The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1518 - The Battle That Never Ends

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Chapter 1518: The Battle That Never Ends

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It was a long, long time ago.

When the G.o.ddess of Creation first set out to explore the Plane of Dreams, she knew nothing about the dark horror in the depth of the universe. Although she was born strong, she was still young and tender due to her lack of knowledge and experience. She traveled the whole world with the demiG.o.d creature she created, Lockmarton, and visited strange planets and s.p.a.ces. The journey needed no further elaboration. Everyone knew what happened to her in the end ——

The Mad Lord.

No rational individual could coexist with the Mad Lord. In fact, the Mad Lord could not coexist peacefully with any existence other than himself. The battle between the G.o.ddess of Creation and this violent creature was inevitable. From the day they appeared in the same universe, the battle had already begun and was not destined to end soon.

In that battle, the G.o.ddess of Creation swung herself into the realm of the Mad Lord. She destroyed most of the physical structure of the Mad Lord and destroyed its core. Eventually, with a powerful seal and prison system, she suppressed the terrible enemy permanently in the depths of the universe. She seemed to have won, but in fact, she only gained the upper hand temporarily, and the battle turned around. In the second stage, the battle continued in the new battlefield, that was, inside the G.o.ddess of Creation herself.

The existence of the Mad Lord made it impossible for this terrible primitive creature to be completely destroyed, and it would not be limited to one form of existence. In the battle, part of its power had actually escaped and attached to the G.o.ddess of Creation and her two swords. However, the G.o.ddess of Creation was not aware of all this. She did not feel any contradiction from her short-term emotional changes, because the battle exhausted her, and she just wanted to return to the Star of Creation, which made her miss the best chance to completely eliminate the infection of the Mad Lord.

In fact, she was not careless. Her intuition told her to doubt about the seal of the Mad Lord. She wondered if she really sealed the monster completely. So she cut out her memory on the Star of Creation and made herself part of the seal. All kinds of signs showed that her decision to ‘cut out the memory’ actually meant that she realized the problem. The activities of the Mad Lord were still going on. Unfortunately, cutting out her memory did not free her from the fact that she had been eroded.

In the long years that followed, the G.o.ddess of Creation, who restored her original memory, resumed her activities. She created life, visited the planets, explored the universe, and by launching the Seeds of Origin into planets, she built a huge system of life, nurtured vigorous life on countless planets, and the Firstborns on these planets became beacons and eyes in the universe. They used the spiritual network to send back all kinds of interesting things happening in the universe to the Star of Creation – but the power of the Mad Lord lurked in the depths of every creation of the G.o.ddess and continued to spread with the expansion of this life network.

But the most deadly erosion was on the G.o.ddess of Creation.

Initially, the erosion was very slight. The power of the G.o.ddess of Creation naturally suppressed the power of the Mad Lord. In this invisible war, the Mad Lord was defeated countless times. But with the multiplication of life in the universe and the growth of the spiritual network of the Firstborns, the power of the Mad Lord was strengthened little by little. It could be defeated countless times, but it only needed one victory to turn things around.

This balance was broken before the G.o.dslaying war.

The G.o.ddess of Creation began to behave strangely, carried out some inexplicable research projects or disappeared from the eyes of her guardians from time to time. At first, she did not realize her anomalies, because many things happened after her subconscious was affected, but the situation finally deteriorated to the point where she could not hide it. She found that she had lost a lot of memories, sometimes even a few days of blank memory. After each trance, she always found that she had done lots of inexplicable things. Guardian giants often come to confirm things she never told them and those loyal giants insisted that they had received orders from her.

The G.o.ddess of Creation finally realized that a ‘shadow’ had appeared in her temple.

“The memory inherited from the G.o.ddess’s blood is not complete. Sometimes it’s just some messy fragments. I’m like watching another person’s life fragments and guessing the truth from those pictures,” Vivian said slowly, leaning on her bed. “The G.o.ddess of Creation found her own anomalies and remembered a little about the Mad Lord. This is a sign of loosening of the seal. The loosening of the seal resulted in the leakage of the power of the Mad Lord, but in turn, it made the G.o.ddess of Creation aware of the truth. On the day when she was fully convinced of her soul’s abnormality, ‘reality’ was distorted and she herself split into two.

