The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 429

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Thunderous roar came in all directions, and the earth was trembling. Black smoke rising from the rocky hills had almost blocked the sky like the end of the world. Amid all these a city was rising.

The osidian-built city had a hundred-yard-tall, sort of black-gold casting wall. The wall had a series of solid vertical lines and on the top of each line had carving of evil dragon head; the city was encircled by six-hundred-sixty-six osidian stepples and each stepple had a huge floating illusory eye reflecting the image of every corner of Demonic Plane; above the osidian city was a ma.s.sive floating obelisk which emitting a faint red light as it spun, supporting the s.h.i.+elding system of the city.

The black city had risen above the rocky hills and was still rising even if it had reached the height of several hundred metres in the air. It had become a city in the sky sitting on an upside down cone-shaped floating island. On the underside of the floating island were rugged rocks filled with runes glowing with dim light, and web of intertwined pipes which together formed a ma.s.sive antigravity field keeping the entire city afloat!

Soldiers on Broken Plain looked up and were all stunned in awe at the city which was supposed to have been buried in the s.p.a.ce storm. A mercenary finally screamed in fear after a long while. "It's Helcrown!"

A loud bang was heard from not afar as the colossi which came out from behind the rocky hills began to attack the knights. Flame was shot out of the eyes of the colossi and burned a ten-metre-radius pit in the ground. The knights were still in awe at Helcrown and totally forgot that the lethal colossi had come under their nose. A few knights were blown away before the rest came to their senses and retreated.

Seeing the knights in chaos, the dark dwarfs behind the colossi saw the knights immediately squatted down and took out a strangely-shaped rectangular parallelepiped weapon from their backs, aimed at the enemies, and pulled the trigger. A rocket-like stuff—must be the so-called rocket-propelled osidian arrow—was fired. The heavily armoured demons behind the dark dwarfs had flanked the convoy to intercept the fleeing enemies.

As brave as the mercenaries and knights were, those with a bit intelligence would be able to figure out that they were no match for the hybrid demonic forces. They decided to retreat. But just when they were about to do it, a sound like a rolling thunder suddenly was heard from the sku. "Since you're here, why not just stay."

The voice sounded familiar to Hao Ren. He looked up and was shocked to see a tall figure appeared on the wall of Helcown. It was five-metre tall, body was almost in flame as his skin was flowing with hot lava, and there was a horn on its head—that looked exactly like Y'zaks.

Lanina was dumbfounded. The soldiers almost went hysterical screaming in fear. "The mad demon king is alive!""Fall back! Everyone fall back!""Abandon baggage. Report back to base.""Carly, I think I'm not going to make it back to marry you...""You f**king don't a girlfriend!""I'm about to die. Couldn't you just let me say whatever i want?"

Y'zaks suddenly patted on Hao Ren's shoulder. The two exchanged a look, then Hao Ren nodded and ran toward the demonic soldiers as he shouted. "Brothers, fall back. We'll hold them back!"

Before Hao Ren knew it, Lily and Vivian had lunged out. Lily had been wolfing down spicy sticks when she saw the colossi earlier, she had garnered enough energy to transform into a giant husky. The brute strength of the husky smashed a colossus into pieces while Vivian summoned a large swarm of bats creating a thundercloud before striking its lightning strike around the dark dwarfs just to create distraction, preventing the dwarfs from aiming their weapons.

An officer of the Allied Army saw all of these and was touched. He immediately led a team of his men and came to help. "Warriors! We're coming to help!"

Hao Ren's stomach churned; while he was helping them to flee, they instead came back. "Just go!"

The knight officer slid his sword out of the sheath, looked into the sky and exclaimed, "Hahaha, warrior! Your lionheart deserves the respect as an Allied soldier! Today, you and I will go to..."

Still hovering in the air, Vivian threw a bat down and hit the officer on the head and he pa.s.sed out. "Load of c.r.a.p!"

