Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 529

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Chapter 529: Rejected Zhang Wen

What was lacking?

It was a nerve breaking moment for them. They thought there was something Zhang Wen did not like about them.

"Don't be nervous. I'm happy with them. What I'm trying to say is one more person is needed to join them! I want to turn them into a teenager superstar group! However, the number two doesn't sound nice. Others might take this opportunity to write something bad about them! This is why I insisted to have a three-people-group!"

"Easy! Just recruit my brother to our group!"

Immediately, Hong Haier recommended Chen Xiaobei to become part of their group.

"Right! Right! Right! Brother Xiaobei, join us!"

NeZha clapped his hands non-stop, looking forward to Chen Xiaobei joining them. Immediately, everyone placed their attention on Chen Xiaobei. The way Zhang Wen looked at Chen Xiaobei was rather different. Song Qincheng was smart enough to notice Zhang Wen's intention.

"Director Zhang, do you recognize Xiaobei from somewhere?"

"Yes. Recently, those internet sensations are making a name for themselves. I can see there are many new faces but there are only so few of them that possess real talent! Among those internet sensations with real talent, I was impressed by the guy that sang Wukong. His thrilling voice still reverberates in my heart after so long!"

"Wukong? What is Director Zhang trying to say?"

Most of the people around her were bewildered.

Of course, the smart ones among them recalled the event.

"Now, I remember! Earlier, a video clip went viral on Weibo! A young man sang a song called Wukong!"

"Right! It's him! I can remember it as well!"

"Is Director Zhang planning to bring him to enter the world of the entertainment industry?"

"This kid is actually quite handsome! And, his voice is really good too! His future should be boundless and extremely promising since Director Zhang has eyes on him!"

"He will definitely become very famous! I'm so envious of him!"

The crowd was dumbfounded. Looking at Chen Xiaobei's changed gaze, the fire of envy was about to burn among the crowd. A golden opportunity like this was like a dream for every person that worked in the entertainment industry. They were thinking if someday Zhang Wen threw them a stick of hope, all of them would definitely rush at her and hug her legs with a crying face. One could avoid working hard for at least twenty years if the person was supported by Zhang Wen. Moreover, there was literally no one who did not get famous under her guidance!

"Xiaobei! You are so lucky!"

Song Qincheng's bewitching eyes were beaming at Chen Xiaobei dazzlingly. It was important for one to know that there were countless of people in the entertainment industry who cried and begged Zhang Wen to provide them with a golden opportunity but she could not care less about them. n.o.body would have thought that she had her eyes on Chen Xiaobei! It seemed like luck was on his side today!

However, just when everyone thought Chen Xiaobei would say yes and show his utmost grat.i.tude to Zhang Wen, Chen Xiaobei gave a reply that made everyone lose their minds!

"I just sang for fun. Entering the entertainment industry has never crossed my mind," said Chen calmly.

Everyone around him lost his or her composure immediately. No one would believe that Chen just rejected Zhang Wen's offer! It was no different from giving up a golden opportunity!


Zhang Wen herself was really surprised as well. Working in the entertainment industry for twenty years, Chen Xiaobei was definitely the first person that rejected her offer.

"Because I'm a busy man!" said Chen Xiaobei while shrugging.

Everyone around him had their minds blown after hearing his reply.

"Busy? What kind of lame excuse is this?"

"Most of the people work their a.s.s off for fame and money! One can possess unlimited fame and money after becoming a superstar in the future! It's definitely better than whatever you have right now!"

"I think he is just trying to act tough! He is going to regret it when he has his mind cleared!"

"Young man! Listen to my advice! You are going to cry yourself to sleep if you continue acting tough!"

The crowd could not bear to see Chen Xiaobei giving up on a golden opportunity like this. Acting restless, the crowd felt more nervous than Chen Xiaobei. However, Chen Xiaobei was shaken by their comments It seemed he did not plan to change his mind.

