The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 92: Human Again

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Chapter 92: Human Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hao Ren has had an imagination about what would happen to Lily after she transformed. He even pictured the process as if it was a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Not only that, he even visioned the ways of what they should do when Lily got out of control, and how Vivian would deal with the fury Lily. Hao Ren also imagined that Y’zaks would turn into demons to fight against the ferocious beast, with scenes of which he calmly gives command to save critical conditions from behind. In short, he a.s.sumed that this evening would be a b.l.o.o.d.y sleepless night for him. After all, a werewolf was about to evolve, as there were barely any professionals around who knew how to control and repress the situation, thus, "losing control" seems inevitable.

As a result, it turned out to be a sleepless night, but there was no bloodshed to be seen. Lily seemed busy gamboling and digging around. Despite of her body size, Lily was somehow radiating a harmless vibe, from her head to the tip of her tail. All the steps they had formed earlier were not needed here...

To be honest, it was pretty boring to watch a seven or eight-metered-long husky running and gamboling around. However, Vivian dare not even place a foot forward to stop the ludicrous dog as it seemed utterly dangerous. Lily was now in a heavy tank situation, even if she turned out to be a husky; it could not manage to cover up her fighting powers at that moment, so perhaps the power of the werewolf had been awakened in the past, therefore, while she was running, her feet were surrounded by a turquoise whirlwind all this time. The wind pressure was so strong that it could slit the gold and break the stones, as easily as cutting tofu. With Lily running at full speed, the turquoise whirlwind could even make her entire body shrouded in a wall of blurred wind, the power was unimaginable. Hao Ren watched as Lily ran to a small mound as soon as that area was only left with a trench. No one would doubt the werewolf girl's fighting power in this form, her power was now deadly.

Just like what Raven 12345 had mentioned, Lily was still conscious of her surroundings, but at the same time she was remarkably energetic. The werewolf girl (for the time being) must splurge on her excessive energy. Otherwise there will be no other way for her to return to her actual form. The exact principles are unknown, most likely related to the full moon... well, the power of hot strips. In short, in this case, Hao Ren and the other two tenants must have been here to watch a husky rolling and playing in a cute way. Well, this animal was undeniably rolling and playing adorably in Hao Ren's eyes.

"When will she calm down?" Vivian yawned and asked as she was a nocturnal creature. However, in order to prepare Lily for all the things she needed to evolve, she clearly had not gotten enough rest within these two days. She was a little sleepy at this moment.

"I just looked at the life habits of a Husky," Hao Ren pulled a long face while taking out the Mobile Data Terminal. The information was shown via a holographic projection. "Husky, lively and active, energetic, and has strong curiosity. When it starts playing, it usually does not obey the orders of the owner or anyone else. A healthy adult husky can play up to three or four hours or even a longer period. Well, it did not mention what will happen when a husky evolves, however I just recalled Lily’s typical behavior, I believe her actions matches everything in this description."

Vivian knelt down in dismay. She rummaged from the bag and said, "Why didn't I think of it before… Just look at her usual behavior. I should have guessed that this girl faces problems. You see, I have prepared so much incense for her, and now it’s useless."

Hao Ren was waiting boringly for Lily to transform back to her usual self after she eventually felt tired. At that instant, he got an idea and said, "Wait! This might work!"

"These?" Vivian weighed a few pieces of incense up and down in her hand, which emanated a strong aroma. "They’re made for werewolves, but they don’t work on huskies."

"How would you know if you didn’t try?" Hao Ren reached out and grabbed several pieces of ‘herbal cake’. "Now we have to calm Lily down as soon as possible. She's too loud. Even if this place is essentially remote, it's unlikely to guarantee that no one will be attracted here. How do we apply this anyway?"

"You want to attempt to it?" Vivian pulled the corners of her mouth and said. "It’s simple. Just heat it. Light the bottom with charcoal and the incense will burn slowly. But we have to let the big dog stay quietly at one corner first. The range of incense is limited after all."

"Isn't that easy?" Hao Ren looked up at Lily and said, "She’s just gamboling, she is still capable of understanding our words. It should be alright to let her calm down for a few minutes. You two, whoever is able to quiet her down?"

Y’zaks and Vivian glanced at each other. At the end, the big demon sighed and said, "I’ll go, I have thick skin."

