The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1238

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Published at 15th of July 2019 09:15:08 AM Chapter 1238: 1238

When the dark side of the Sea of Carnos was reflected in the material world, the order of the whole world would turn upside down . The rules the G.o.ddess of creation set would crumble under the a.s.sault of the chaotic forces . The shadows would spread out from the abyss, fire and smoke would shroud the earth, the world floating in the void would shake, and the smaller lands would even tip over .

In the oldest books of the Zelorand Empire, the wizards of the ancient times had recorded the prophecies about the tide . These prophecies had an astonis.h.i.+ng level of detail of the tide of Chaos reaching its peak and the collapse of the power of Order . So, some scholars in the sanctum believed that the Zelorand Prophecy recorded not only the signs about the future but also the events that have happened in the past .

The high-ranking monk, Calaxus, believed that the sight before him was the tide that the prophecy depicted .

The endless void outside the battlefield of Order and Chaos began to spew smoke as well as clouds . The chaotic forces were swallowing up the cliffs of the mainland as if it was sinking into a boiling pot . Calaxus saw the floating islands in the distance were pushed and torn apart under the dominant force of the tide . Ear-piercing noise came into his ears as smaller islands smashed into each other and broke into pieces . The large islands, covered in smoke and clouds of dust, were also shaking so violently that they would eventually end up the same fate . It was the scene of the end of the world .

Above the Sacred Hammer, dark clouds filled with disturbing black had completely blocked out the otherwise clear sky . It was a terrifying expression of the power of Chaos . With darkness surrounding the sacred wars.h.i.+p, visibility was poor even with the light of the furnace and stature of the G.o.ddess . The whole world seemed like a dimming lamp, the feelings of an invisible monster crus.h.i.+ng in from all directions sent a chill up the spine of everyone onboard .

Screams of panic filled the entire aircraft .

“Keep calm! Don't panic! Negative emotions will only make you susceptible to the Chaos!” Calaxus stood on the bow and shouted . His voice, magnified by magic, was heard throughout the aircraft . “This is the Sacred Hammer! You are onboard the most powerful magic-powered wars.h.i.+p in the world! The G.o.ddess of creation is with us . Return to your position, pick up your weapons, and defend the s.h.i.+p! We are going to arrive safely at Lunier!”

The structure of the magic-powered wars.h.i.+p was squeaking, and a rumble echoed under the deck . It was the sound the magic-panels made when the increasing magic energy in the air started to overwhelm of the s.h.i.+p . The crew of the Sacred Hammer immediately retracted the magic-panels on both sides of the hull to prevent the magic energy from overloading the vessel . But the trouble had just begun .

The hull began to tilt and shake .

Calaxus struggled to keep his balance . He saw the many shadows appearing in the surrounding air . Some looked like ugly monsters with wings, and some were merely unnamed and lines . Those were the claws of the Chaos turning into physical form in the material world . They were not happy to see a wars.h.i.+p with the energy of the Order flying in their territory .

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

A series of loud sound of gunfire came from the lower deck . The crystal cannons on both sides of the wars.h.i.+p fired and dispelled the monster of Chaos in the air before they could turn into physical form . The s.p.a.cecraft finally stabilized .

Yet, more monsters were still emerging .

“Accelerate! Throw away all the weights, blow up the magic panels, use the magic crystal to drive the power furnace . The G.o.ddess is with us!”

A gust of wind screamed through the deck . Ice crystals quickly form a layer of ice on the bows . Calaxus shouted in the storm and frost as powerful magic was emanating from his body . A thin protective layer formed in front of the wars.h.i.+p, reducing the load of the magic energy on the battles.h.i.+p .

When the wars.h.i.+p's magic panels fell into the endless abyss, the high-ranking monk looked down at the thick, dark clouds below .

He was trying to find the blue balloons—the basic flying tools—that he had seen before .

