The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Werewolf and Vampire

​Translator: QComp

Editor: Moxie

“Lily transform, be quick!” This was the only solution Hao Ren could think of. The moment the familiar smell of blood and the feeling of cold appeared, Hao Ren immediately understood that he could not fight against such a “Monster” who looked like an ordinary person but was actually an alien. But after he shouted, he did not have too much hope; there was only less than two meters between him and the “girl”!

A gust of wind came from behind, and Hao Ren knew that this was Lily rus.h.i.+ng to rescue him after her transformation. Meanwhile, Hao Ren bent his leg as he prepared to jump aside in order to let the werewolf and the suspected vampire confront each other. Only then could he possibly become safe!

However, perhaps it might be because he had overestimated his reaction speed, or underestimated the “Alien’s” fighting force, the moment he came up with the idea of dodging, the girl, who had straight long and black hair, had already held out her hand with a speed much faster than Hao Ren’s reaction. She grabbed Hao Ren’s arm and dragged him with brute force, almost fracturing Hao Ren’s bones. Then, she reminded him in a very pleasant voice: “Be careful!”

Hao Ren was stunned speechless the instant he was flung away. It seemed that the words “be careful” came from the dangerous creature?

At this point in time, Lily had finally rushed to the door. However, Hao Ren felt aggrieved when he saw that the soft-headed werewolf neither transformed nor took any weapons; she was still in her lively and refres.h.i.+ng homely clothes, and neither her hair turned white nor her ears came up. Furthermore, this girl even bounced to the door as she clamored, “Landlord, landlord I’m out here, is it the express delivery?” Hao Ren almost cried out as he felt anger swell up in his heart. He almost roared towards the sky, “What a soft-headed girl! No mutual understandings at all!

The soft-headedness of the werewolf Lily caused Hao Ren to completely abandon his plans to escape from the vampire. Although Lily realized what she was doing the moment she saw the strange girl with long, straight black hair, transformed in an instant and picked up two bricks from the ground for battle, he still felt no chance of winning. He shouldn’t have pinned his hope on the soft-headed werewolf! If he himself went to the kitchen and hung two strings of garlic around his neck, it might have been more promising than counting on Lily!

But of course, later on, he would know garlic wouldn’t work on the vampire either.

When Lily saw Hao Ren was pulled away by the enemy, her expression immediately changed. But then she clenched the bricks in her hand and issued a “whining” low roar from her throat as if she was making some threats, “Vampire… it’s currently day time. There’s no way you can possibly beat me, as you couldn’t even beat me at night! Return my landlord and I’ll spare your life! “

The long, straight black haired girl, who had been confirmed as the vampire, showed no sign of terror. She stood between Hao Ren and Lily, stretched out her right hand in front of her in a defensive posture as her sharp nails slowly stretched. With the chill and the smell of blood rotating around her body, her left hand quietly moved to her back. Firmly shaking them twice in Hao Ren’s bewildered sight, as if she was making a sign… hurry up and leave?  “Werewolf, when did you beasts begin to muddle along in human cities!!” The vampire girl’s voice was cold and contemptuous, yet it still possessed a sense of weakness. However, her disdain-filled voice towards Lily was very obvious, “Isn’t it your own job to catch the rabbit in the wilderness?”

“Humph!” Lily hummed in anger, “You stupid Vampire, you’ll never guess that I could not catch the rabbit at all!”

Hao Ren thought that maybe he should just kill himself to spare the soft-headed werewolf the trouble. Why would she do something without thinking about it!?

Even the vampire girl, who had been always calm, was stunned by the way Lily spoke. She had almost burst into laughter, but then she firmly shook her left hand behind her. At the same time, Hao Ren heard a voice ringing directly in his ear, “Human, you run first, I’ll pin down the werewolf… Although it is daytime, I can still hold her back!”

Hao Ren: “…What?”

