The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 623: A Real God

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Chapter 623: A Real G.o.d

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In the Plane of Dreams, aside from the Siren's natural evolution, all other living beings revolves around the bloodline.

With the G.o.ddess of Creation as the seed of all life, and the subsequent evolutions were akin to steps. Anything that is the closest to the G.o.ddess is the strongest and most perfect. The first batch of primal beings had apocalyptic abilities and were almost G.o.dlike, they too had the ability to communicate with the G.o.ddess, while the Second Born were no different that humans on Earth, if a wee bit stronger, but their ability compared with the First Born was earth and heaven.

This bloodline could be used to determine an unknown species' 'birth' or their evolution period. Based on the information they had with the giant's unnnatural physique, Hao Ren boldly guessed that they are another form of the First Born, while not matching them exactly in strength, they are still a far superior race.

Recalling the brain monster's abilities, Hao Ren was afraid that this giants have the ability to control spatial magics from birth, and they had a very strong control over souls.

"I thought that all primal lifeforms were the same as the First Born, using their unnatural form and physique to survive." Hao Ren said as he bend down to check on the bloated scar at the back of the giant's head. "I never thought that they would close the same path of civilisation as other races."

"Wait a minute.. This... does not seem like they were evovled from the Seed of Origin." Raven12345 suddenly frowned. "I anaylsed the Lifeblood samples that you had brought back and after simulating it, there's a gap between the Lifeblood and the giants."

"Not the Seed of Origin." Hao Ren was stunned. "So does that mean the giants were not created by the G.o.ddess in the Plane of Dreams?"

Raven12345 squinted. "No, they were created by the G.o.ddess, but not through the Seed of Origin. I suspect that the G.o.ddess had personally created these giants, not via germination, but directly.

Hao Ren was curious. "How did you arrive at that?"

Raven12345 hugged her arm. "A G.o.ddess' intuition."

Hao Ren had nothing to add. But he remembered something at the moment, and pulled out from his Dimensional Pocket a few shreds of paper. "Oh right. I found this when I last went to the Plane of Dreams. It's a piece from a scroll, and the Cult of Origination had planned to use it to the Pope. The MDT detected that the scroll contains divinity, and suspect that it was used in a ritual for the G.o.ddess of Creation. And oh, that thing was brought to Holetta by the brain monster."

Raven12345 was instantly piqued as soon as she saw the paper shreds. "Now that's something.... let me have a look."

As she sifted through the shreds of paperr, she asked offhandedly. "What did you think?"

Hao Ren shrugged. "I initially thought that the monster had gotten it from some other races as it gave me the impression it did not know how to operate tools, but now I think that the giants may have used this; they had wors.h.i.+pped the G.o.ddess after all, and they are even more closely linked to the G.o.ddess than others.

Raven12345 raised an eyebrow. "How big was the scroll?"

Hao Ren gestured in the air. "About a foot long?

"Well, just look how big the giant's fingers are."


"The scroll was not used by the giants, but you are right on one thing. The scroll does have some divinity." Raven12345 pa.s.sed the paper shreds to Hao Ren but she kept one for herself. "This is the most important sample, I'll take one to a.n.a.lyse."

After he was done briefing Raven12345 about the giants, the brain monster and the scroll, Hao Ren brought up the matter regarding the Sirens wish to back to their homeplanet. While he did not ascent to the Siren Queen's request, he wanted to ask Raven12345's opinion now that he have the chance.

"You're response was the right one." Raven12345 nodded. "Letting a whole race return to the Plane of Dreams is risky, even if the stable rift on the Wall of Reality might not be able to sustain such a shock. And now regardless.... there's a lot of things going on in the Plane of Dreams, if possible we should not let it take any more beatings."

Hao Ren nodded solemnly. After demurring for a moment, he decided to ask a question; and that question had been plaguing him for a long while. "I actually have something to ask you, but I don't know whether it is appropriate."

"Then let it be. I'm just about to cook."

"... It's about the G.o.ddess of Creation. You said before that she had divinity in her, so I went to dig further and realised that 'divinity' is not something that can be simply defined, and being 'chosen by a real G.o.d' is not something anyone could cook up. Under most circ.u.mstnaces the G.o.ds in most worldy are simply just creatures with extraordinary abilities. Even if they could manipulate natural laws or create worlds, under the three great pantheons' rules they are not real 'G.o.ds', simply because they lack the trait of being able to 'interfere with information', simply put they are not able to be the focal point of information..."

