The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 False Alarm?

Hao Ren didn’t know what kind of mood Vivian welcomed him with. He went to sit on the sofa at the center of the living room to see the two abnormal creatures standing in front of him, acting like primary school students standing in front of their teacher after causing trouble. Vivian was clearly embarra.s.sed, and Lily also looked a little guilty. “When this guy with wings flew back just now, I was a little surprised, and then forgot to call and tell you …”

Roll was rubbing its body against Hao Ren obviously, and this creature was the most comfortable member here as it had no idea what had happened in the past few hours. It only knew to rub against its owner’s legs and purr. Hao Ren waved his hand, and the two super-women just sat in front of him. The scene left Hao Ren with a sense of pride out of nowhere: He had no idea about the current situation, his life was a mess and his future was a little unpredictable, but at least at this moment, a vampire and a werewolf – two legendary creatures – were both respectful when facing him… Hao Ren was simply proud in his mind, even if he knew that Lily and Vivian were just showing normal courtesy and a little regret. It was his consideration of their races that made him arrogant.

“Why did you suddenly fly out in the afternoon?” Hao Ren thought that as he’d just accepted his “work”, he felt obligated to thoroughly understand the behaviors of these abnormal creatures in his house, so that even if there was unexpected trouble later on, he could still reason with Raven12345 that he had done what he ought to do. As a normal person, Hao Ren was fully aware of his limits and he knew that just by himself, there was no way he could control a vampire and a werewolf for long. Even before accepting the job, he had already been puzzled over how to deal with his life in the future.

Now that there was a woman who proclaimed herself as G.o.d and declared that “the world peace is maintained by G.o.d”, Hao Ren would naturally consider the other as his backup. He also knew that Vivian would not necessarily trust him, a human who she had known for only a little more than a day. He later added, “Well, I was just a little curious. After all, I am your landlord, and your race is a bit special… At least I should know where you are when I can’t find you, right? Of course, if you don’t want to say, just forget about it.”

“Actually, it’s not a big problem,” Vivian bit her lips, and she seemed to have made up her mind, “Just a false alarm. I thought that some very nasty guys have tracked me here, and I had planned to go out and find a place far away enough to deal with them, but later on, I found that I was overreacting. ”

“Nasty guys?” Hao Ren looked at Lily, “Other werewolves?”

He guessed a little on what Vivian meant by “the place was not safe”, and it seemed that the vampire also had her enemies, moreover, the type who had resentment for a long time.

“Not the werewolves.” Vivian looked at Lily in disdain. “We have been fighting with werewolves for tens of hundreds of years, and they have never been at an advantage. Although they are very troublesome, they cannot be called a scourge either…”

“Just talk about your own things, why mentioning me!” Lily suddenly let out a threatening growl from her throat, and licked her nails. “If you want to fight again, we can find a place where there are plenty of bricks, and fight for three hundred rounds…”

Hao Ren: “… Can you stop mentioning your disgraceful Brick Fu? Leave the werewolf race some respect!”

Vivian paid no attention to Lily, as she just solemnly explained: “It was the Witchers, also known as ‘The Exorcist’.”

In an instant a lot of movie plots flashed through Hao Ren’s mind, and his whole spirit was up, “Those Van Helsing guys?”

“Don’t joke around. That is from the movie.” Vivian’s face showed no sense of humor, and she looked apprehensive. “I’m talking about the witchers in reality – Guys who only had only half human lineage, monsters in the eyes of both us ‘Aliens’ and the humans. Those witchers have been fighting endlessly with us Aliens since the beginning of history, but neither party could wipe out the other thoroughly.”

“At first they just acted alone, but later they somehow managed to cooperate with normal people through a variety of religious organizations… Well, they are a real ha.s.sle.” Hao Ren could not help but touch the several sheets of paper in his pocket. He wanted to ask a question from the bottom of his heart: Raven12345 and the Hilling Empire behind her seemed to want him to take good care of the “Aliens” at his house? While the Witchers sounded like they were fighting to protect humans? f.u.c.k my life, their hostile relations were far too complex, and Hao Ren dared not even think about it!

“Landlord? Landlord what are you thinking about?” Lily’s voice distracted Hao Ren from his contemplation. “Are the witchers really so powerful? Frightening?” Hao Ren decided to wait until the next time he saw Raven12345 and asked all the questions thoroughly, as he had just realized that the things he was roped into were not only complex, but ancient. At the same time, looking at Lily’s curious look, he casually asked, “Don’t you know about the witchers?”

“Nope,” Lily replied as she scratched her hair, “I’ve never met them, but I have seen them in the movies.”

Vivian pursed her lips. “I don’t know how this guy has grown up. I just talked with her a bit and found that this guy doesn’t even have basic common sense! She doesn’t know about the Witchers, doesn’t know about the cla.s.sification of the Blood Tribe, and even doesn’t know about the past history of mankind with disparate grievances… She lives like a piece of blank paper. It was her pure luck that allows her to live until today.” Lily stared angrily at Vivian, but didn’t say anything. It was clear that what Vivian said was all true.

“I really don’t know these things, well, but it can’t be blamed on me, right?” Lily muttered, crunching on the couch. “Since I was born I have been living with humans, and even those werewolf stories were heard from the humans…I have not seen any aliens beside myself, and I couldn’t find one even though I searched hard when I was young. I even thought that I was the only werewolf left. To be honest, all I have encountered these years were clues about aliens. The fight with this guy with wings was the first time that I dealt with an alien.”

Vivian and Hao Ren together looked at Lily stunned. After a long time, the vampire girl finally muttered to herself. “Poor girl. I will try not to ridicule you.”

At the same time, Hao Ren looked at Lily curiously. “You haven’t seen other ‘Aliens’ before you met Vivian? Then normally you shouldn’t have any hatred towards each other, right? So why did you two begin fighting the first time you met?”

Lily said confidently: “The TV programs said that vampires and werewolves are enemies! I should live worthy of my lineage!”

Hao Ren: “…”

Vivian: “…”

“Now I really regret that I took such a guy seriously.” Vivian’s mouth moved several times, and finally spoke out. “I have seen a lot of werewolves whose brains were not enough to help them handle their issues, but this is the first time I have seen a werewolf soft-headed to this extent!”

“Cough Cough. In short, Lily’s life course is a little special, so let’s stop discussing this.” Hao Ren quickly coughed to smooth things over.

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 19

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