Y’zaks ran to Lily and tried to persuade her while Hao Ren immediately started setting up the "rite scene" along with Vivian. They prepared and placed the metal box in advance, setting it up in a large open s.p.a.ce, while burning the tangy herbal cakes with charcoal. Soon, the place was filled with a drowsy scent. Vivian's special incense was really treasure. Nevertheless, it still worked even in this sort of open environment. Hao Ren has began starting to feel a little drowsy even after his body was enhanced.

Hao Ren hoped that Lily did not have strong resistance to the scent. If she followed the standard playing time of a Husky and kept on playing, the sun will rise soon...

The communication between Y’zaks and Lily was quite smooth. The big demon was not scratched by Lily as well. Although the werewolf girl was particularly excited, she did not lose her senses and could still recognize her housemates. When she saw acquaintances approaching her, she would calm herself down naturally.

However, it did not last longer than expected. Lily was completely unable to stay calm and sit still. Basically, she could only maintain her concentration for approximately one minute and that is why she would start running and playing around again before Vivian could finish her words previously.

Y’zaks quickly led Lily into a range of incense along with the precious one minute period when Lily was able to calm down. Next, the three of them will find ways together to allow Lily to sit amidst the incense.

The giant husky was finally calmed. She sat properly for more than 10 meters ahead of Hao Ren. Her head, still twitching from left to right curiously, observing her surroundings with a new height. Her tail was wagging in a briskly way which helped to diffuse the incense thoroughly. Perhaps Lily was just playing a little too hard just now, therefore, she felt a little hot this instance. She put her tongue out and continuously panting herself out. This seemed to be a good in a sense that Lily nearly inhaled most of the aroma around her and this even suffocated Hao Ren as he stepped two steps forward... The big dog's lung capacity was huge.

Vivian looked at Lily nervously. Soon she realised that the giant husky began to slowly doze off, and the forceful beast in the air was also dispersing little by little. The incense worked!

"This is prepared specifically for werewolves ..." Vivian was surprised and continued, "It works on huskies as well?"

Hao Ren shrugged and said, "Wolves and and huskies are close relatives after all."

"…Werewolf, wolf, husky, husky-turns-human, they are basically four species alright," said Vivian in a serious manner. "There may have some blood relations.h.i.+p between huskies and wolves, but the other two... What the heck is this?"

Yes, what the heck is this? Probably this was about to be an unsolved mystery for a long period of time and the current major issue was that the incense actually worked.

The two-story-tall giant figure was smoked for several minutes within the haze. She barely could resist the drowsiness, wobbled and fell like a mountain. "Bang!" Even the ground was shaking thoroughly. Hao Ren saw the huge figure of Lily which began to shrink rapidly in the haze. She was finally turning back into human form.

However, before Hao Ren could see what was going on exactly, Y’zaks and himself were chased away by Vivian. The vampire lady ordered them with power like a master of the house, "You two, step aside, turn your back and don’t peek! My little bats are watching you. Whoever peep shall have nothing to eat tomorrow!"

Hao Ren could roughly guessed what was happening. He quickly dragged Y’zaks and ran off to an area far away from that hideous place and waited. The big demon asked while squatting at his spot, "What happen?"

"Just don’t look there," Hao Ren said. But then he thought of the big demon’s race and with his instinctive curiosity, he shook his head and said, "It’s difficult for you to understand. Our aesthetic standards are different."

Y’zaks, "?"

The two of them loitered around for a bit when all of a sudden, fluttering of a bat's wings was heard and approached them from close by.

Sure enough, this was Lily's first encounter with such a thorough transformation. Therefore, the relevant professional skills are not thoroughly skilled. Her clothes were sc.r.a.pped. Fortunately, they had an attentive vampire back home. Vivian even remembered to prepare a replacement dress for Lily. Although the two of them were constantly having conflicts, however Vivian’s kindness was shown at this critical moment.

"Landlord landlord!" Lily had recovered soon enough after she was free from the incenses’ range. She jumped out of Vivian’s arms and onto the ground happily, grasped upon Hao Ren's arm, shook it vigorously and asked, "How was it? I’m very formidable right!"

At this instance, Hao Ren suddenly realised a highly difficult problem. Lily had been so excited that she began gamboling around and had no idea what she had become.

Now, as Lily's temporary guardian, he must find a way to explain the truth to this unfortunate girl...

"Now, I would rather find that crazy woman to perish together!"

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 92: Human Again

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