The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 91

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Lily's evolutionary process was more rapid than expected. It took a few minutes from the appearance of the unusual phenomenon to the completion of her transformation. However, the process was still intense. A large area within a 100-meter radius turned into a bowl-shaped pit because of the wind pressure during her transformation. The soil and rocks within the range were gone. After the most violent shock wave ended, Lily had turned into a giant beast of seven or eight meters in length and about three meters in height. That was bigger than Charlie. Her height alone already implied that she was as powerful and fierce as Y’zaks when he appeared in front of them for the first time. However, it seemed that only her body size made her look rather powerful and fierce.

Vivian stretched her neck and kept looking at Lily for quite some time. When she heard another "Awoooo… woof", she finally confirmed it and said, "That’s really a husky."

"Stop joking. We’re getting down to business." Of course, Hao Ren did not believe it at first. He did not take Vivian’s words seriously. He felt that she just wanted to seize the opportunity to make fun of the dumb werewolf. And to be fair, he believed that the giant canine in the pit was indeed a wolf. From the body size to the powerful vibe, they all belonged to a wolf. Although the contours on her face were slightly softer... However, based on the murderous eyes, triangular upright ears and sharp teeth...she looked just like a wolf from all angles.

It was just the "woof" that puzzled him.

"I’m not joking." Vivian glanced at Hao Ren and said, "Although huskies and wolves look alike, you can still tell the difference if you look closely. I've dealt with werewolves for thousands of years and I've seen how some wolves evolved into different kinds of dogs. Do you think I can't tell?"

Hao Ren was instantly stunned. He noticed that Vivian did not look like she was joking at all. The vampire maiden looked totally serious as though she was simply stating the truth. He could not seem to believe it and asked, "…You’re saying…This is a husky?!"

Vivian nodded vigorously.

Hao Ren was flabbergasted. He slowly turned around and looked at Lily. The huge ‘wolf’ was still looking up at the moon and behaving in an insane manner. She kept howling and barking at it. Looking at the scene, Hao Ren felt that the amount of information his brain could process had reached its limit. He could not think properly. He held his head, slowly crouching down as he said, "Don’t speak, let me figure it out…"

However, no matter how hard he tried to figure out what had just happened, the fact was already there. He had to face the truth that came cras.h.i.+ng in: Lily revealed her true ident.i.ty after her complete evolution. She was a husky… and this demolished his entire understanding of the world.

She was a husky, my fellow audience and friends, young and old men, brothers and sisters! She was a husky! Not even the author could believe his own keyboard. How could Hao Ren believe it?

But whether Hao Ren believed it or not, Lily was quite satisfied anyway. The dumba.s.s felt a long-lost sense of comfort after she transformed. Her repressed power and instincts were all released. She chattered to the moon for several minutes. Then, she noticed her three little companions standing on the edge of the pit and she trotted happily towards them. Can you imagine what a husky with the body length of seven or eight meters looks like trotting merrily? Hao Ren returned to earth due to a mild earthquake. When he looked up, he saw an unprecedentedly large pointed mouth with sharp teeth leaning down towards him. He broke out in cold sweat and shouted, "...Wait a minute! Lily, what are you doing? You promised me you would keep your head all the way…"

"She just wants to lick you." said Vivian, who breezed to the side and spoke uncaringly. Y’zaks ran even faster. The big demon directly teleported hundreds of meters away when he realized something had went wrong.

"Lick me―" Before Hao Ren could finish, a warm tongue descended from the sky onto his body. He felt like he had been hit head-on by a speeding car. If his body had not been strengthened, the lick could have broken half of his ribs. Lily's licking even activated Hao Ren's Steel Membrane s.h.i.+eld and he found the translucent membrane s.h.i.+ning all over his body. The membrane protected his body from being accidentally ripped off by Lily but failed to protect his new clothes.

When the two heartless guys came to the rescue, Hao Ren looked like he had just been bombed in the Middle East. Three-fifths of his clothing was inside Lily's belly…

"Are you completely covered in saliva?" Vivian seemed to be asking with concern. However, she soon found that there was a layer of isolated, translucent light membrane covering Hao Ren and blocking Lily's saliva attack. She was very interested in it and asked, "Eh, is that the Steel Membrane s.h.i.+eld you were talking about? Can you let me try?"

"Can you get me a coat first?" Hao Ren looked down at the rags on his body, on the verge of tears. "Who else can communicate with Lily? She can only howl and bark now..."

How could Vivian get him clothes? Finally, Y’zaks took off his coat and put it on Hao Ren. It looked like a jacket on Y’zaks but looked like a cloak on Hao Ren. Lily was still in a state of excitement and she could not calm down. She had no idea how much trouble she had brought upon her tiny, little companions down there. She just tilted her head and looked at Vivian flying around her head. She twisted her neck like a restless puppy… no, big dog. She would occasionally crane her neck and try to lick Hao Ren again. But Hao Ren was much smarter this time. He ran away immediately without hesitation. After all, it was not his coat.

Vivian flew around Lily's head for some time. After she confirmed that the big dog was not aggressive, she moved closer to the big dog and shouted, "Doggie, can you hear me?!"

Lily's ear twitched slightly. She nimbly turned towards Vivian’s direction and nodded vigorously. She kept panting while nodding. Additionally, her wagging tail almost threw sand and stones in all directions. Watching this, Hao Ren could only accept it even though he was not willing to believe it. He kept this girl as a wolf for one month but she turned out to be a husky…

How could a real wolf wag its tail like that!

Hao Ren confirmed that Lily could understand their words and was slightly relieved.

Then he yelled, "Can you speak?"

Lily opened her mouth and replied, "Aw… woo?"

"She can understand words but can’t speak. Such a dumba.s.s… She’s gotten more useless after the evolution." Vivian flapped her wings and descended gracefully. She found it both funny and annoying. "I’ve been nervous for a whole three days, worrying that she would get stronger after her evolution..."

"I think she's really become more powerful than before," said Y’zaks. There were no huskies in the big demon’s world. He was the only one who did not understand why Hao Ren and Vivian overreacted.

"...This has nothing to do with combat power." Hao Ren’s tone sounded strange as he explained, "Huskies are the benchmark of… the Dumba.s.s World."

A blue light was darting swiftly from the distance. The MDT, which was dumped near Lily as a detector (also called a lightning device?) was heading back to Hao Ren. The hapless PDA could not resist the shock wave and ended up buried several meters under the ground. But as a result, it did not have a single scar on it. It really was a high-tech product from the Xi Ling Celestials. The MDT did not have time at that moment to complain. It circled rapidly around Hao Ren and asked, "What happened? Isn’t the werewolf turning back into a wolf? How did it turn out to be a giant husky?"

Even the MDT said the same thing. Lily's real ident.i.ty was confirmed. The PDA had a biometric function.

After Lily’s transformation, it seemed that even her attention span had transformed into that of a husky’s level. She was so close to three of them but she did not pay any attention to what they were saying. The dumb girl's attention soon averted elsewhere and she began to wander around the grounds. She ran around, picked up a ‘small stone’ (the size of a nether millstone) and played fetch alone. The next minute, she looked for a suitable place and dug a big hole with her front paws really quickly for no reason. Most of the time, she just trotted everywhere aimlessly. You can imagine what it was like when a behemoth was running around. However, the most obvious scene was the wagging of her tail as she ran...

It was simply unbearable to look straight at Lily’s innocent and naive appearance. Hao Ren thought that he would not be able to watch movies and dramas the same way again. He would not even be able to face the dictionary for the rest of his life...

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 91

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