The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: An Old Friend from Far Away

Before they departed earlier on, they had gotten two important things done. One, Hao Ren had broadcasted the news of the crashed s.p.a.cecraft to the entire universe; two, Vivian had couriered a swarm of bats to contact her old friends. So far, they heard nothing about the crashed s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. What was known was a few civilizations had found the accident reports with the highest likelihood, and he was contacting the chamber of commerce concerned. Meanwhile, Vivian's bat parcels had already arrived at their destinations.

But Vivian, the veteran vampire, was totally immersed in her happy home life with her misplaced talent. To her, waking up every morning to find her food always there in the kitchen was the best thing in life. For three days, she did not think about her bats. If not for Hao Ren who was asking about them, she would have totally forgotten about them until the next spring festival.

Hao Ren was curious as to how Vivian was connecting with the tiny bats. Ever since they went to the other world a month ago, these summoned creatures of blood fog had been operating independently with amazing self-care ability even though they were completely cut off from Vivian whose mind was totally off the matter.

In the kitchen, Vivian was preparing the breakfast. She became enthusiastic when she heard Hao Ren mentioned about the bats. "That's my specialty. Many of my juniors tried to acquire the skill but none had made it like what I did. Bats they summoned had no consciousness. Even if they injected pieces of their consciousness into the summoned creatures, that would only extend the lifespan of the creatures for a week or so. Mine is totally at another level; my summoned bats live and think independently, they're my shadow clones when controlled with my mind, they would still live like the real thing when mind control is disconnected. It doesn't matter how long they've been on their own, as long as mental connection is reestablished, they would come back into my consciousness without a hitch. I'm an expert in Blood Magic."

Hao Ren looked at Vivian, bewildered. "Wouldn't you get schizophrenia?"

"Not at all. How complicated the mind of bats can be?" Vivian shook his head. "They're just an extension of my consciousness. Their independent thinking isn't complicated. Once they return they're no more than a memory to me. Anyway, there had been issues, though; on longer mission, these little bats burned more energy, and needed food. So they ate anything..."

Vivian couldn't continue, she had a grotesque look on her face as if she had recalled something she couldn't bear to think.

Hao Ren could only wonder and he decided not to press on his curiosity. He waved to Vivian, trying to bring the conversation back to business. "Let's focus on reestablis.h.i.+ng contact with the bats. I wonder how many of them have found those people."

Vivian nodded as she cooked the vege soup while trying to interact with her bats scattered all over Eurasia. Three of the bats which were sent to wrong addresses were on their way back, puffing and blowing while the rest had arrived to their respective destination. Some had even found her old friends. She began to contact them whom she hadn't seen for hundreds of years one by one.

But that hadn't affected her work in hand: she still cooked like a pro as if she had developed a separate brain specialised in household, and also it seemed nothing could keep her from adding parsley into the wok...

As there was no more business for him in the kitchen, Hao Ren went back to the living hall and was glued

glued to the morning news on TV, pondering about what to do next for the next couple of days while waiting for the breakfast. Nangong Wuyue checked her watch, it was time for flu treatment session again for Lil Pea. She picked her up and went into the kitchen. "You busy, Vivian? Would you please heat the water for Lil Pea?" asked Nangong Wuyue.

Meanwhile, Vivian was doing two things at once: she was cooking, and she was making long-distance call. She replied, "No problem, just leave her here. No need rice cooker, just leave her in her pot will do. I could control temperature better than the rice cooker."

Nangong Wuyue placed the pot with Lil Pea in it on the stove and left. Vivian fired up the stove and knuckled the tiny head of Lil Pea, all the while smiling as she poured some sesame oil into the pot. When the water was heated, Lil Pea breathed a sigh in comfort as she began to swim with her belly skyward.

Meanwhile, Vivian knitted her eyebrows as she had successfully made contact with one of her old friends apparently knew something about The Day of Return.

Using the bat as a transmission medium, a clear and deep but gloomy voice of a woman coming into her mind "'ve been shedding the responsibility toward your race for far too long. Many families hadn't followed the rules and got the Blood Clan in the s.h.i.+t of The Day of Return."

Vivian looked down at the vege soup in the pot, she kept stirring it while talking with her old friend. "Please don't tell me you too was harra.s.sed by the naive juniors. You're into The Day of Return too?"

"Indeed someone had come to see me—Heather-Anna, the Lucas family, and even the Ebben. Perhaps they thought that an old fellow like me who survived since the mythological era knews more secrets than they did. But I declined." The gloomy voice spoke a with steady tone of voice. "It's too dangerous. They didn't know what demon hunters could do, it's not someone who they could easily defeat even if the demon hunters are at their weakest. No doubt, the current generation of demon hunters couldn't be compared with those from the past, but neither they're like the old hats. In real battle, you don't want to take these young chaps lightly.

Vivian twitched her mouth upward slightly as she said, "Still no change. Staying alive is your ultimate goal in life."

"So do you. We both survived since the mythological era. Those who didn't were already dead."

"Don't equate me to you, I wasn't interested in quarrel and fight in the first place, and I still don't. Unlike you who bend with the wind." Vivian tried to mock her but not maliciously. "You're not interested in The Day of Return?"

"Why not?" The gloomy voice laughed coa.r.s.ely. A picture of a sombre face in flickling candlelight came to mind. "The sirens brought the news. They're even more mysterious than the demon hunters. Who knows what they know? Would you not be tempted if The Day of Return is true?"

"Not the slightest." Vivian gave a dry laugh as she grabbed some chopped green onions and sprinkled inside the pot where Lil Pea was lying. "Sometime when your perpective is broadened, you will realise how childish you were in the past. Figthing for dominance in the tiny Earth is... too narrow-minded."

"What do you mean?"

"You used to be G.o.d living in high heaven, but have you ever really raised your head and looked up the stars in the sky?"

The voice paused. Then said, " used to study the stars a few thousand years ago and everyone was laughing at you. Now human has gone interstellar, and those old hats who laughed at you had no more, they're dead. So I guess you were right. But what's the point? We let the opportunity slip away and now people are only concerned about survival. A race with no chance to speak its mind is not fit to talk about the stars."

A deafening silence ensued. Then Vivian said, "I'm exhausted. Let's end it here. But your intel is very valuable. My friends and I will visit you soon." So she ended the long-distance telephatic dialogue.

"If you come, please come quietly. The situation here isn't particular welcoming, I don't want some demon hunters coming after my a.r.s.e."

Vivian smiled confidently. "Don't worry—I probably had spent more time with demon hunters than you did."

"Then, I wish you peace, Countess."

"Peace be with you too, Hesperides."

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 276

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