The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 151: The Real Paparazzi

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Chapter 151: The Real Paparazzi

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hundreds of dogs of all stripes gathered at the house in such a short period of time. If someone else had seen this, it would have been posted on various social media platforms the next day. Therefore, Lily quickly moved the dogs to the back of Hao Ren’s big house.

It was said that Hao Ren’s house was actually the last home in the outskirts of the Southern Suburbs, which was also located at the end of the white, stoned-paved road. The back of the house was a wasteland, flanked by walls and unoccupied homes. You could say this was the boundary of human civilization in the Southern Suburbs. The gathering of hundreds of dogs at the back of Hao Ren's house was not completely exposed. At least, they managed not to attract unwanted attention within that short amount of time.

Hao Ren as well as Vivian followed them, and they looked at the spectacular scene in amazement.

Among the hundreds of dogs, only half of them were domesticated dogs. The rest were the distinct residents of the Southern Suburbs—stray dogs. This large army was made up of many varieties and different sizes, from the Tibetan Mastiff, which was as tall as a man when standing upright to a big pug, which was as tall as a rabbit when it straightened up. They looked as powerful as the United Nations Military Force. Rollie came and took a peek out of curiosity. It was frightened on the spot, cried and ran up to the roof of the two-storey building. It ran up along the wall. The poor cat probably thought it was karma for running amuck around the area. Now, the dog nation of the Southern Suburbs came to crusade against it with their national power...

Lily strutted proudly in front of the dogs. All of them were docile.They sat on standby obediently. Vivian could not help but turn her face away and said, "She's enjoying this quite a bit... As a werehusky, she is so embarra.s.sing..."

Finally, Lily finished the inspection of her team, and was satisfied with showing off. She raised her hand and gave a command, "Woof!"

All the dogs immediately put the spell cards in their mouths on the ground and followed Lily, "Woof!"

"Stop! Stop!" Hao Ren dragged Lily to the side in a hurry and said, "Keep it low profile, please. This is too loud."

Lily quickly nodded and replied, "Woof... Err, I got it. Landlord, what do you think of the size of my army?"

"The combat power is quite strong. It shouldn't be a problem for us to make a clean sweep of the stray cats in the Southern Suburbs," Hao Ren said this from the bottom of his heart and then, he bent over to pick up a spell card from the nearest pug. The red paint of the Letta rune was blurred by the dog’s saliva. It became void. "...You’re so smart. You even thought of using dogs."

"A dog’s nose is sensitive," Lily said with delight and pointed to her nose happily. "In the beginning, I found the spell cards in between the bricks after I smelled some strange scents. But, it was impossible for me to find all the papers in the neighborhood alone so, I organized the team. They can’t do anything else but, they are excellent in searching. I gave them a clear order, don’t come and see me if they can’t find the spell cards…"

Vivian sighed again. She really did not understand what was there to be proud of such an authority. However, she had to admit that Lily’s talent as a husky had finally played a big role this time. A real werewolf would probably have not been able to put down its dignity, squat on the ground and bark with the dogs.

"So, have they collected all the spell cards on the street in the neighborhood?" Vivian frowned and looked at the large pile of spell papers on the ground, which made her even more worried. There was a possibility that the demon hunters were coming in a group. If they were not, it would have probably taken one week for a demon hunter to create such a big number of spell cards. "I wonder if there's anything else other than the spell cards. Those guys are the best at setting traps. They’re as cunning as hunters."

"Let me ask you something," Lily said as she squatted down and patted a big, yellow dog’s head (it looked like a subchief). She asked the dog with a very serious look, "Woof, woof? Woof woof…"

Hao Ren had the idea of recording this scene. He thought that in the future, he could repeatedly watch them barking at each other and enjoy it for a long time! Listening to Lily’s question, the big, yellow dog tilted its head and thought for a while. Then it replied, "Woofoo..."

Hao Ren and Vivian were muttering, "Can you understand what they're talking about?"


"Then, why did you nod?"