“It’s hard to describe to you the split of the G.o.ddess. I can only say that for a short period of time, there were two G.o.ddesses of Creation on the Star of Creation at the same time. They coexisted at the same time, giving opposite orders to the guardian giants, and even standing in front of them at the same time. However, no one except herself was aware of this. The orders received by the guardian giants were a random possibility in the orders given by the two G.o.ddesses of Creation, and if there were new possibilities to overthrow the previous ones, the Star of Creation and even the reality of the universe would be immediately reset and collapsed into a new world line… It’s a crazy state, the whole universe…

Vivian was looking for the right words to describe the situation but Lily immediately responded, “Quantum state! The whole universe has quantum effects on the macro level because of the simultaneous appearance of two G.o.ddesses!”

Vivian looked at Lily in a bit of surprise, but somehow remembered that she had graduated from Peking University four times, so she curbed her surprise and went on to say, “All in all, the G.o.ddess of Creation took effective measures at the last minute – the normal one, I mean. I can’t see what she did, but she pulled the Star of Creation out of the quantum superposition state and cut out the eroded part of herself. She probably had noticed the fact that the Mad Lord was out of control, and that she had become a springboard for the Mad Lord to get out of trouble, so she decided to destroy herself before things got worse. However, it’s hard for a true G.o.ddess to destroy herself, which requires special skills. The G.o.ddess of Creation did not know this skill, so she could only… kill herself.”

Hao Ren realized what happened next. “She threw the eroded ‘self’ to the G.o.dslayers?”

“That’s right,” Vivian nodded. “In turn, she interfered with the eroded ‘self’, and then allowed it to come down as an incarnation in the kingdom of the G.o.dslayers, replacing the leader of that race. There’s a reason why she chose the G.o.dslayers race —— because these people were not the race she had designed, but something that the Mad Lord had created by her hand. Because she had been unconsciously resisting the negative erosion in her body, the residual influence of the power of the Mad Lord in every Seed of Origin was different. When the G.o.ddess of Creation prevailed, almost 100% of the life that the Seed gave birth to was ‘clean’, but when the Mad Lord prevailed, the life that the Seed gave birth to would completely degenerate. In the process of the birth of the G.o.d-slayers race, the power of the Mad Lord interfered with them more than 90%, which was why the G.o.d-slayers race had a greedy dark nature. This race was originally the ‘back door’ for the Mad Lord to get out of trouble, but now it’s used by the G.o.ddess of Creation in turn…”

“What a tragic.” Hao Ren sighed. “The only time the G.o.ddess of Creation succeeded in overturning the Mad Lord was to commit suicide.”

“Anyway, the G.o.ddess of Creation finished her self-destruction before the Mad Lord got out of trouble completely, and also destroyed the Mad Lord’s greatest dark chess. From her personal point of view, she lost, but from the perspective of the overall survival of the Plane of Dreams, I can only say that… It’s a good deal.” Vivian sighed again. “It’s a pity that the final development of the matter is out of the expectation of the G.o.ddess of Creation. She didn’t expect her Firstborns to lose control when she, being the source of infection, disappeared. Although the seal of the Mad Lord was temporarily restored to stability, the era of life created by her was instantly destroyed…”

It’s really a lamentable ending.

“That’s all.” Vivian leaned against the bed after a long narration. “In short, the battle between the G.o.ddess of Creation and the Mad Lord has never ceased – even to this day. In different dimensions, in different forms, the two forces are constantly confronting each other. If we want to find the G.o.ddess of Creation, there are many things to consider.”

Hao Ren handed over a gla.s.s of water and said, “Take a sip. What you said is big news indeed. To tell the truth, I am a little confused. How did you suddenly recover those memories? Is it related to the stimulation I caused on the Crimson Moon?”

“The stimulation on the Crimson Moon?” Vivian was holding the gla.s.s of water, covering half of her face and looking at Hao Ren in surprise. “I know you have another illusion… What are you doing up there?”

“I touched the crystal on the bottom of the Crimson Moon, and then I entered an illusion that was different from the previous ones. The illusion looks like an unknown planet, but it’s definitely not the Star of Creation. Then I went into the second layer of the illusion and saw the figure of, I think, the G.o.ddess of Creation sealed on the crystal throne… Of course, it may not be a seal. Maybe that’s how the crystal throne works?”

“I don’t get it.”

“Ahem, let me explain it to you in detail.” Hao Ren straightened himself up to explain to them. “But compared with Vivian’s big news, the things I see are not so shocking, but I feel that what I see has something to do with the things Vivian mentions…”

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1518 - The Battle That Never Ends

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