The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1668 - The Apocalypse? Already a Thing of the Past

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Chapter 1668: The Apocalypse? Already a Thing of the Past

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the battle earlier, Hao Ren was not just standing there like an idiot, tanking blast after blast. All right, it may have looked like that, but Hao Ren was no slouch. With the MDT’s help, he swiftly collected all sorts of data on the G.o.ddess of annihilation, from her attack patterns to her strengths. With every move she made, there was a “rotation” that she would fall back to, and all this information was collected. The reason for this was, he truly believed in one sentence that Raven 12345 once told him; even though the G.o.ddess spewed drivel most of the time, this particular sentence was convincing.

This was what she said, “Hao Ren, you know, even for the G.o.ds, their actions are bound by a certain rule or pattern just like how I love to chomp on noodles. This is the rule of the G.o.ds.”

Frankly speaking, if not for that last part, he would have probably forgotten about it.

Reality proved that Raven 12345 was not joking when she said that, be it the first or the latter half.

To make sense of a mentally unstable evil G.o.ddess’ entire movement set in a short span of time was impossible. But if he only focused on collecting some combat data, it was not too difficult with the MDT’s help. With his battered body as the price, Hao Ren could finally keep up with the evil G.o.ddess’ tempo, and he managed to ascertain the drop in her strength. Now that he had the ability to hit her in melee combat, he finally pulled out that door stopper of a scripture and used it to full effect in the fight that followed.

While it was actually meant for the G.o.ddess of creation, once treated as a weapon, however, it seemed like it was an even more effective tool against the G.o.ddess of annihilation… After all, he would not be able to go all out smacking Vivian’s mum, but that did not apply when he turned the weapon against an evil boss character…

As for the G.o.ddess of annihilation, she clearly felt only one thing: her mothers did not seem to love her all that much.

The G.o.ddess of annihilation had surrounded herself with a powerful energy tornado, and yet this divinity driven storm could not block the powers unleashed from the meteor-scripture-hammer, and Hao Ren, by instinct, simply whirled the chain about before launching it forward, and what followed was another loud thud and the pale G.o.ddess was once against thrown into the air.

And the resulting force from the collision also sent Hao Ren reeling backward.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” An angry roar echoed across the battlefield. “You are but a mere mortal! How dare you do this to me!”

Facing the overwhelming aura, Hao Ren spun the meteor hammer again as he delivered another dose of “Mother’s Love” over to her. “Just a mere grunt going around collecting protection money for two days… For someone who’s not even a capo, you actually dare shake up the cops?!”

Once again, the meteor-scripture-hammer was smashed against the evil G.o.ddess’ face. Hao Ren was pretty sure that he did not even aim when he flung that thing out. He had simply tossed the weapon in a random direction, but the incredible toy seemed to have a will of its own and would automatically lock on to its target at close range. Time and time again it had aimed squarely for the latter’s head or face. That led him to suspect if that was an innate function of the holy scripture…a specialized head cracker… like a certain high-tech brick…

The two had continued to exchange G.o.d knows how many blows in a short span of time, and before another violent collision drew a distance between the two. Hao Ren huffed and puffed as he stood in the middle of a circular crater, his clothes tattered and his body battered. Both his steel membrane and divine s.h.i.+elds were almost exhausted, and some of the evil G.o.ddess’ attack seemed to have pierced through the s.h.i.+elds and hit him directly. Hao Ren felt that it was a miracle that he was still standing.

And the pale evil G.o.ddess stood not too far away from Hao Ren in the air. Her condition was slightly better than Hao Ren, aside from a swollen face.

In the background, the droid swarm and the guardian fleets were still exchanging salvos with their doppelgangers.

“Enough. I’ve had enough! You ignorant fools!” The G.o.ddess of annihilation roared in fiery anger. With her oppressive presence, the edge of the continent was starting to crack and fall apart. “I had enough of your insolence and obstinacy! I shouldn’t have given you all a chance, not even a tiny bit!!”

Following the angry proclamation, the entire dimension was distorted and Hao Ren’s sense of peril tingled. He gripped on to the chains of the holy scripture tightly as he bore a grim, prepared look: Only he knew how difficult that ‘even battle’ earlier was. He was relying on the power of a supreme divine relic to fight against the evil G.o.ddess, and that evil ent.i.ty had already dedicated part of her powers on the doppelganger army. And even under such circ.u.mstances, he did not manage to get much of an advantage.

