into ashes!


The walls crumbled and the floors cracked open! It was as if the entire prison had just experienced a most terrible earthquake! Before anyone could realize it, the whole place had turned into a ruin! Naturally, all its prisoners were now buried under all those broken walls. Of course, their injuries were not as severe as Luo Bin and Lin Xue. With their high cultivation, they would live. The reason why Chen Xiaobei destroyed the entire prison was to simply create confusion. Now that most of the prisoners were buried, Royal Dome would have a hard time looking for the whereabouts of Luo Bin and Lin Xue. Of course, the officers would not know Chen Xiaobei had already long rescued them.


After the prison was destroyed, the nine Crimson Dragons combined into one humongous Crimson Dragon that possessed an outlandishly powerful Sword Qi! At the same time, the Chaos Blood Sword consumed millions more of Spiritual Qi to infuse the force of Earth-G.o.d into the Sword Qi! Chen Xiaobei then struck the warden’s building with all his might!

As the dust cleared, an abyss dozens of meters deep could be seen where Chen Xiaobei had struck. With the Sword Qi in dragon-form continuing its charge forward, the abyss was still extending.



The castle-like structure in front of Chen Xiaobei had now been slashed into half! The two halves of the building then lost their balance and collapsed to the ground.

“Oh G.o.d… What is going on? Why has the great hall collapsed?! There are at least a few hundred officers still inside the building!”

Outside the building, all 8,000 Royal Dome soldiers screamed in shock. Before the building collapsed, all of them were carrying out their duties at their own posts. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of residents from the Royal Dome’s capital city sensed that something had gone wrong with the warden building. One should know that this building was one of the most important places in the Royal Dome’s capital city.

Seeing that the building had been destroyed by Chen Xiaobei with his sword, it had brought great shame to the Royal Dome’s royal family. In other words, Chen Xiaobei had just declared war on the entire Royal Dome Starfield!

Red alert!

Red alert!

Red alert!

The sound of alarms going off had ceased the silence of the capital city. Unquestionably, every single soldier and elite would flood the warden building within the next minute. The first force of fighters that would reach to fight Chen Xiaobei would be the 8,000 Royal Dome soldiers and elites that stationed at the warden building.




The sound of a series of explosions could be heard coming out from the ruin. Hundreds of officers that worked in the building were walking out from the ruin. These were officers that managed to survive the attack and were at least elites with Celestial Cultivation! Amongst them, there were a handful of elites with Ethereal Cultivation and three elites with G.o.d Ascension Cultivation!

“Elder Ming! What… What is going on right now?” asked a G.o.d-Ascension cultivation Earth G.o.d in a polite manner.

“The attack that hit the building was at least at Earth-G.o.d level, and I have never seen such powerful Sword Qi before! Whoever that unleashed this powerful attack must have been extremely powerful!” replied Elder Ming.

“No way! Elder Ming, you are now 500 years old! You are far more experienced than all of us here! How is it possible that you have never seen anything like that?” asked another Earth-G.o.d with crimson armor.

“I believe our attacker is from Apocalypse Starfield or perhaps the Earth-G.o.d Realm! Of course, I have never seen anything like it!”

“I see now! I thought Luo Qiongcang from Saint Duke Starfield had come here to rescue his people!” said another Earth-G.o.d clad in black armor.

“Luo Qiongcang? He does not have the guts to do so! He only has two Two-star Earth-G.o.d items! We have three with us here! With the Spiritual Qi that we own, Luo Qiongcang would only end in death if he dares to come here!”

“That’s right! We can capture him if he comes here! We will torture him like how we tortured Luo Bin and Lin Xue! I… Ahhh…!”

Before Elder Ming could finish his sentence, he let out an agonizing scream.


A black saber penetrated his back and came flying out of his chest.

“You… Who are you…” asked Elder Ming while turning around to look at his back.

“Me? I’m the ghost that haunts you!” said Chen Xiaobei with a mask on him.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 1767 - Murderous Evil Spirit

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