The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 73: What’s Wrong with Lily?

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Chapter 73: What’s Wrong with Lily?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hao Ren spent most of the day at Raven 12345’s office. It was almost evening when he returned home. Just as he turned around the corner of the street, he saw Lily waiting there. She was standing on her toes at the door, looking towards Hao Ren’s direction. She looked like a puppy that was left alone at home by its owner. Hao Ren had already gotten used to this scene.

When Lily saw Hao Ren, she quickly ran up to him excitedly and asked, "Landlord, landlord, you’re finally back. What are we eating tonight?"

"Will you have some dignity as a werewolf, please?" Hao Ren sighed and pa.s.sed a bag of food to Lily. "It’s the big ribs you love. We need to cook them in a stew first tonight. Then you’ll have rib noodles by noon tomorrow."

After half a month of getting along, Hao Ren had completely mastered Lily's temperament. The werewolf’s preference was easy to guess. She was happy as long as she got to eat delicious food. Two of her favorite dishes were stewed ribs made by Vivian and noodles made by Hao Ren. Well, it was easy to understand why she loved ribs. They are meat but, noodles? Do werewolves even eat noodles?

No one could figure out how Lily turned into an omnivore. It was a good thing anyway. It was easier to keep omnivorous animals. If Lily needed to eat 20 kilograms of fresh meat every day like normal werewolves, the butcher would have probably not been able to cope even if Hao Ren could have afforded it...

Lily carried the ribs and happily ran back to the house to look for Vivian. Lily would only say something nice to Vivian for food. Where was her pride as a werewolf?

Hao Ren was speechless as he watched Lily follow Vivian into the kitchen. After locking the door, he turned around and saw a huge man sitting in the middle of the living room. The giant, Y’zaks was too obvious to ignore. With his height of 2.15 meters, he would have definitely attracted many unwanted attention no matter where he went. Not to mention that anti-social and demonic look of his. It was a big problem taking him out. Hao Ren went to market to buy some food with Y’zaks two days ago. However, not long after they left the house, an old lady had already called the police... So, you see…

Y’zaks did not notice that Hao Ren was back. He was sitting on the sofa, studying a Chinese dictionary attentively. The dictionary looked like a booklet in his hands. He could only pinch it with a few fingers to keep it in his hands. Looking at the serious look on his big and fierce face, Hao Ren found it really funny. Why was a good-tempered man born with such a fierce face?

"How’s it going?" Hao Ren was curious. He moved closer to Y’zaks and took a look at what he was holding. Hao Ren found that the demon actually jotted down some crooked symbols in the dictionary, which looked like demon text. Hao Ren was moved by the demon’s hardworking spirit but, also a little embarra.s.sed at himself. The dictionary had been abandoned in his home for more than four years. He could not compare with Y’zaks in terms of hard work…

"Oh, you’re back," Y’zaks looked at Hao Ren as he spoke in a low, m.u.f.fled voice. Demon language sounded like a tape being played backwards. It had strange p.r.o.nunciation and a vague tone. It was hard to discern and came up just behind j.a.panese English. Vivian and Lily did not learn a word during the past two days so, Hao Ren became the only one in the family who could communicate normally with Y’zaks. The giant demon knew that was the case too hence, he was happy to see Hao Ren. "Finally, I can chat with someone. Is everything okay? "

"Things are pretty good. Raven 12345 explained and cleared the confusion. How’s your learning progress been these two days? "

"Chinese is so difficult." Y’zaks lost his spirit and threw the dictionary away. The giant demon could not seem to handle it. "I think it’s more difficult than Elvish. I can’t figure out these four words: pits, holes, caves and tiny holes even after learning them for two days. How exactly did you learn this language?"

This made Hao Ren sweat. "These four words are difficult enough to stop 80% of students from coming to China. Forget about them. I wanted to tell you that Raven 12345 has applied for something new from her superiors. It’ll be able to help you solve your language problem. I’ll bring you to meet her along with Vivian and Lily in two days. All of you need to do is undergo a 'small surgery', and then you’ll have a translation package in your head."

