The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 564: Studying The Eggs

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After working for G.o.d for the past year, Hao Ren summed up his experience: for everything to do with Raven 12345, there was always a weird side to it. Her G.o.ddess look was all a result of special effects. The smartest way to deal with the G.o.ddess was to not harp on the details. Whatever new gadget she made, used it and don't ask question then you would be fine. If you had to agonize over the details, then you would be guaranteed a place in the sanatorium by the time you are thirty...

Such was the G.o.ddess who seemed to have a bunch of followers. It must be difficult for the Pope and the bishops who were working for the G.o.ddess, as extraordinary writing skill and exceptional adaptability to embellish Raven 12345 would be required. One always needed to take Raven's word with a pinch of salt—so Hao Ren had never intended to start a cult or something to wors.h.i.+p the neuropathy, he knew his conscience and sense of logic did not allow this thing to happen...

"We will just use the abbreviation," said Hao Ren, glancing at the idle screen in mid-air. "Let's see how this research station works. The only console I've ever used is of the s.p.a.cecraft, I've never seen this mysterious thing before."

The core area of ​​CARS was huge, and Hao Ren did not plan to go to places like warehouses, factories, and residences for the time being. Instead, he led everyone to the control central of the entire facility, where they could monitor all projects of the research station in real time.

The control centre was a very large ortho-spherical hall. The common technological equipment and metal devices were nowhere to be seen here. Instead, crystal cl.u.s.ters and columns of various forms were in place. These crystals seemed to be a favourite things of Xi Ling Celestials, the entire CARS reflected this notion. The crystal cl.u.s.ters and columns were arranged neatly throughout the hall as if they grew from the ground. They were the main interactive terminals here. A simple mind-matching was all it took for rookie like Hao Ren to completely control the research station.

In the centre of the control centre was a crystal as giant as a hill, which was part of the host of the facility, and also a huge mind interaction device. There was a constant flows of complex runes and wonderful light on the surface of the crystal. Every time when Hao Ren approached it, he would hear a sweet wind bell, and then he would establish an automatic mental connection with it, so all the interactive information on the host would be flashed in his mind.

Like most technological devices, these mystical magic devices also supported direct mind connection, which greatly reduced their operational difficulty. Initially, Hao Ren was still worried that he would not be able to control the thing with his half-baked knowledge of magic. However, now it seemed that all roads lead to Rome, and the simplified and easy-to-understand interface was an inevitably the right direction.

He was very pleased that he did not need to understand the principle of this place before he could use them.

Lil Pea peeked out of Hao Ren's collar and looked at the place curiously. She mumbled something in her mouth before she jumped happily to the ground and scurried around. This little one had a strong body as she could simply jumped down from as high as two metres with ease. Hao Ren found his worry was really unnecessary as he sometimes worried that she might flatten her tail from the fall.

But her tail was flat anyway.

Seeing the baby fish ran around like headless chicken, Y'lisabet immediately followed her from behind lest Lil Pea lost her way. She had quickly found her position; as the only elder of the two children, she felt she should look after Lil Pea like a big sister. Recently, Y'lisabet was learning changing the aquarium water with Wuyue and was also actively reading aqua cultural books on tropical fish farming and her hard work paid off: her water-changing skills were as good as Hao Ren's, and Lil Pea said that the aqua cultural book tasted really good.

Anyway, it was good as long as the two little ones could get along well. The elder one looked after the younger one and it lessened the burden on adults.

"Don't run too far, and don't let Lil Pea bite things here," Hao Ren reminded as the two little ones hopped to the edge of the hall. "And, put your little screwdriver away!"

Y'zaks scratched his head. "Never mind, let me look after them both."

Hao Ren nodded. He then activated the giant crystal in the centre of the hall rather clumsily according to the instructions in his mind to begin to connect to Containers No. 1 and 2.

The giant crystal emitted a series of crisp sounds as a series of holograms emerged around the crystal. The largest image was the two First Borns. The two colossal giants were now quietly sleeping in a balloon-like vesicle suspended in a nearly transparent inert solution. They looked like a baby sleeping in the womb. Lily looked at the images and couldn't help but twitch her tongue. "It feels like a horror movie."

"Yeah, we're like the antagonists," Hao Ren shrugged. "We've never looked normal anyway."

Vivian said she did not want to give opinion because she did not know much about horror movies—she was poor before she had ever watched a movie…

The two vessels were not completely calm. After the First Borns were excavated and placed in the containers for easy observation, Hao Ren had noticed the giant tentacles were not completely still. Some of the tentacles, mainly near the ganglions, would occasionally twitch or swing a little. This could be a form of somnambulism.

But there was worry that these two big guys would suddenly wake up as the 'lullaby' system was still keeping them hypnotised. The nerve signal suppressor was on the bottom of the two containers, and CARS itself had a set of broadcasting devices that covered the entire facility. The Petrachelys had already linked the 'Lullaby' signal source with the broadcasting system as a double security suppression system. Besides, there were huge 'syringes' above the two containers. Once any First Born got out of control, a high concentration of interfering pheromones would be released into those thin inert solutions immediately.

This was a fool-proof prison. Hao Ren felt that he could use this place to detain and study any dangerous creatures he found while on patrol in various worlds.

Vivian did not quite understand the charts and data on the holographic projections. She tilted her head sideway and asked Hao Ren, "What research plan do you have in mind?"

"I want to read the First Born's mind," Hao Ren pointed to the holographic projection of the dark red tissues. "Of course, we all know the First Borns are irrational, probably not capable of thinking at all, but it had been normal once. So I think it still retains some memories before it went crazy. Now that we know nothing about the body structure of the First Borns, we only know that they have some ganglions, so we're going to them a physical check-up....finding out the functions these organs."

"Oh," Vivian said, blinking. "That's epic!"

Hao Ren scratched his chin and nodded slightly. "So we can do something else while waiting for the scan to finish."

He opened the dimensional pocket before several autonomous robots push two silver-white boxes out.

Hao Ren stepped forward and switched on the identification device of the safe deposit box. A layer of blue light lit up on the boxes which then gradually opened up with a series of mechanical sound, revealing the large b.a.l.l.s which glowed in red.

These were the two strange spheres that were brought out from Helcrown.

Up until now, Hao Ren had not figured out what they were for. But it was obviously not a battery. Now that the CARS was running and there was a huge amount of spare computing power, he could just throw the two b.a.l.l.s in there for a.n.a.lysis.

Hao Ren knocked on the sh.e.l.l of the MDT. "Send the two samples to Comprehensive Test Lab No. 1. We'll be there soon."

After the autonomous robots took the two b.a.l.l.s out of the hall, Lily mumbled as she held up her ears. "You studying the b.a.l.l.s?"

Hao Ren was almost choked. "...can you be more euphemistic?"

Lily flicked her tail and said, "You studying the eggs."

Hao Ren: '….."

At this time Vivian interrupted Lily's train of thought. "Something suddenly crossed my mind: We can check if the First Borns have organ similar to that spheres, perhaps that would shed light on their uses."

When the penny drops, Hao Ren's eyes lit up: this is a good idea!

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 564: Studying The Eggs

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