Hao Ren's blabber was actually just him regurgitating the information he had gotten from Raven12345 or the data vault , but at that point of time he didn't understand the significance or the meaning of it and now he was able to sniff out something odd from the information."

Raven12345 glanced at him. "What are you trying to say?"

"I'm just saying that, you had mentioned that the G.o.ddess of Creation is real G.o.d." Hao Ren motioned. "Is she part of the three great pantheons? Or to make it simpler... Is she part of the Xiling Celestials? Maybe someone you know?"

Raven12345 raised her hand. "Lets stop here. Lunch is on me."

"...You do realise that your attempt to divert the conversation is so stiff?"

"Well, that's how your honest, direct and sincere G.o.ddess roll, take it or leave it." Raven12345 placed her hands on her waist before letting out a deep sigh. "Aihh... The main thing is I'm not able to answer your question, because we are still investigating as well. We are not even sure who she is."

Hao Ren's eyes widen. "So there's a possiblity?"

"Yes, and it is not just possible, our Data Network's mainframe had already locked on to the fact that the G.o.ddess may either be from the Xiling Celestials or the Galacticus Pantheons, but they are not able to narrow down exactly to who this G.o.ddess is." Raven12345 shrugged. "We have gone through the name list as well and were not able to confirm anything. Even our history had no G.o.ddess who had fallen in the locale, so the possibility of the a G.o.ddess being resurrected, or reborn, or rea.s.sembled had been discredited."

Hao Ren blinked. "And the G.o.ddess of Creation is someone on the same level as you... You think I can solve this?"

Raven12345 patted Hao Ren on the shoulder. "Don't worry, the organisation has plans in place when they chose you. You need to have faith in us. Because even if you don't you are not allowed to quiet. So lets leave that aside and have a bowl of noodles."

Hao Ren knew anything he wants to say now will fall on deaf ears and simply sighed. "I thought you said no lunch served?"

"I've changed my mind." Raven12345 grinned. "Be happy you, this garlic is planted personally by the G.o.ddess of Life..."

"The G.o.ddess of Life plants garlic?" Hao Ren was shocked."

"Why not? Her garden have everything. I've been there before, rows upon rows of various vegetables. The first row was a whole row of garlic and at the back rows of anise... by the side is chives... Oh the most of the lot are chives, because the Ravens love chives."

Hao Ren was utterly dumbfounded by now. "Why do I feel that its like a vegetable garden.... How about the golden apples?"



Hao Ren felt that he could never be able to figure out how the Celestial World would be like. But based on what he have heard, it will probably look no different than the Southern Suburbs...

So Hao Ren had lunch at Raven12345's place and tried the vaunted garlic that was personally cultivated and blessed by the G.o.ddess of Life, and he thought.... it was pretty normal. The crazy G.o.ddess had put a spoonful too much salt when she boiled the broth. The first mouth he had was to have his tastebuds a.s.saulted. The only good news was he managed to get another two bowls of noodle soup, almost stuffing himself to death.

After Hao Ren left her place, Raven12345 went back to her own office as she looked at the shred of paper from the scroll. Her expression was deep in thought.

"It really went towards the worst possible path." she muttered. "Say... Hao Ren..."

Raven12345 carefully kept the paper shred and pulled a small crystal pylon towards her. She gently put her fingers on the pylon surface. "Lord Mother, I beseech your powers once more, guide me on the right path..."

After a few muttering, the crystal pylon glowed softly before an image was conjured in the air, and it was Hao Ren's face.

"What's so special about him?" Raven12345 scratched her face as she flipped the pylon about. "... F*ck, don't tell me this is broken?"

At the same time Hao Ren was walking on the old road on the Southern Suburbs and he suddenly let out a huge sneeze. Feeling a little perplexed, he thought tyo himself. "I can still catch a cold with this body?"

He then looked up as he tried to remember if he had forgotten anything. After he was sure that he had not left anything out, he happily walked back home.

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 623: A Real God

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