Hao Ren observed Y’zaks’ expression and wanted to see how the giant demon reacted to the ‘small surgery’. He had impression that not many boss-leveled creatures were willing to let others touch them. However, Hao Ren was disappointed to see nothing from Y’zaks’ face. He just nodded and said, "Oh yes, I should meet the G.o.ddess to say h.e.l.lo too."

"Then, you have to be mentally prepared," Hao Ren kindly reminded. "Don’t get angry when she wants you to lie down inside strange things..."

"I know what you mean." Y’zaks had a scary grin. "Something that looks like a coffin right?" Most of the coffins in the world look the same and most equipment made by the Xi Ling Celestials look like coffins as well. I’ve tried it before…"

Hao Ren was lost for words.

"Dinner’s ready!"

As Hao Ren and Y’zaks were discussing the inspiration behind the coffin-like equipment in the Xi Ling Empire, Vivian's voice suddenly rang from the kitchen, pulling the two of men out of their gossip session.

Vivian carried an electric cooker and walked to the living room, followed by Lily who was wagging her tail happily. They were also followed by an arrogant-looking Rollie. The three of them looked proud of themselves. Before Hao Ren and Y’zaks sat down, Vivian pointed towards the direction of the kitchen and commanded, "Wash your hands!"

Y’zaks could not understand what Vivian said but he got the meaning from her hand gestures and direction of her finger. So, the big demon stood up and obediently ran to the kitchen to wash his hands, leaving Hao Ren amazed in the back.

Vivian would have a domineering vibe right after she finished the housework. She was not scared of the demon and dared to shout at him. Hao Ren thought that the vampire had probably figured out how to be a housewife. Well, it was good.

The evening meal was light and simple. It included rice, porridge, steamed bread and two vegetable dishes. This was quite enough for them and the portion was big enough to fill Lily and Y’zaks’ big appet.i.te. Vivian's cooking skills were unquestionable. As an ancient creature who had been wandering the world for centuries, she was familiar with all kinds of cooking methods on the planet. She even knew how to roast a saber-toothed tiger. If not because of its extinction, Hao Ren believed his daily meals would have be abundantly unprecedented.

Lily inserted her chopsticks into two steamed buns and chewed them quickly like eating candied haws on a stick. She scrunched up her nose and looked towards the kitchen. As she gnawed on the buns, she said, "I want to eat the ribs..."

"It’s still cooking." Vivian was probably still in housewife mode. She spoke to Lily in a relaxed tone. "It has to cook in the stew for at least three hours. I have my own principles when it comes to rib stew."

Hao Ren rolled his eyes and thought, "Can she apply principles in the right place?"

Everyone was busy eating. While Hao Ren was about to look for the remote control to turn on the TV, a sudden crack broke the calm atmosphere in the living room.

It was Lily. She was holding a small plate in her hands. She had wanted to take more food but, the small plate was squeezed into pieces and the ceramic scattered all over the table.

Hao Ren was stunned whereas Vivian shouted at her. "Doggie, can’t you have a little patience? You just had to wait and eat the meat tomorrow. Was it necessary to get angry over it? It’s Landlord’s bowl! "

"No… I didn't mean to!" Lily was frightened as well. She quickly cleaned up the broken dish on the table as she nervously glanced at Hao Ren. "Landlord, I didn't mean it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t control myself all of a sudden…"

Then, there was another crack.

Before Lily could finish her sentence, she crushed a bowl in her hand again.

Just as Vivian was about to scold Lily, Hao Ren realized that Lily was not behaving normally. He quickly waved his hand to stop Vivian and said, "Something isn’t right. Look at Lily's eyes."

Lily was in her werewolf. She was usually in human form when at home. For no reason she had transformed into a werewolf and her golden eyes appeared brighter than usual. Her eyes were so bright that they were slightly glowing!

"Lily... your hands seem to be shaking." Hao Ren finally saw Lily's hands. He sensed that something bad was about to happen."

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 73: What’s Wrong with Lily?

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