This was the first time that Lily finally reacted in time. She discovered that the vampire was a little distracted, and thus she growled and rushed over as she lifted the bricks in her hand. She did not directly threw the bricks, because she was worried that it may hit the landlord nearby.

“Go to h.e.l.l you rat with wings!”

The vampire girl was not afraid either. A faint red trail of blood instantly formed in the air, and her sharp nails, which had been stretched to a dozen centimeters, stabbed at Lily like a dagger, “Go to h.e.l.l! You rabbit-catching beasts! “

“You stupid vampire! I have already told you that I couldn’t catch a single rabbit!”

“Don’t think you could distract me in this way. For vampires, the same move won’t work twice!”

While Hao Ren was still staring in a daze, the two unreasonable creatures began fighting each other. Lily dashed left and right at the door like a silver light as she desperately rushed towards Hao Ren’s side. As for the vampire, she wasn’t really that disadvantaged even at day time. She dissolved into a black smoke as she waved her claws which were dyed in red; because of her actions, she was able to repress the werewolf every time she dashed nearby. The roars of Lily and the vampire almost came from a dozen or so direction which was completely beyond human comprehension!

Hao Ren had recovered from the initial shock, and although he was still uncertain of the truth, he knew the fight should be stopped. More than anything else, he was worried that someone would see this bizarre scene!

No matter how remote this place was, there were still families living nearby, and now it was in the morning, so the several residents had great chances to go outside at any moment. Because the noise Lily and the vampire was making was really big, they would definitely be in trouble if they were caught on the spot. Lily was really likely to be sent to relevant bureaus to be sliced and tasted!  Hao Ren was fully aware of the state of the country with so many gourmands!

Seeing one of the doors at the end of the street was being slowly pushed open, Hao Ren felt anxious as he hollered at the top of his lungs, “Stop! NO fighting!”

His roar was really earth-shaking, and he could almost imagine that several days later, he would be surrounded by the several elders next door who would ask him whether he experienced some sort of domestic violence. But the roar was really effective; Lily and the vampire stopped at once. They both looked at Hao Ren with eyes filled with confusion, and then they glared at each other.

Lily was still in high spirits, as if the battle was just a warm-up. As for  the vampire girl, she seemed to have consumed much of her energy as she was gasping for breath. Her face was abnormally flushed, and it seemed that it was not an easy task for her to fight against the werewolf in broad daylight. However, both of them still a very similar state; even if they had experienced such fierce fighting, none of them was even breaking a sweat; the cold air exuded by the vampire girl was just too much.

“I feel there is a misunderstanding between the both of you!” Hao Ren saw that the two was still glowering at each other, and he knew that they might begin fighting again at any moment. As such, he walked in the middle, “I have to make sure of one thing: This vam…vampire girl, you actually did not intend to kill me, did you?”

The words he said were quite strange, but there was no time for the details, because he thought that the werewolf and the vampire had definitely misunderstood something – and this led to a father-pitting possibility. 

As expected, the vampire girl immediately glared at Hao Ren as she pointed at Lily, “I want to save you!”

Before Hao Ren could even begin to speak, Lily had already jumped out, “Who are you kidding! You want to suck the blood of the landlord! I have watched many TV programs, all you vampires were bad things! “

One question suddenly occurred to Hao Ren: Why is that all the knowledge the werewolf learned about the vampire was from tv? Was it the first time she had seen a vampire?

“Didn’t you kidnap the human first ?!!” The vampire girl narrowed her eyes murderously, “Kidnapping a human being, and then coercing him to help you conceal your ident.i.ty, and then you could live in human towns– there are few intelligent werewolves. And just like you, they have been using this means for hundreds of years. You still haven’t changed! No wonder your kind is almost extinct.”

And then Lily and the vampire girl began glowering at each other again, but it seemed their courage were getting a little inadequate.

Hao Ren understood much of what the current misunderstanding was. Finally, he smacked his forehead, “Well, what the h.e.l.l is this… no fighting now, leave everything aside until we’re inside the house!”

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 8

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