The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 551: A Historic Meeting of Two Civilizations

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Chapter 551: A Historic Meeting of Two Civilizations

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Hao Ren was a bit concerned about the last few words of Raven 12345, but he knew that unless the time had come, the G.o.ddess would not reveal too much. So he could not help but put this thoughts aside and focus on things on hand.

The crystal still grew on its own. Like a living thing, it kept improving itself until the will of Raven 12345 was executed perfectly. Hao Ren looked at the buildings and found that internally it was undergoing a series of changes: huge crystal bridges, rifts and plains were growing rapidly, changing positions, while lightning was dancing between those crystal cl.u.s.ters, charging the recently-grown magic equipment. At the same time, some information poured into Hao Ren mind when he reached his hand touching the crystal complex.

He was startled for a moment before he realized that it was the structural diagram and the activation method of the crystal complex. Of course, only the operation part was involved, knowledge of the underlying principle could not be injected directly into his mind.

Hao Ren took a step back and looked at the spectacular scenery. He knew that this crystalline mountain range would be his biggest research base in the Plane of Dreams. This was a s.p.a.ce station, a container with the highest safety rating, and a prison. From now on, all large samples he collected could be stored here, and the secrets of the First Born would be completely dugged out.

...Well, not that it was diggable. Saying that just sounded better.

Hao Ren did not have time to study the operation manual as the MDT suddenly reminded him. "Aerymian elves have begun teleporting."

The time had come. The elven technicians, led by Hilda, had reached the earth through the portal, and groups of people began to enter the Alamanda Portal through s.p.a.ce crack. A sharp whistling sound was reverberating in the dark snowfield below Andrea Castle, a unique phenomenon caused by the sudden increase in energy of the portal and its interference with nearby s.p.a.ce crack.

In the middle of the dark snowfield, near the circular platform where s.p.a.ce crack was located, the portal that was in high-power state was lit up again and again. Each time the light column flashed, a dozen elves wearing short robes would appear near the light column. Hilda, who followed the first group arriving at the snowfield, looked around curiously. "I didn't expect the first transit station to be such a place... I feel the spatial structure here is a bit unique."

Vivian's voice was heard from behind the elven queen. "This is a different dimension, a distorted point between the earth and the otherworld, and the last dividing line of the Wall of Reality. Pa.s.sing this snowfield, we will be entering the Plane of Dreams."

Hilda turned to greet Vivian with a nod, and Lily on the side was raising her voice guiding the elves. "Keep your eyes open, pay attention to your breathing apparatus. I'm talking to you—check your breathing apparatus, the atmosphere of Tannagost is toxic! If you start bleeding, it would be too late to check your safety handbook. People, please queue up, people…"

The husky was jumping up and down excitedly. She was particularly thrilled during this time: it seemed that the maiden was naturally interested in organizing activities. She felt important. The most happy thing for her to do must be wearing uniforms and armbands to direct traffic at the community parking lot...

Lily finally met Hilda, and her ears stood upright. "You too, Your Majesty the Queen, you'll have to... Ahh, never mind. Just go ahead of the pack, you're brighter."

Hilda was not offended. She just shook her head and smiled before turning and going through the lilac s.p.a.ce crack.

Alamanda, the magnificient desolate city of gold appeared before her.

"If not for seeing it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed that there is such a planet in this world." Hilda, like other elves, was captivated by the city of gold, and took her a few seconds to realise Hao Ren was next to her. She nodded awkwardly. "I've brought my people here."

"After pa.s.sing through that portal, you will reach Holletta," said Hao Ren, pointing at the portal not far away with a smile. "It must be a different feel to come back to where you've been through before. Becky is expecting you on the other side. I'll go after you later. Oh yeah, the portal to Holletta here can only let three persons pa.s.s at any one time, and when the blue light turns on again, the next three persons can proceed to teleport."

The elves began to pa.s.s the portal as he instructed. Hilda asked curiously. "Is the throughput of this s.p.a.ce-time tunnel low?"