But he did not place much hope in it . Even the mighty Sacred Hammer could become shaky in the face of the tide of Chaos, how could the rudimentary transport of the beasts stand in the storm? Perhaps the moment when the tornado formed, it already tore the hot air balloons apart .

Calaxus could not help but sigh . He did not lament for his fate but the abhumans that had entered the advanced stage . This cruel world ruined everything indiscriminately .

While he was in deep thought, a ray of light suddenly broke through the darkness .

When the storm started, Lily had no clue what was going on .

She had no idea about the war between the Choas and the Order, about the dark side of the Sea of Carnos, and the prophecy and power of the tide of Chaos . The demonic apes and imps living on the floating islands were ignorant and had fragmented knowledge that their ancestors pa.s.sed down to them . The knowledge was not enough for them to understand what the world was all about . But one thing was for sure: what happened before them was a disaster .

Lily's hair had puffed up . Jumped up and down in the upper basket, she almost cried out for Hao Ren, but quickly remembered that the landlord was not here . She forced herself to calm down . Using the experience that she got from her four-time graduation from Peking University to think of a way to survive .

She looked back in the direction from where she came . A fire had consumed the floating island . Huge stones and earth were breaking apart and falling off as the island was disintegrating . The situation of the other small islands was even bleaker . Some drifted and spun like bubbles under the influence of an invisible power . Going back was a dead end .

The only place to go was the continent in the distance .

Lily looked up . The scene in the distance was reflected in his golden eyes . The cliff of the mainland looked blurry in her eyes because of the clouds and darkness . But she could still see the direction she should go . Everything seemed to be not too bad .

The Chaos was rising, but it had not wholly defeated the power of Order . What happened now was only a prelude to a more significant storm .

“Accelerate!” Lily shouted . “Let's go to the mainland!”

An old demonic ape scrambled out from under the deck . Lily could vaguely remember that its name was Gruglu . The ugly demonic ape was panic and shouted incomprehensibly, “Alpha, our island s broken! Our island is broken!”

“I know, I have seen it!” Lily cried, her fangs flashed in between her lips, glinting . “If you stay there, you are dead now . So I have let you live for a few minutes more! Now listen, speed up, signal other hot air balloons to accelerate . We can only be safe when we go to the mainland!”

The old demonic ape, who nodded in a panic, suddenly froze, looking at Lily as if he saw a ghost .

It was not easy for a demonic ape to make such a complex expression .

“What happened?” Lily twitched her mouth . “Why don't you listen to my orders!”

“Alpha…” The old demonic ape pointed at her in fear . “You… you are glowing!”

Lily was stunned and quickly looked down at her body .

She was indeed glowing .

A white light, soft and luminous, was glowing within her body . It was expanding . Just between this short interval, it had illuminated the entire upper deck . It spread to the whole pod through the obstacles, and then the whole airs.h.i.+p, leaving behind no shadows as if it was not light but luminous water .

The white light continued to expand, and it had grown beyond the airs.h.i.+p and shrouded the other two smaller balloons . Inside the great glow, the storm stopped, shadow retreated, and fog and black smoke seemed to have gone without a trace as if they had never been there .

The wobbling airs.h.i.+p quickly stabilized . The glow had dispelled the invisible destructive forces .

“I remember…” The old demonic ape's lips were twitching . “My grandfather said that human beings call this the Light of Order . ”

Lily blinked and had no clue what was going on .

She did not know that many of the strange foods that Hao Ren gave her came from Raven 12345's home .

She did not know that Raven 12345 made many of the food that she ate .

She had no idea that after eating this divine food, she would become divine .

She was the biggest eater at home . Most of the food Hao Ren brought back from Raven 12345's home would end up in the stomach of this husky . Now, now this acc.u.mulated spiritual food finally showed its power . Lily had acquired a physique similar to Hao Ren's in the chaos of Collow .

It was as if a Light or Order mobile wifi router, complete with wall-penetrating capability .

Lily froze for a moment and muttered to herself, “I am glowing brightly . ”

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1238

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