Now that the unstable G.o.ddess had fully lost all resemblance of rationality, her attacks would be even more vicious and relentless, and what kind of powers will she unleash?

The dimensional distortion was still ongoing, and within the twisted dimension, countless of dark shadows appeared. The G.o.ddess of annihilation looked like she was mumbling to herself, but her voice reached Hao Ren’s ears. “I realize now, I realize now that your threat to me is beyond my calculations. I have no need to hold back, no need to hold back. I will totally eradicate you, totally eradicate you, only then my plans could…”

As she finished her sentence, the entire doppelganger army disappeared!

The sudden disappearance of the doppelgangers did not bring any relief to Hao Ren, rather he felt gooseb.u.mps all over his body. That was his natural instincts at play when there was an impending danger.

At that juncture, Hao Ren could tell that the G.o.ddess of annihilation had recalled all her released power without the need to sense the latter’s greatly-increasing power meter.

With no concern for defense or mercy or any other enemy on the battlefield, the cruel G.o.ddess had decided to destroy the b.a.s.t.a.r.d with the “face enlarger”, no matter what the cost.

For so long Hao Ren had played the tank, and this was the first time he managed to have the boss undivided attention…

The G.o.ddess of annihilation raised her hands and pointed at Hao Ren. She muttered four faint syllables, “Apocalypse.”

Right then, Hao Ren felt a sense of danger he had never felt before. When Apocalypse descended upon him, he felt that his connection to everything in the world was severed, or about to be, as he felt his existence was about to be wiped clean from this universe, or the world was being wiped clean before him. His memories since young, his experience, everything he had touched, looked, cherished were swiftly disintegrating away from him.

Just as the sensation was getting stronger and stronger, until the point of overwhelming his own consciousness, Hao Ren felt a shudder in his spiritual world.

Following that, he noticed he had lost his control of the dimensional pocket, and after it opened a tiny figure leap out into the air. It was Lil Pea!!

When the combat started, the moment the G.o.ddess of annihilation targeted him, Hao Ren had kept the little one in the safest place possible, the Dimensional Pocket. And he had never thought that the little mermaid would escape the Dimensional Pocket now and leap headlong into danger!

“Come back!” Hao Ren opened his mouth as he tried to call the little one back, but he soon realized that he had no voice. His yelling only echoed in his mind. He could only look on as the little mermaid leap into the air, and right in between him and the G.o.ddess of annihilation before taking the full brunt of the evil G.o.ddess’ vengeful and murderous “Apocalypse”.

A twisted black light struck the little one, and Lil Pea fell onto the ground with the pull of the gravity…

And she immediately rebounded with her tail as she flapped about like a fish on dry land. The little mermaid was clearly angered by that out-of-nowhere attack. She was bouncing with all her might as she yelled angrily, before aiming at the G.o.ddess of annihilation with her best effort at spittle. “Pfft pfft pfft!”

Both Hao Ren and the G.o.ddess of annihilation were baffled.

“Impossible!” The pale G.o.ddess was clearly stunned and wailed as she lost all resemblance of control. “Impossible! Impossible! Inconceivable! No matter how weakened I am, the Apocalypse could easily destroy any demiG.o.ds! What is that wretched thing! Why is she unharmed after I destroy her link to the universe!”

Hao Ren was still in a stupor then but as he heard the G.o.ddess of annihilation’s wailing, he swiftly recovered and quickly understood what that Apocalypse spell was all about. He immediately broke into a wide smile and even felt a tiny shred of pity towards the evil G.o.ddess. “Seems like the ignorant one is you…”

But he did not plan to explain anything to the latter, as he was not sure if the evil G.o.ddess had any capability to launch another Apocalypse. If that b*stard had managed to understand why the Apocalypse did not work on Lil Pea and threw it on someone else, sh*t would hit the fan.

He could clearly sense that the G.o.ddess of annihilation had been clearly weakened after unleas.h.i.+ng her ultimate ability, and he was not about to let the opportunity slip. He only had one command.

“All units, maximum firepower!”

After expanding most of her energies, plus being smashed in the face with the meteor-scripture-hammer continuously, and now after her vaunted finisher was nothing but a whimper, the G.o.ddess of annihilation clearly could no longer win the fight!

Millions of turrets, an endless stream of glory. The guardian stars.h.i.+ps and droid swarms who were bruised by the earlier fight with their doppelgangers finally had an outlet to vent their anger. A moment later, the entire dimension was engulfed in barrages of cannon fire.

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1668 - The Apocalypse? Already a Thing of the Past

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