The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1010 The Netherrealm Clock Tower

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Suspended in the darkness, alone and silent, the Netherrealm Clock Tower looked like a tombstone at the top of the Coldpath dimension. The demon hunters' strongholds had plunged into a sea of fire one after another, and flame rose in the distant darkness, signifying the fall of the energy nodes. However, the strange tower only watched silently in the dark as if the sages inside were no longer concerned about what happened on the battlefront.

It was a very different building from the other ruins in Coldpath. Though it indeed came from the Star of Creation, its twisted shape was at odds with the elegance and magnificence of the other temples there. The Netherrealm Clock Tower was like a stack of funny geometric blocks stacked up on top of each other. It would not be possible for it to stand on solid ground except in this strange dimension. It was not just its size and peculiar shape, but also its peculiar condition that attracted stares.

The Netherrealm Clock Tower was buried in the darkness—not just any darkness but the purest darkness. The color of this darkness was so thick that it was impossible for the naked eye to distinguish details. One could only see a black outline, with stars in the background accentuating said outline. The darkness covered almost two-thirds of the Netherrealm Clock Tower, making it look even gloomier and more horrifying.

Looking at the "dark matter" covering the Netherrealm Clock Tower, Hao Ren felt an inexplicable chill running up his spine. His instincts told him that something was not right, and he spontaneously took a few steps back. Staring at the Netherrealm Clock Tower's silhouette, which had been eroded by the dark matter, Hao Ren could not believe his eyes that this was the original appearance of the building. "Is this normal?" he asked.

Master Teuton had the same reaction. He took a step back and asked, "What's going on?"

"Lanina did not mention this phenomenon in her report," Y'zaks mumbled. His muscles tensed as he felt that the structure before him was dangerous. "It probably changed after the last attack."

Hao Ren took the MDT out of his pocket. "Check and see what's going on," he said.

The MDT listlessly emitted a blue light to scan the "dark matter" on the surface of the clock tower. After sweeping its blue light over the surface of the tower a few times, it flew back. "There are some similarities to the Shade of Chaos, but it's quite different. This dark matter isn't a living thing, yet it lingers on the building."

"The Shade of Chaos?" Hao Ren felt a chill run up his spine. He remembered how much trouble the Shade of Chaos had caused. Those shadows, which were stripped off the Sin of the Divine Blood were the culprits of the innate hostility between the various races and also the cause of the carnage in Ancattero. Countless demon hunters and descendants of the Tannaeans had died there.

Despite his nervousness, Hao Ren managed to put two and two together. He knew that the dark matter, which mimicked the Shade of Chaos was a logical existence: Coldpath was where the G.o.ddess of creation fell.

If the Gilded Disc that carried the divine blood could turn into an original sin carrier, the ruins of the fallen G.o.ddess could also manifest similar changes.

Considering the information that White Flame had brought together with the fact that the temperament of the Thirteen Sages changed only after returned from Ancattero and reported the Sin of the Divine Blood, the civil war of the demon hunters was probably a continuation of the Shade of Chaos incident.

The dark matter on the surface of the tower seemed to confirm his suspicion. He felt an unsettling wisp of the Shade of Chaos. Although the MDT had mentioned that this dark matter was different, they could be h.o.m.ologous matters. When he thought of the crime scene of the deicide, which he and Vivian found, he began to wonder if the mysterious disappearance of the divine blood had something to do with the changes in the Netherrealm Clock Tower.

"Do we still want to go in?" White Flame took out her silver dagger. It was shrouded in a sacred white flame. "My sacred flame can counter the shadow," she said.

Hao Ren looked up at the strangely silent Netherrealm Clock Tower. He had antic.i.p.ated a fierce battle before coming to the tower. However, standing under the tower, it was dead quiet, as though only the skeleton of a monster lay in the shadows, waiting silently for its visitors. No guards were coming out of the tower or defense mechanisms being triggered. It was as if the burning battlefields in Coldpath had nothing to do with it. Hao Ren suppressed his feeling of anxiety and chose to trust the MDT on the shadow around the tower not being lifeless. He nodded hard and said, "Keep your eyes open. Pay attention to any symptoms of mind attacks as we enter. If any of you feel any abnormal fluctuations in your state of mind, alert the rest immediately!"

With Teuton leading the way, they found the door into the Netherrealm Clock Tower. Inlaid with a large, dark-red crystal and placed at a strange angle on the wall, a third of the surface of the door was covered with shadows. But the unaffected surfaces still had beautiful patterns and symbols. Those were not symbols known to the world but text left behind by the G.o.ddess of creation.

The MDT quickly scanned and archived the precious runic materials while Teuton lamented, "We've spent a long time cracking the various runes in the ruins of Coldpath to try to harness the powerful forces of the super civilization. In the end, we only cracked a part of it. The runes on the door are still a mystery."

Lily squinted at the door for a moment before she said, "On the left, it says 'push to open' and on the right, it says 'please close the door behind you.'"

Teuton and White Flame looked at Lily, stunned. Hao Ren quickly pulled the husky maiden to the side. "Don't take what she says seriously, her brain has—"

Lily cut in and protested, "Hey, don't shove me! Seriously, that's what's written. Don't you have your translation plugin—"

"Shut up."

Hao Ren ignored Lily's protest. After checking that his Steel Membrane s.h.i.+eld still worked, he stepped forward and pushed the heavy-looking door.

The door opened silently.

The dozens of demon hunters behind him aimed their crossbows at the entrance. Hao Ren ducked and drew his gun. But the enemies they were expecting did not appear.

Behind the door was an empty round hall. The dim candlelight swayed in the deeper part of the round hall, casting shadows on the doorway. There were no demon hunters and no traps. Just like a deserted old castle, the Netherrealm Clock Tower was completely quiet.

"No one's here," Vivian said, throwing a small bat into the hall and whispering, "but I smell blood. Also, I can sense breaths of the living, all on the upper floor. Everyone, keep your eyes open."

With his Steel Membrane s.h.i.+eld at full capacity, Hao Ren took the lead and entered. Lily wielded her claws, following closely behind. They were followed by Vivian, Y'zaks, and his daughter. Meanwhile, White Flame as well as Teuton led a few dozen master demon hunters and caught up from the rear. After everyone was inside the tower, Lily looked back nervously. The atmosphere was strange. She began to imagine that the door would automatically close behind them, just like in the horror movies.

However, that did not happen. It was as if everything there was unattended.

Hao Ren looked around. Colors had faded on all the walls and floors. The arc-shaped walls had fading murals and reliefs, which were barely visible now. Although the style of the reliefs looked similar to those in the other temples, the lifeless color was unsettling. Many wooden shelves were lying around with cross-hammers, swords and other weapons on them. There were some other artifacts and ornaments of unknown uses as well; the demon hunters were probably the ones who brought those items there.

Just like the hall itself, these items on the shelves lacked color.

"Looks like a faded old photo," Vivian mumbled, looking at the dark environment.

Lily blinked. She had not seen anything wrong with the place. "Is it that serious?"

Hao Ren glanced at her. "Can't you see with your eyes?"

Lily nodded matter-of-factly. "I'm color blind."

Hao Ren was speechless.

Teuton looked around, his face gloomy. He waved to the elite demon hunters behind him. "Let's split and search. Iveen and Karude, keep your eyes on the spiral staircase. Alert us immediately if you see anything unusual."

"Something's making me uneasy," Vivian groaned.

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1010 The Netherrealm Clock Tower

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