Hao Ren shrugged. "The throughput of the portal in the bas.e.m.e.nt of Beckt's home is low. When I first installed the portal, I didn't expect there would be so many people ust it at once. Guys, please pay attention and follow instruction once you're over there, don't mess with the bottles and cans around you. They're Becky's life!"

Before his voice trailed off, he heard Becky screamed on the other end of the communicator. "Oh no, that's my century-old imperial mead! My ale... My table! My... My foot—you stepped on my foot!"

It turned out that using the s.p.a.ce-time portal installed in the bas.e.m.e.nt to teleport five hundred persons was not a good idea, even if this bas.e.m.e.nt belonged to a local parvenu. Hao Ren's plan had a lot of shortcoming and there was mess going on on Becky's side.

A few years later, only a handful of witnesses would remember that the 'alien allies' who had saved Holletta were drunk and crawling out of the bas.e.m.e.nt, with a red-eyed Countess chasing from behind…

Anyway, all activities organized by Hao Ren basically would turn into a drama like this.

Meanwhile, the welcoming team waiting outside the manor was all dumbfounded; as the soldiers, preselected by Ophra and the pope, lining up to welcome their alien guests, bunch of elves scambled out of the mansion as soon as the door was open. Ophra, as if she had expected this, sighed before whispering to her aide beside her. "Go and call the record officer. I'll need to talk to him about the welcoming script."

The welcoming team dispatched by Holletta official outside Becky's manor could only look on as waves of elves scrambled out from the house. The pope whispered to Ophra, asking if these elves were members of the First Born experts as the entire elven team appeared to be more like the crowd at train stations during the Spring Festival. What Hilda had brought were engineers and technicians, not trained soldier—they possessed professional skills, but not good at queuing in order, so when they came out from the portal, it appeared chaotic. But fortunately, the situation was quickly under control under the guidance of several team leaders. The elven technicians were finally organized into teams and head counting began. Meanwhile, Hao Ren, Hilda and several others who had just been teleported from the dark snowfield were coming out from the back of the groups.

Becky, looking traumatized, followed Hao Ren from behind and complanined. "My wine... my wine..."

Lily patted her on the shoulder and said, "You're saving the world, don't harp over the little thing. Remember, you are the chief ticket issuer of Holletta transit station of s.p.a.ce Administration. At worse, you can always talk the king into giving you a new batch of wine."

Hao Ren led Big Beardy and Hilda before Ophra and others. After a moment of obligatory casual exchange, he introduced the team he had brought along and Hilda to Ophra. "This is the queen of Aerymian elves, Queen Hilda. She is willing to give you a helping hand. Her excavation team will undertake the operation of this mission.

Ophra had not expect a queen would personally lead the team here, but she was quick to react as her hand crossed her chest and said, "It's an honor to meet you, your Majesty the Queen from the otherworld. Please accept my apology if there is an oversight; we have never had this kind of...diplomatic experience in our world."

Hilda nodded reservedly and gracefully. "There's no need for extra formality. I come on the invitation of the Sun King. Just treat me like any other ordinary guest. Everything is decided by the Sun King."

Ophra was startled. "The Sun... King? Where is he?"

Hao Ren held his head high and winked but All his expressions had not attracted Ophra's attention. He finally could not help but say, "It's right here! I am the Sun... No, I mean, I am the king!"

Ophra and the pope were both stunned. The marshal looked at Hao Ren in surprise. "You didn't tell me before?"

Judging from her reaction, it must be the fault of Hao Ren's appearance which was so inconsistent the honorific. It lacked realism. Hao Ren nodded with self-aware. "Okay, okay, I know I look somewhat different from the t.i.tle. Let's cut the cackle and get down to business. Are all the preparations done?"

Ophra smiled. "You have to believe in our mobilization ability, at least in terms of evacuation ability. Forget about the residents, we've even evacuated the wild animals around the seals..."

Hao Ren nodded and looked in the direction of Hilda. "Then let's wait for the bigwigs to finish talking. Get ready for work!"

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 551: A Historic Meeting of Two Civilizations

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