Even Zhang Wen could not sit still anymore. She took the initiative and said, "Are you worrying about something? I can promise you that you can definitely become successful in this entertainment industry!"

One could see that Zhang Wen really admired Chen Xiaobei. She would have given up long time ago, if it were others that rejected her offer. Hearing Zhang Wen's reply, the crowd grew even more envious of Chen Xiaobei.

'What did he do to deserve such luck in his life?"

"Director Zhang, I hereby thank you for your good will. Now, I'm really a busy man. I will consider your offer when I become more available in the future," said Chen Xiaobei with a shrug. His att.i.tude did not change at all.

The crowd was left flabbergasted.

'This kid really likes to act cool!"

Only Chen Xiaobei knew better than anyone that he was truly busy and he did not need the help of the entertainment industry to gain fame and money. He might consider playing as a side character in the future again if he had the time to do so. However, it would never

would never become his main job.

On the other hand, Zhang Wen was left with mixed feelings. She had no intention to force Chen Xiaobei to accept her offer.

"Take your time to consider about it. Let's get back to serious business. I still need one more person to join them. Do you have any person in mind that can fill his spot?"

Song Qincheng shook her head.

"The scale of our company is not that big. I don't think my celebrities are fit to fill this role…"

"I have someone in mind!"

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei took out his cellphone and made a call to Lin Nan.

'This kid's look shares the same genetic result with Lin Xiang. He can be considered as a hunk too! Also, he is my future brother-in-law. Good stuff like this must be shared with him!'

Lin Nan burst with euphoria after Chen Xiaobei told him that he could become a superstar. He told Chen Xiaobei that he would come to him immediately. Right after that, Chen Xiaobei made another call to Lin Xiang. It turned out that she did not mind at all. Getting a real job like this is better than being a lazy goof.

"I just contacted the person that can fill this role. He will be here in a while. Director Zhang, you should continue with your rehearsal. I will bring him to you once he arrives here."

"Alright! I shall bring Li Sanqian (NeZha) and Hong Yin (Hong Haier) with me!"

"I'm sorry to trouble you! Feel free to scold and beat them if they do something wrong! Don't spoil them!"

"I don't think I can ever beat or scold them! They are after all so adorable! Though I might look fierce outside, I'm actually a very gentle person!" Zhang Wen smiled and waved her hand. "Both of you, come with me."

NeZha and Hong Haier were fearless. Two of them made a wry face and showed it to Chen Xiaobei. They then held Zhang Wen's hands and left the place.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei held Song Qincheng's hand and left the place as well.

"What the h.e.l.l are you thinking? How can you give up a golden opportunity like that! I would have said yes to Director Zhang if I was in your place!"

Song Qincheng's eyes were filled envious aura. She truly felt that the opportunity was wasted.

"Becoming a superstar is meaningless to me! I aim for something higher and bigger!"

There was no one around them.

"Just give me some time. I will make your Qincheng Entertainment Agency become the best in the entertainment industry! Soon, you will be able to enjoy the same position as Zhang Wen!"

Song Qincheng was awestruck. After putting some thought into it, she finally remembered that this was the ambitious Chen Xiaobei that she knew! The one that had the power to summon thousands of people! His reputation had spread across Crimson Cloud City and other cities! A man with a few billion dollars worth of a.s.sets would never lower himself down to become a superstar!

"I know you are planning to place me on top of the entertainment industry. What about yourself?"

"I will always be on top of you no matter how high you get!"

Chen Xiaobei licked his lips and smiled wickedly.

"On top of me? d.a.m.n it…You are a bad boy…"

Song Qincheng was no innocent girl. She could understand Chen Xiaobei's wordplay immediately. Tiptoeing, Song Qincheng blew into Chen Xiaobei's ears and said seductively, "Let me be on top. All you need to do is to lie down!"


A kiss landed on Song Qincheng's lips before she could finish her sentence.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 529

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