The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 447

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Chapter 447: Landlord Is Coming!

Hao Ren shared his own idea with the Raven 12345. The latter didn't overreact as expected, but she did reminded him not to take things too far.

"Armed escort is OK, but just as an escort. If things went wrong I'd have problem answering to my superior, not to mention affecting the appraisal of this year. If that happen, I would've no choice but to haul you off to avoid another disaster." The G.o.ddess sounded serious as she spoke.

Most people in Helcrown were still dumbstruck by the abrupt announcement of the migration plan. Everyone gathered in the street discussing the news while Hao Ren was preparing to bring his eight million armed escorts back. On a huge terrace of palace of Helcrown, Hao Ren was discussing his itinerary with Yazikesi. "It will be a few days before I could make it back again—the journey isn't a problem, but Aerymian elves would need some time to a.s.semble their tropps."

"That, I understand," Y'zaks nodded cheerfully. "We are here guarding in the other dimension anyway, we can wait."

Lanina listened on the side. She had never met Aerymian elves and was curious about the mysterious ally. "Are you talking about a group of elves? Are they coming to help? It's risky."

Y'zaks looked at Lanina and smiled. "If you know the relations.h.i.+p between Aerymian elves and us, you wouldn't have asked so. They will help us—just as the demon army would help the landlord if he's in need; we're brothers-in-arms."

Hao Ren turned around and looked at the open empty terrace. The next moment, the air suddenly warped and slit open, a silver-white s.p.a.cecraft

emerged in front of everyone.

The Petrachelys shone with glory while the blue ​​light under the armour of the s.p.a.cecraft was giving out a 'breathing' pulse. Its condition had never been so good. Lanina had seen the s.h.i.+p before but still couldn't help marvelling. The curious Y'lisabet suddenly jumped up. "Whoa! This is the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p you all talking about? Papa, you came back in this one?"

The little girl couldn't help coming closer as she reached her hand into her pocket before taking out a small screwdriver and jabbed the s.p.a.cecraft. "I'm wondering what's inside..."

Y'zaks quickly ran forward and pulled his daughter back. "No, you can't dismantle this one!"

Cold sweat trickled down Hao Ren's back. He asked, "What's wrong with her?"

"Ahem, ahem, she liked to tinker with things since young." Y'zaks scratched his head awkwardly while Y'lisabet was struggling to get away from his hand, demanding to go to see the s.p.a.cecraft and what stuff was inside. Y'zaks beckoned two attendants to come forward from the edge of the terrace and said to Hao Ren. "I'm giving you two aides, although they aren't from the same race, they are elves and should be of help."

Both elves who came up to him were very young. They had sharp ears but one of them was blond, fair skin, extremely tall, and wearing a light green short robe. The other one had silver hair, eyes s.h.i.+ning with a mysterious moonlight glow, wearing black leather jacket, and dark skin. The appearance of the two were so eye-catching that Hao Ren reckoned if they were left in the downtown area somewhere on earth, within half an hour their mugshots would appear in Weibo headlines.

The two elves bowed politely to Hao Ren. While elves and dark elves weren't in good term in this world, where they didn't even see eye-to-eye serving in the Allied Army as they always operated in isolation from each other. These two races however had used to work together. Looking at both of them, a question suddenly crossed Hao Ren's mind. He asked, "You're male or female?"

Two elves got very different expression on their faces. The fairer elf obviously was awkward, he smiled slightly and his voice was quite charming. "I am male, you can call me Joseph."

Meanwhile, the dark elf's arms akimbo as it yelled, "Haven't you notice I have b.o.o.b?"

Hao Ren, "....."

Hao Ren was choked with embarrasment for a long moment as he really couldn't notice it. In the end, the dark elf let out a sigh and said, "Well, speaking of which even I myself couldn't find notice it... by the way my name is Elu, a dark elf. And nice to meet you."

"Your men are really unique in themselves," Hao Ren mouth trembling. He glanced up at Y'zaks before he turned toward the s.p.a.cecraft, "Then I shall..."

Lily had finally decided at the last moment to tag along as she flashed up next to Hao Ren like a white shadow. "Wait a second! I'm going with you!"

Nangong Wuyue shoved Lil Pea into Hao Ren's arms and said, "Bring her along."

Hao Ren looked down at Lil Pea who was staring back at him in his arm, then at Lily who was wagging her tail beside him, as well as the two elven aides behind, and finally threw aside his last remaining feel of debonairness in his heart. He knew he could never look carefree in his entire life, not even if he could bring the eight million armies back with him.

So it began—the most powerful landlord in history led his aides, child, and pet dog embarking on the journey to a.s.semble the million-strong army.

The Petrachelys rose up slowly, then faded into a silver light and disappeared before the eyes of everyone. Y'zaks looked at the direction where the s.p.a.cecraft had gone and froze for a moment, then turned to look at Lanina. He said, "Now we can only wait. Lanina, go to my armory and bring my sword."

Y'zaks had lost his sword during the final battle. The races in the world had speculated that the evil sword had self-sealed and self-hidden after the owner left. But now the truth of the 'last-word crystal' had been revealed, the sword was found by Y'lisbet and kept in Helcrown. Lanina nodded and left under the order, and came back with a four-meter-long, black giant sword after a while. "My king, could you please do it yourself next time as this thing is a little difficult for succubus to carry..."

This was Y'zaks' favourite sword when he was in his default demonic form. The sword was made of osidian and fine gold, forged in h.e.l.lish magma, clumsy to the eye but agile in the hand. The engraving of seventy-seven mightily demonic lines and its powerful high-frequency vibration sword edge had sent chill down the spines of the world's most brave warriors. On the back of the sword were embossed with the words of different languages while the hilt was inlaid with forteen red crystal symbolising seven major races of the human world, and seven demonic races.

"It's probably the last battle in this world. Since we're leaving, it's obligatory that someone must pay with their blood." Y'zaks held up his sword and slid his hand silently across hand silently across the thirteen crystals on the hilt and then the hole. He then sighed softly. "Lanina, bring the crystal, the hilt looks weird."

In the meantime, Hao Ren had activated the void drive of the Petrachelys and accelerated all the way back to his own world.

Before going onboard, the two elves were very well-mannered and cultured, once they were onboard they began to show their b.u.mpkin nature. Ysre, the white elf was better, at least he kept his gentlemanliness sitting in a chair and looked around gracefully. But Aylu, the dark elf, was darting around the bridge, touching everything she was curious at, and sometimes was startled by the sound of equipment starting. Hao Ren was watching everything with thet corner of his eye—there goes the image of the elf.

In fact, Hao Ren thought that he needn't bring the aides at all when he met with Hilda and Vimm. Aerymian elves were very efficient and practical people who fundamentally cared less about formality and all that. But he also knew that Y'zaks had its own consideration: if Helcrown was to be resettled on Peatopia, hundreds of thousands of them would become Aerymian elves' new neighbours. So he felt it important to send two elves over to say hi to Aerymian elves first—at least they knew in advance that there were distant relatives among their future neighbours. More or less, it was going to be useful.

Hao Ren had thought for a long time about it. He decided not to care how all that principles worked, as long as the two elves were of help...

They all hadn't said a word for the rest of the journey as the Petrachelys—the agile and efficient official business s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p—lifted its speed limit and soon arrived at its destination just above the atmosphere of the new Aerymian planet aka Peatopia. The two elves were astonished watching the many bright stars in the sky. Hao Ren just smiled, and then connected to the special channel he left behind for Aerymian elves. "Yo ~ ~ ~ your landlord is coming!"

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 447

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