The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1727 - The Upheaval on the Frontline

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Chapter 1727: The Upheaval on the Frontline

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The snowstorm was still going on, and it was getting worse, screaming and howling across the land. The outdoors were dark and scary.

Snowfrost City stood like a lone island about to be swallowed up by the cold and darkness. Lights all over the city were dim and shaky in the wind, emitting a negligible warmth to guard the city in the freezing dark world.

Even the city’s thick walls could not keep the storm out. The wind and snow entered the city through every crack in the walls, causing every street in the fortress city to gradually freeze. The soldiers in the guard posts watched the outside world through the observation window uneasily. No amount of hard liquor could remove the strong ominous feeling from their hearts.

However, in Snowfrost City’s hilltop post, Rheia’s eyes pierced through the darkness and snow outside. She seemed to be able to see the evil rising in the distance. As far as her eyes could see, there was a clear void in the storm. Both the storm and the snow avoided her sight in awe.

“What direction is it?” Hao Ren looked in the same direction and tapped the MDT on his shoulder.

“Checking the map… The Dragon Empire’s in that direction. Also, the high-alt.i.tude probe has concurrently detected abnormal energy fluctuations in the imperial capital, and the energy readings are still rising.”

“Yes, it is the energy reaction from the Mad Lord. It is very little, but it has reached the level of ‘origin’,” said Rheia, suddenly turning her head. Her eyes were gleaming. “In the capital of the Dragon Empire… As we have a.s.sumed, the Dragon Soul Emperor has something to do with it. He… Huh?”

Rheia frowned, and as suddenly as it came, the burst of energy quietly disappeared.

“It’s gone?” asked Vivian.

Hao Ren tapped the MDT again. “Track it.”

“I’m doing it… No tracking results. The probe has focused all sensors on the capital, but no reaction has been detected.”

Everyone in the room looked at each other.

Rheia looked doubtfully out of the window. The snowstorm, which was freezing the whole world had subsided into harmless ordinary snow, and the cries of the cold wind from the plains grew m.u.f.fled.

“This weather… I do not like it,” Rheia grumbled a little impatiently.

The snowstorm ceased in an instant, and the night became crystal clear.

Hao Ren glanced at Rheia and asked, “Is this how you use your divine power?”

“Coincidence, it is just a coincidence…” Rheia smiled a little awkwardly, then her face turned serious. “So… what do you think?”

“It’s the Mad Lord’s energy. Just as we’ve expected, there’s a small part of the Mad Lord’s power left in this world, but its sudden disappearance is a little difficult to explain,” said Hao Ren, frowning. “Is there some sort of sealing system at work? Perhaps, the Mad Lord’s power is briefly released, then controlled?”

“I do not know, but we have to go to the imperial capital,” Rheia said earnestly. “We leave tomorrow morning, all right?”

Lily pulled her head out of the cus.h.i.+on and asked, “What about Charlemagne and his sister?”

“We don’t have time for them,” Hao Ren said, waving his hand. “We’ve got them here, and they can continue the journey on their own. We can check out the imperial capital first and come back if we don’t find any clues.”

Vivian nodded. “I agree. All in all, let’s have a good rest today and restore our condition to the best in case we have to deal with the Mad Lord…”

Everyone agreed. So, after saying goodnight to each other, they all went back to their rooms, rested, and prepared for their next course of action.

Early the next morning, Hao Ren got up and met Lily, Vivian, and Rheia in the lobby of the post house.

“How was your sleep?” Hao Ren greeted them. “Let’s have breakfast first and say goodbye to Charlemagne as well as his sister before we go.”

“Breakfast first… Oh, I was out for a morning run, and as I pa.s.sed the castle, I could vaguely hear people running about in a panic. Do you think there’s something wrong?” Lily said casually while she stretched.

“What could have happened?” Vivian blinked. “Princess Constance and the Grand Duke of the North have been fighting in the south. Additionally, it’s said that the grand duke’s sons are stationed at the fortresses farther north. They’re not here either. Who else is in the castle?”

Hao Ren suddenly saw Charlemagne and Awenna coming through another door. They were in a hurry, and they looked worried.

When they saw Hao Ren, they sped up in his direction. Charlemagne was about to speak when Hao Ren spoke first, “Oh, we were just thinking of you. We have some pressing business to attend to, and we have to go first—”

Without waiting for Hao Ren to finish his words, Charlemagne started speaking, “We have some urgent news. The northern legion is in trouble on the frontline. Last night, Grand Duke Owen… Huh? Did you say you were leaving?”

“Err… Ahem, it doesn’t matter. You go first. What happened?”

Charlemagne paused, glancing around the room, making sure that all the servants and maids were standing at a distance. Soon after, he lowered his voice. “I just received the news. The allied forces of Princess Constance and Grand Duke Owen were attacked on the southern frontline. Grand Duke Owen, badly wounded, was teleported back to the castle last night…”

Everyone looked shocked. They knew that the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the imperial regiment were both strong, therefore, the pressure on Princess Constance must have been intense. However, Hao Ren never thought the situation would deteriorate so rapidly.

Awenna noticed their expressions and quickly explained, “Do not worry. They have not been defeated. The main issue is that the commander in chief almost died in battle, which has caused the biggest blow to the forces.”

“But… as far as I know, there have been several battles between the northern legion and imperial regiments since the war began. There has been some damage, but basically, they are evenly matched—how could the northern legion suddenly get hit so hard to the point that the commander in chief almost died?” asked Vivian.

Hao Ren nodded. He remembered what Graeme had said about Grand Duke Owen. Grand Duke Owen was so strong that he could rip the Gorgonian Demon in his hands after drinking too much. What did that mean? That meant he tore up a starfighter with his bare hands!

“We do not know,” Charlemagne said, frowning. “The information Graeme has given me is being kept under wraps and will not be made public for the time being. But I heard that it was a midnight raid from a team of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. They were spotted by the Broken Blade knights but suddenly turned into monsters…”

“Monsters?” Hao Ren became serious at once. “Wait, you said it was a midnight raid… About what time?”

“I am not sure. I just heard about it. The credibility—”

“It’s credible, trust me,” Vivian interrupted Charlemagne. “You’re telling us all this because you want us to come and meet Grand Duke Owen?”

“Exactly.” Charlemagne nodded. “Grand Duke Owen regained consciousness early this morning and met Graeme, from whom he learned about us. The Grand Duke would like to see us, and he would like to see you too if you please.”

“He’s interested in us?” Hao Ren raised his eyebrows. “Why?”

“Because he heard about your ability to move freely in Black Pine Forest and your easy victory over the Gorgonian Lord,” Awenna explained. “Plus, I think he would be interested in the secluded Basilica of the World Tree.”

Charlemagne looked at Hao Ren and said, “We know little about the habits of hermits, so it is up to you to decide. You mentioned earlier that you had something important to do, so…”

Hao Ren and Vivian looked at each other before they reached a consensus.

The grand duke had direct contact with the Knights of the Ebon Blade who “turned into monsters” and survived. If the Knights of the Ebon Blade had anything to do with the Mad Lord’s power, then Grand Duke Owen was the most precious witness.

Hence, Hao Ren smiled and nodded at Charlemagne and Awenna. “We’d love to meet the grand duke.”

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1727 - The Upheaval on the Frontline

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