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Chapter 1178: Noobie

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were still many unexplained mysteries about Vivian’s splitting. But there was one thing Hao Ren was sure about: the splitting may not necessarily be a part of the original plan of the G.o.ddess of creation.

The G.o.ddess of creation created Vivian as the ‘guide’ of the Ultimate Absolution plan. The splitting phenomenon causing the host to lose her memory and power was obviously an attempt to sabotage the G.o.ddess’ plan. The evil force in the Plane of Dreams was the hidden hand.

“Things are not as dangerous as you think. Vivian is safe with the amulet in hand.” After alleviating his concern, Raven 12345 glanced down at the miniature Malevolence in her hand. “We will have to study this little thing.”

“What to study?” Hao Ren asked curiously. He had put the question about the hidden hand at the back of his mind.

“Look at the level and nature of her strength, maybe we could find the corresponding negative features,” Raven 12345 said, poking the head of the miniature Malevolence, who suddenly reacted in a fury, screaming and growling, totally lacking the crisis awareness of facing against a true G.o.d.

Seeing the wicked expression on Raven 12345’s face, cold sweat began to trickle down his neck. Hao Ren could vaguely feel that this miniature Malevolence was going to suffer.

It transpired his intuition was accurate. Raven 12345 was going to use all kinds of violent methods to test the miniature Malevolence to gauge the strength of the little thing.

With the wave of her hand, the G.o.ddess summoned an enchantment cage, glowing with light, in the square. At only a dozen meters square, but the pen was a more-than-s.p.a.cious-enough sparring ring for the miniature Malevolence. After throwing the Malevolence into the ring, Raven 12345 began to summon various creatures into the ring. Hao Ren had seen some of them before but many more he could not even name them. The little Malevolence appeared confused at first. But when her first opponent appeared, she immediately showed her violent and cruel nature of a devil incarnate.

She cruelly killed a c.o.c.kroach with a festered blood-tipped arrow.

In another brutal fight, she killed a mouse.

She then fought a rabbit for 300 rounds and finally got the upper hand.

She fearlessly faced off with a cat and won only by a nose.

When Raven 12345 threw in a dog, the miniature Malevolence began to lose ground to the opponent.

The festered blood-tipped arrow had only an 80-centimeter range. With short legs, low IQ and combat strength, the devil incarnate was basically a noobie. Chased and bitten, the miniature Malevolence would have been eaten by the dog if not for Hao Ren intervening just in time.

The unnamed magic creatures that Ravens 12345 summoned were useless. The combat strength of the Malevolence was only slightly better than that of cats but lower than that of dogs. Raven 12345 was just as dumbstruck as Hao Ren was.

“What kind of evil force do you think she represents?” Hao Ren asked while he looked at the little thing lying half-dead in the ring.

“Probably of corruption… toxin? She already has both,” Raven 12345 said. “She is so weak and having no talent at all.”

“Whatever.” Hao Ren could not care less. “After all, she was only a Malevolence, and there is no way to communicate and educate her. How should we deal with her? She is not really harmful, anyway.”

“We can’t just let it go just like that—it is a Malevolence,” Raven 12345 said. Raising her hand, she was about to remove the enchantment and retrieve the Malevolence in the center of the square. But just right before she did so, she found some anomalies. “Wait a second. Something is not quite right.”

“What is it?” Hao Ren was baffled.

“Look at her reaction.” Raven 12345 pointed at the little thing. “She is not quite the same as other Malevolence.”

Hao Ren fixed his eyes on the Malevolence, who was still lying on the ground just like before. Upon careful observation, he found the Malevolence was slightly s.h.i.+vering. When she looked up, her eyes meeting Raven 12345’s, she retreated somewhat, almost imperceptibly. Seeing her reaction, Hao Ren was stunned. “Is she scared?” he asked.

“Yes, she is scared. It doesn’t seem to be a fear that arises from knowing something and just an instinctive reaction, but she is undoubtedly afraid,” Raven 12345 said quickly, her expression looked as if she had discovered a New World. “This is something other Malevolences never have. They seem to have only one emotion, which is anger. Or it is not anger at all but just a destructive behavior. As far as I know, they should be a collective body of negativity devoid of intellect. But this one is special!”

“A Malevolence that has the feeling of fear?” Hao Ren asked incredulously. “Does this mean that she possesses humanity?”

“No. Not even close.” Raven 12345 shook her head. “But she is separate from the collective negativity. Her emotion should be a product of pressure. If other stimuli are applied, there will probably be more changes. Wait a minute, I have an idea.”

Hao Ren instantly knew that the G.o.ddess had some evil ideas again. “What is it?” he asked.

“The cause for her mutation is undoubtedly the amulet on Vivian. If putting them together, maybe there will be more changes.” Raven 12345 became even more excited now as her enthusiasm for experiment rose. “Bring her back, let her stay with Vivian, and watch the changes. Maybe we can unlock the secret of this Malevolence!”

It was a bold idea, which might turn out to be working. But somehow, Hao Ren thought that bringing the Malevolence back was not a very good idea. “It’s okay to bring her back, but do you think this guy can really ‘live’ with people?”

While saying, Hao Ren used his finger poking the Malevolence, who was still trembling in fear a while ago, had now become aggressive. She lunged forward, bit Hao Ren’s finger, and shook it violently while growling.

“She bites! This thing bites!” Hao Ren scrambled to his feet, trying to shake the Malevolence off his finger. “How could we stay with her this way?”

“I’m not saying that you keep her like a normal pet,” Raven 12345 said, her arms akimbo. She did not mean to help him. “Don’t you have a lunch box? Just keep her inside. If that doesn’t work, then get a hamster cage. By the look of it, she won’t be able to escape from the hamster cage.”

The mad Malevolence finally fell off. Knowing that Raven 12345 was not going to change her mind, he could only nod helplessly. “Okay, then I will bring her back and see what I can do.”

“Good. But before that, I need to collect a sample to make sure the sample library here is complete.” Raven 12345 said. With a snap of her finger, she summoned a small crystal cone, and then came up to the Malevolence in Hao Ren’s hand. “Stay still. I just take some blood sample.”

The Malevolence did not know what the G.o.ddess said. But she instinctively sensed danger was coming her way and began to struggle to try to break free. But Hao Ren had gotten hold of her by tightening his grab. Now she could not even move a muscle.

This little thing’ strength was only slightly better than a domestic cat’s.

Amid the shrill of her cry, Raven 12345 successfully collected her blood sample.

Hao Ren left with the mad Malevolence while in Raven 12345’s hand was a small crystal, which contained a drop of dark-red turbid blood. Despite being sealed inside, the blood continued to surge, as if it would break out of the crystal any time.

A few seconds later, with the snap of her finger, the scenery around Raven 12345 suddenly changed.

She came to the ‘storage room’ from the square in front of her mansion. This infinite s.p.a.ce was sealing all the Malevolence and their remains.

Translucent water-like ripples appeared in the air as crystal containers emerged between the two rows of columns. Filled with the glow of magic, sealed within these containers were the evil forms of Vivian.

Raven 12345 cast her eyes to the end of the row, where an empty pedestal appeared.

“Death… Plague… Cruelty…”

Raven 12345 chanted in a whisper the word on the tags as she slowly walked past the rows of containers. Coming to the empty pedestal, she placed the sample she had just collected on it and engraved a new name.


The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1178 - Noobie

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