While the returning knights were dumbstruck at what happened, Hao Ren pointed his long spear and motioned. "Go quickly! You guys are bogging us down!"

The knights quickly carried the fainted officer and left the battlefield in a hurry. Hao Ren let out a sigh of relief as the bunch of screwb.a.l.l.s left.

Then he turned his head around and looked at the demon-colossus-dwarf hybrid army, thinking way to deal with yet another bunch of screwb.a.l.l.s.

Obviously that it was now too late to explain the situation to them, even if he wanted to surrender in situ, he had to find an opportunity. He quickly fixed his eyes the biggest built demon who might be a commander—as the most prominent feature of a demonic commander—and whistled at Lily. "Come here, Lily!"

The giant husky was still riding on the back of an osidian colossus, scratching and gnawing until she was almost covered in residual osidian powder. Her ears shuddered when she heard Hao Ren's call before jumping down from the colossus and scurried to him—with earth-trembling footsteps. Hao Ren grabbed the fur on Lily's leg and climbed up on her head and pointed his spear at the demonic officer. "Take him first! I need him alive! Then we can explain the situation!"

Lily howled and tried to see where Hao Ren was pointing at. But imagine it: when Hao Ren stood on the head of a five-metre-tall husky, there was no way the husky could see him nor where he was pointing at, even she was squinting hard but still couldn't find the tip of Hao Ren's spear...

Hao Ren, ".....'

"How come everything happens to me doesn't come to senses?" Feeling frustrated, Hao Ren jumped on the bridge of her nose and pointed forward again. "Go!"

Lily squinted hard and howled. Wind blew into Hao Ren face as Lily lunged forward. He stood upright with spear in hand, the moment was like he was being possessed by the ledengary Zhao Zilong—it would be even better if he wasn't riding the husky.

Forget it! Husky would be just as fine as long as it had got the same white fur like a horse.

The osidian colossi had noticed the strange knight on the dog. They immediately focused their eyes before throwing out rounds of flame at Hao Ren. Despite the huge size of the husky, Lily agilely dodged all the attacks and quickly moved into the middle of the demons. A huge and burly demon guard wielding a large chained-sword—a weapon unlike any demonic weapons where its blade was actually a row of rapidly vibrating hacksaw, a terrifying death was guaranteed if one were hit by it. Looking at the frenzied stuff, Hao Ren couldn't help but lament: by just looking at the frenzied army and the crazy weapons they were using, it was no wonder that Y'aks had almost overrun the world before the Allied Army finally defeated him!

An he recalled Y'zaks had once said: knowledge is power!

"Go to h.e.l.l!" Hao Ren wielded his long spear to meet the chained sword. As both weapons came into contact, Hao Ren could feel the violent shock coming through the spear as if he was going to lose grip of it. It seemed he was too naive to fight the demon which was equipped with such nasty weapon. Suddenly, a huge flame was burst out of the tip of the spear head, and blew the enemy's weapon in half. Hao Ren and Lily kept charging toward the target.

The dark dwarfs were drawn to the most eye-catching target on the battlefield as they immediately reloaded their rockets ready to intercept. By now Vivian had stopped her lightning storm, before the dwarfs could fire their weapons, the bat swarm swooped down from the sky and enveloped Hao Ren and Lily.

The figure of Vivian took shape on the head of Lily with blood mist on one hand and thundercloud on the other, she intercepted the four rockets which had penetrated through the bat swarm and blew them out of the sky.

The trio finally broke through all defenses. The burly demon commander raised his giant sword and attacked them but Hao Ren's movement was a lot faster.

A s.h.i.+ny blue light pierced throught the air and smashed on the forehead of the demon commander. Hit by the fierce force of the impact, the demon commander was dead before it hit the ground.

"I'm the ultimate weapon! Muahaha!" the MDT exclaimed.

Hao Ren poked Lily's nose with his spear and said, "I think the MDT has finally adapted to being a brick."

Lily's noise twitched, and sneezed "ACHOO—"

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 429

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