The Record of Unusual Creatures 1051 Year-End Bonus

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Since he came to know Raven 12345, Hao Ren knew that this neurotic woman would always say or do something that caught him unawares. If G.o.d was enlightening, then this neurotic G.o.ddess had to be the least enlightening one. Hao Ren was struck dumb by what Raven 12345 said.

"What the heck?" Hao Ren subconsciously wanted to throw the sword away like it was a hot iron stick. "You are kidding me! I'd be crazy to carry this bad stuff with me!"

Before Hao Ren could throw the sword away, Raven 12345 forcibly held his hand and said to him with a mysterious smile, "No, you need to carry it with you. You must carry it with you."

"Why?" Hao Ren asked. At first, he thought that the G.o.ddess must have forgotten to take her medication. But it was only when he noticed the seriousness on her face that he realized that she was serious and that something more profound behind her action.

"Because this sword is the G.o.dslayer, the causality between it and the G.o.ddess of Creation is more than all the other samples you have found so far unless you can find something else that is more exaggerated than this. Otherwise, this sword is the only thing that could lead you to the Star of Creation," Raven 12345 said as she looked at Hao Ren. "I can sense it; though I could not figure out the entanglement line from the faint information, I could sense that the connection between this sword and the G.o.ddess of creation has not been cut off. I can't enter the Plane of Dreams, so you have to do this rather difficult job for me: bring along this sword, I don't care whether you use it to kill the enemy or use it to make dumplings as long as you carry it with you. It will definitely help you find the place where the G.o.ddess has fallen," she said.

This was the first time that Hao Ren saw this level of seriousness on Raven 12345's face. It was also the first time that he had ever heard her inscrutable tone of voice. He could not help but swallow. "I understand what you said, but don't you have to study it? This is a real divine artifact! I think this thing is more useful in your hand than in mine," he said.

"I have got what I want," Raven 12345 said while opening his hand. There was a black fragment, inside which was filled with endless stars, trembled in her palm. "In the world of the world fragment, one is many, and many is one. This small piece of fragment carries all the information that I need for studying."

Staring at the shard in the G.o.ddess' hand, he was surprised. Hao Ren had no idea when the G.o.ddess had taken a piece off the G.o.dslayer. He looked at the black sword in his hand and found that a section of the sword tip was missing. Since the shape of the sword itself was not regular, this defect was not visible.

"This piece is enough me." Raven 12345 smiled. She patted Hao Ren on the shoulder and said, "I will leave this sword with you. I believe in your talent of blowing things up. Even if you don't do anything at all, holding this sword in your hand would be enough to lead you to the Star of Creation."

Hao Ren forced a smile. "Can I say something? I do not even know what to do. Is this thing really useful?"

"It doesn't matter if it is useful. Just carry it," Raven 12345 said. "Like I said you are…"

Hao Ren relented at last. Waving his hand, he said, "All right, I will keep this thing. It was the outsiders who have nothing better to do giving me that nickname, why are you joining their rank?"

Raven 12345's arms akimbo and said matter-of-coursely, "c.r.a.p, I'm also having nothing better to do!"

Hao Ren was speechless. Never did he expect the G.o.ddess would admit that so matter-of-coursely.

The two of them stared at each other for a while before Hao Ren surrendered himself. He knew he would never be able to defeat this real neurotic and bra.s.s neck that had a ma.s.sive brain hole. So Hao Ren stopped complaining. Holding the black sword cautiously, he said, "All right, it's okay for me to keep this, but you have to make sure that it is harmless. I don't want to wake up one day and find myself brainwashed by this stick."

"Of course, I have checked; the sword is safe. If you are still worried…"

While saying, Raven 12345 took the G.o.dslayer in her hand, held the sword upright, and then chanted something quietly before gently kissing it on the blade.

A glow suddenly covered the sword before it quickly subsided and left behind a layer of pale blue s.h.i.+mmer around the blade.

"This is…" Hao Ren had no idea what was happening. But he knew that it was something super-duper awesome because a true G.o.d had kissed the sword!

