The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 530: Rollie’s Worldview Is Indestructible

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Chapter 530: Rollie’s Worldview Is Indestructible

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On the way back to their house, Hao Ren felt that this short trip with Rollie was completely exhausting. He did not expect it would be so troublesome after this cat turned into a human. The cute and sensible cats portrayed in the stories were all lies. How could he not worry about this girl who had a cat's logic but was able to move around freely like a human? This cat girl who had just turned into a human did not have the correct worldview at all!

Hao Ren could hardly remember how many times he had been talking about the same things again and again along the way. "No squatting at people's feet... Don't eat anything on the road... Don't rummage around the trash can… Don't climb the wall, get off the tree! Let go of that bird! Stay away from the dog... Don't touch the rubbish... Stand up and walk!"

He felt like he was taking care of a small kid, and that the kid was much more difficult than Lil Pea.

The cat girl jumped off the wall for the third time. She was as dirty as if she had just returned from the Middle East war zone. She rushed to Hao Ren, bared her teeth and said, "p.o.o.p scooper, you're so annoying."

Hao Ren had given up correcting what the cat girl called him. He just reminded her feebly, "You have become a human, okay, so from now on you must change the way you live... You understand? Your lifestyle, behavior, and habit. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Not something to eat, but I can understand," said the cat girl while wagging her head, "but why are there so many things in human language that have nothing to do with eating?"

Hao Ren stared at her and said, "Why are you asking so much, just do as I say!"

"It's so troublesome to become a big cat. Quickly turn me back into a cat," she snorted.

Hao Ren just ignored her. Well, he too, wished he could do it, but the problem was, shapes.h.i.+fting was not like playing a video, you could not rewind as you like.

The three of them reached home and found that there were only Vivian and Lily left in the house. Nangong Wuyue was probably singing in front of a subway or a station or a mall. Big Beardy might also go to the wilderness to challenge nature, and of course, he might be giving lectures to the elderly women in the southern suburbs. Y'zaks might be collecting sc.r.a.p on the street again. The former demon king was now reduced to jobless and wandering on the street and ended up collecting sc.r.a.p with the demon princess in the southern suburbs. It was such a sad story, but Y'lisabet was quite happy with it.

Lily was writing. When she heard noise coming from the door, she turned to asked, "Landlord, you guys are back? Is everything clear?"

Vivian also came to them, looking curiously at Hao Ren and Rollie who was lying beside the couch.

"Because of the Golden Apple," Hao Ren sighed and roughly told them what he had heard from Raven 12345, and then solemnly reminded them, "If you have any Gold Apples, don't feed it to the animals. This stuff is too unsafe."

"Aww…"Lily was not worried about it: she had already eaten all her apples. She then sniffed around the cat girl, sniffing and muttering, "There is the smell of the street... and grilled fish. You let her walk on the street? She didn't run around?"

"Of course she did. To be honest, walking her is more troublesome than walking you."

Lily heard this and immediately smiled happily. She actually took it as a compliment and asked, "Then when can you walk me again? I haven't been on the street for days!"

"Can you have a little backbone?" said Hao Ren.

After lying on the floor for a while, Rollie looked up lazily and ordered Lily, "Hey big cat, I want to eat now! The grilled fish didn't fulfill me!"

"Oh," Lily replied and went to prepare food for the cat girl. Hao Ren was shocked to see this and asked, "Eh, aren't you no longer afraid of her?"

Lily scratched her hair and said, "Yes, but preparing food for her has become a habit."

Hao Ren could not believe that this husky would become like this. He thought the husky could finally escape from the food chain of dog < cat < fish in this family, turned out that she was already trapped in it.

And now Rollie had released her tail from her clothes. She stretched comfortably, then wriggled up the couch, turned on the TV and began to watch the pet channel and yelled, "p.o.o.p scooper! I want this toy! And this canned meat! This mat looks good too. Give me a new bed… I want a smaller one... Give me a little fis.h.!.+"

Anyway, no matter what was she yelling about, the cat girl would not sit there quietly. This was also Rollie's major feature: Compared to other quiet cats, this one was simply an ADHD patient. When she was a cat, she was either running around outside or fiddling around in the house. But at that time, it was not so annoying: No one could understand what she was talking about!