"To protect my dignity. Don’t you see that these dogs look at us as if we’re Servant No.2 and No.3? To them, Lily is the boss. I have to prove that my status is higher than the doggie."

"As a senior vampire, do you really have to compete with dogs?"

"You’re right…"

Let us ignore the weird conversation between Hao Ren and the vampire. There seemed to be a problem with the communication between Lily and the big, yellow dog. They could not come to a conclusion after barking for so long. Lily reached out to drag a mongrel that looked strong and good-natured. She dragged it next to her and asked, "Woof?"



The dog just talked like this. Lily barked, then the mixed-breed barked, then the big, yellow dog barked as well. Hao Ren found it a little strange and asked, "Why do you need a secretary?"

"This one's from Russia, and its accent is too strong for me to understand." Lily pointed to the big, yellow dog then, to the mixed-breed dog and said, "It comes from the Northeast. Its a of the Chow Chow and Caucasian Shepherd Dog. It can roughly try to translate for me…"


For the first time in his life, he heard that even dog languages were divided into different phyla! There were different families of languages among the animals?

"They are." When Lily heard Hao Ren’s question, she roughly explained it to him. Lily talked a bit with the other dog and then, she stood up. "They didn’t find anything else. And there’s no trace of humans in our surroundings. They've placed so many spell cards around. Logically, they would've surely left their smell everywhere."

Vivian was not surprised. "For the demon hunters, hiding is very simple. The most powerful demon hunter I knew could walk all the way into Balder’s palace and kill a mimicry monster without even realizing it. But, there shouldn't be such guys around these days. They've been on the decline all these years... However, hiding their scent is a must for every demon hunter."

Vivian then squeezed the rune papers in her hands and said, "But, they have no way to conceal the Letta rune papers, which is the only good news. Doggie, let your paparazzi keep an eye on every corner. The demon hunters will certainly find a way to investigate the situation after they find out that their runes were destroyed... Maybe, they’ll try to replace the runes with new ones. It’ll be good if we can catch one of them."

"You want to let these dogs deal with the demon hunters?" The fur on Lily's back bristled (literally). "I can’t beat those crazy men, let alone these weak—"

"Who's gonna let them fight? I meant, let them keep an eye on the surroundings!" Lily was hopeless at her ability to understand. "An intellectually normal demon hunter would never have imagined that a werewolf would bribe dogs to be spies. You’re the first werewolf to organize a group of paparazzi as your men in thousands of years. Acting unpredictably is your greatest strength now!"

Lily finally understood what Vivian wanted her to do. She immediately nodded proudly and said, "Rest a.s.sured! My legion is invincible!"

How could she have such a big sense of achievement from just being an alpha dog? Rollie had already led the stray cats in the Southern Suburbs last year. Lily’s achievement today was just on an equal footing with Rollie's...

After a.s.signing the jobs, Lily howled to give a command. This excited the dogs. Hundreds of dogs dispersed within a few seconds. Hao Ren could imagine how powerful these four-legged scouts would be. They were familiar with the environment; all the gaps and holes. Plus, they had a sensitive sense of smell. They were good hunters and investigators in nature. Also, they had many years of life experience with area and population base. Even a true FBI agent was not as highly effective as these true paparazzi here. And more importantly, the demon hunters would not have been suspicious of the stray dogs everywhere on the streets even if they had great vigilance. It would be too late when they find that their spell cards had been cleared away by a group of dogs.

However, this just worked theoretically. Therefore, Hao Ren was still worried. "Will it work? A bunch of dogs can ferret out the demon hunter? It can’t be so simple."

"As long as they can find the spell cards in this area. It’s not difficult." Vivian raised her mouth slightly and said, "A small advantage is still an advantage. Also, the demon hunters have been operating smoothly all these years. They'll become careless."

At this time, a loud voice suddenly came from the door. "I'm back. Where are you guys?"

It was Y’zaks’ voice.

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 151: The Real Paparazzi

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