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Wielding the fire and ice claws, Lily was like a powerful metal storm clearing away the broken pipes and metal stubs which were blocking crack. Visibility was zero: she was shrouded in a tornado of soggy ice and boiling-water bubbles. Hao Ren lost sight of Lily soon after she began her job. Then the clattering stopped and half a minute later, Lily re-emerged from another hole she had drilled out from inside hull, her eyes spiralling. "Finally I'm back out...the claws didn't work in the water though..."

Lily's face flushed, her hair curly; she was like having lain in a steamer for ten minutes and done a full perm at the same time—the water temperature was well over two hundred degree Celsius, and lo and behold, she was still as fit as a fiddle.

"You should learn to control your power, not just treat it as a weapon." Y'zaks pointed at her fire and ice claws, speaking like a teacher. "These are powerful weapons. But dissipating power's waste. Look at my evil flame; you practically couldn't feel the heat one centimetre from it but it's capable of vaporising a chunk of hafnium in just a few seconds."

Nangong Wuyue listened in marvel, asking curiously, "Why do you need such precise control?"

"To increase the core destructive power." Y'zaks pointed at his ball of evil fire. "But mainly it enables a cooler surroundings when it's used as illumination. I've only perfected the heat dissipation after spending two hundred years in the castle."

While swimming towards the wreckage, Hao Ren looked over his shoulder and asked, "Are demons really that free when no one comes looking for trouble?"

Y'zaks laughed. "Probably I'm the only one."

As expected, inside the crack was a crew pa.s.sageway, it was relatively large, just enough for Y'zaks to not feel too cramped. Meanwhile, Nangong Wuyue had transformed back as a mermaid for ease of movement; anyway, Lil Pea had gone numb with the forms.h.i.+fting stunt though. She'd given up. She wasn't going to try to understand how it worked, just mumbling to herself and patting her own tail as if cheering herself up that one day when she had finally grown up she would be able to shapes.h.i.+ft like Nangong Wuyue. Perhaps, there was nothing could correct her worldviews now.

The fact that the pa.s.sageway was located too close to the hull suffered severe damage and distortion from the crash two months ago. There were large cracks on the white alloy wall on both sides of the pa.s.sageway. The b.l.o.o.d.y-red lakewater didn't help with the distorted pa.s.sageway, the place simply looked creepy like a scene in horror movie. Hao Ren was in front carefully examining the interior. He found out that the s.p.a.cecraft wasn't what he knew—totally unlike the simple geometry of the transport vessel No. 883, Kuiper Station or other s.p.a.cecrafts of the empire. But one thing was for sure, it was of a highly-developed civilisation.

"This mightn't be a simple crash." said Hao Ren to the MDT beside him. "No knights on duty at the blood lake had spotted this thing, as if it had arrived at the bottom of the lake out of nowhere and crashed in the rocky base of the island. Probably this would explain the flash of light, the explosion and the earthquake that night."

"Hmm, look like it was a spatial incident." said the MDT. "I'll perform a structural scan of the s.p.a.cecraft. But inside's a mess, most pa.s.sageways are distorted and broken. I'll find a safer way to the control room."

Lily was scurrying up to Hao Ren, speaking in amazement, "Whoa, it's a s.p.a.cecraft, isnt it? Landlord, how does your s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p look compare to this one? Yours' cooler, isn't it?"

"Mine's a official s.p.a.cecraft." Hao Ren started bragging. "You'll see it someday. For now I've to memorise The Intra-Universe Navigation Measures..."

It wasn't just Lily, even Vivian had never seen such high tech thing. The dignified and calm vampire maiden couldn't help but marvel, her hand touching the cold alloy, sighing, suddenly having a deep realisation of the huge gap between the advanced civilisation and her little living circle on earth. "While this thing flies to the s.p.a.ce, I'd escape the earth's gravity no matter how hard I train my wings. The demise of the unusual creatures on earth is a done thing."

Never had Hao Ren thought Vivian could have such deep thinking. But he had a little different view. "How could you say that? This world's home of unusual creatures, theirs a brilliant civilisation though they've suffered from technological transition failure. Back then, werewolves and Blood Clan had attained the pinnacle of bio-technology in creating life which humans on earth failed. The relatively small, scattered earth's unusual creature population, and hunting by the demon hunters were probably the reasons why unusual creatures failed to advance."

"Their first step went all wrong." Vivian sighed. "It wasn't clear why unusual creatures wanted to come to the earth. If they were truly from The Plane Of Dreams, why hadn't they remembered? Everyone I knew was engrossed in weird things in life, no one had thought of advancing their civilisations until we were surpa.s.sed by human—even though human was just a bunch of apes in the beginning.

Hao Ren had never thought of that: as Raven 12345 had mentioned it before, unusual creatures were originally from The Plane of Dreams. If that was the case, the first generation unusual creatures on earth should know what it was like in the advanced civilisation of this world, but on earth, they lived in mediocrity and that was strange.

"Perhaps those unusual creatures had only pa.s.sed through over here after the end of the world event in The Plane of Dreams." guessed Hao Ren. "The timeline's not clear-cut, even Raven 12345 doesn't know that well. But if this theory's true then that would explain everything."

There hadn't much information about the pa.s.sing through of unusual creatures to the earth. Neither Hao Ren nor Vivian could reach any conclusion. They were coming to the end of the pa.s.sageway where there was an alloy gate standing in their way.

"A large s.p.a.ce's behind this gate." the MDT showed a hologram of the s.p.a.cecraft floorplan. "The jamp's still in good shape, the door could be open. But something behind the door prevents it from opening. I'd not recommend blasting, the structure might be unstable, use of explosive could cause problem."

Hao Ren saw the hologram, a dislodged metal bar stuck at the locking mechanism behind the door. The s.p.a.cecraft utilised a retro-style, exposed-type mechanical door lock which needed a winch or a handwheel to lock and unlock. The metal bar was stuck in the handwheel behind the door.

He took a peek behind a crack which was only large enough for a hand to pa.s.s through. Through the crack he could see the place look like a store, and a few humanoid figures floating in the red lakewater. He was instantly interested.

"Could anyone think of way to open the door?" as Hao Ren looked over his shoulder, Nangong Wuyue was lunging forward. "Squid arms..."

"No. That's too damaging mentally." Hao Ren waved his hand frantically. He then saw Lil Pea who was swimming in the pure-water bubble beside him. "No more stench here, right? Then I'll let Lil Pea out."

Hao Ren waved to Lil Pea. She scurried out of the water bubble before rubbing herself in his face, the cold and slippery tail felt like a carp. Holding Lil Pea in his hand near a crack next to the door, Hao Ren just found out that the crack was large enough for Lil Pea to pa.s.s through. He patted her and said to her confidently, "Good girl, get in there and open the door..."

Nangong Wuyue eyeballed. "Will it work?"

Before her voice trailed off, Lil Pea made a sound before swimming through the crack the size of a man's arm over to the other side. A few seconds and a few clangs later, Hao Ren turned the handwheel two times and the door opened in a snap.

"I've just discovered lately," said Hao Ren, pus.h.i.+ng the door open. He again hugged Lil Pea in his arms as Lil Pea came back to him. "that this little one's extremely intelligent. She couldn't yet speak but she understand most of what we say, including some woofs Lily has made."

Looking with satisfaction at the surprised faces, Hao Ren proudly held her little daughter in his arms. He wheeled and then swam into the store cabin only to meet face-to-face with a green little humanoid figure which drifted towards him, and whose skin was extremely wrinkled soaking in water.

"Holy sh*t!"

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 210

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