"The blessing and restraint of the G.o.ddess. This sword has my mark. It will never hurt my messenger and those in the same camp as my messenger, nor can it defy your will. If there is really something in this sword that violates these two laws, then it will be wiped out immediately," Raven 12345 said with a smile on her face. After blessing the sword and whether she liked it or not, an aura of a.s.surance and intimacy shrouded her. The G.o.ddess smiled and gave a thumbs up to Hao Ren. "The Mother***ker's Kiss Blessing!"

Seeing the G.o.ddess' broad smile and thumbs up, Hao Ren already knew that things were not looking good. Before he could stop her, the G.o.ddess had uttered that 'Mother***ker' white magic name. He forced a smile and let out a sigh. "Okay, okay. By the way, could you give your white magic a better name? At least—"

Without waiting for Hao Ren to finish, Raven 12345's eyebrows arched and then bit the sword in her mouth. "Not convinced of the kiss of the G.o.ddess? Now I think the bite should be convincing enough."

A crispy sound was heard before a chunk was bitten off the sword that made of world fragment. The G.o.ddess had upgraded the G.o.ddess' Kiss to the G.o.ddess' Bite. The direct method of spell casting had brought more powerful blessing and restraining effects. As sparks came off the G.o.dslayer, only G.o.d knows how many buffs were now added to this thing!

The blessing and restraining power of the G.o.dslayer were strengthened several times. Hao Ren's jaw dropped to the ground.

Seeing Hao Ren's reaction, Raven 12345 asked, "What is wrong? Not satisfied yet?"

Hao Ren quickly nodded, grabbed the sword from the G.o.ddess' hand and said, "Absolutely satisfied! That's enough!"

It was impossible to understand the way of thinking of this neurotic woman based on common sense. A little miscommunication could trigger another cranky response from the G.o.ddess. While the upgrading of the G.o.ddess' Kiss to the G.o.ddess' Bite happened in just a few seconds, the neurotic woman could have swallowed the sword on the spot had Hao Ren replied any slower. Considering the condition of the G.o.ddess, she could really have done it!

Holding the black sword in his hand, Hao Ren could feel the change on the sword this time. It was still weightless, but it had an added sense of calmness in hand. This calmness had completely neutralized the strange aura of the sword. Hao Ren closed his eyes, and in his illusory vision, he felt that he was holding a beam of pure light!

However, the whisper had not disappeared despite the purification. When Hao Ren focused his mind, he could still hear the strange thoughts in his mind. Though these thoughts would not affect his thinking, it was still disturbing.

"I kept those whispers," Raven 12345 said frankly. "Because I cannot say for sure which part of the sword's power will help you find the Star of Creation. So I decided to retain all its properties. My blessing has added security to it, but underneath this barrier, it is still the G.o.dslayer."

"The weapon that killed the G.o.ddess has turned into a beacon of the G.o.ddess' blessing." An emotion filled Hao Ren's heart. "Fate is a fickle b*tch," he lamented.

Raven 12345 smiled and looked at Hao Ren. "Stop lamenting. I have got good news for you," she said.

Hao Ren tucked the G.o.dslayer into his dimensional pocket and reply casually, "What good news?"

"Your year-end bonus," Raven 12345 said in a mysterious tone of voice. "It is good stuff this time. Something practical!"

Hao Ren was startled before he realized that it was the time of the year to receive his year-end bonus.

He had been running around busily for so long that he did not even have the time to check the calendar.

Recalling that his previous year-end bonus was just a box of golden apples, Hao Ren was now full of antic.i.p.ation. Last year was a natural treasure. What would it be this year? Peerless Soldiers?

But he thought for a while; since he had just gotten the G.o.dslayer made of world fragment, he felt that the year-end bonus would not be Peerless Soldiers. Otherwise, it would be a bit repet.i.tive. Plus, Raven 12345 would not be so mysterious about it.

When the G.o.ddess finally took the thing out, Hao Ren was utterly dumbfounded.

He felt like an idiot for having any expectations of this neurotic woman.

The Record of Unusual Creatures 1051 Year-End Bonus

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