It was not the same now. The cat girl could speak human language. Hao Ren finally realized how annoying it could be when a cat could talk.

However, Hao Ren had accepted it. He could totally ignore this noisy cat and pretended that he did not understand what she was talking about. Anyway, everybody just ignored her when she messed around the house while she was a cat, and she was still content with it. And now everybody ignored her as usual, she should be able to get used to it.

Vivian looked at the cat girl who was lying on the couch watching TV and suddenly remembered something thing. "Oh, have you decided a new name for her?"

"A new name?" Hao Ren was puzzled.

"For the cat of course. Don't tell me you are still calling her 'Rollie'? Do you think it's okay to call her that way in public?"

Hao Ren paused for a while and then realized that 'Rollie' had turned into a human now and therefore, she should get a normal name!

Otherwise, calling her old name in public would get him into trouble. The old men and old ladies in the southern suburbs did not usually pay attention to everything, but if they saw Hao Ren 'walking cat', they must be rus.h.i.+ng to call to complain about his domestic violence!

Thinking of this, he patted the cat girl's head and said, "Stop watching. I have something to discuss with you."

Probably he was the first person ever who needed to discuss with the cat before naming the cat.

The cat girl turned her head and the pointy ears twitched twice, asked, "What's up? p.o.o.p scooper."

"Whatever…" Hao Ren sighed and said, "I want to say that it's time to give you a new name."

"A new name?" The cat girl blinked while asked, "what for?"

"We can't call you 'Rollie' now." Hao Ren tried to make this cat understand something about the human world. "Humans cannot be called 'Rollie'. If I call you that way, I'll get a complaint easily.

"I don't know," the cat girl answered honestly.

Hao Ren found her good side. Although she was very annoying in all aspects, she was absolutely honest. She was still as innocent as a newborn baby.

So he and Vivian's next main task was to get the cat to understand why 'Rollie' was not a normal name. Hao Ren even tried to explain that the name 'Rollie' was a complete misunderstanding in the very beginning. But after they had tried everything to make the cat understand it, Rollie did not actually listen to them: she just pretended to be well-behaved, and soon she already curled up comfortably on the sofa.

As lazy and stubborn as before.

Lily brought the cat her food and saw Hao Ren and Vivian was sitting there with a frustrated face. "What's wrong?" she asked curiously.

"Why is it so difficult to change a cat's name?" Hao Ren sighed and complained, "It looks so easy for someone else to get a new name for their pets."

"Of course. Who needs to discuss with their pets before changing their name? And who would rename their pets under normal circ.u.mstances?" said Vivian.

It seemed like what Nangong Sanba said was right. Even if the cat girl now had a human mind, there was no way to solve the problem of her worldview and general knowledge. There was no distinction between commendatory and derogatory words in a cat's language system. Even if she knew what 'Rollie' meant, she would not find anything wrong to call her that way—just as she did not think it was a problem to call her owner a p.o.o.p scooper.

Hao Ren decided not to discuss with the cat and just finalized the new name first. And this time he quickly came up with a bunch of new names: Hao Meow Meow, Hao Miaow Miaow, Hao Meow Miaow, Hao Miaow Meow. Anyway, his ability to create name was basically like this. The names sounded like a tongue twister when he read them out.

After he wrote the names on the paper and then proudly showed off to Vivian, Vivian poured cold water on his idea. "Well that's a lot of names, but do you think she will listen to you?"

"Why not? Let's try it." Hao Ren said happily and called each name at the back of the cat girl, from the first one to the last one... No response from her.

Hao Ren could not believe it and tried another name. "Rollie!"

The cat girl immediately sprang from the couch and rubbed herself against Hao Ren's legs.

Vivian patted Hao Ren's arm and said, "I think... or we still call her 'Rollie'. We won't let her go out in the near future anyway."

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 530: Rollie’s Worldview Is Indestructible

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