The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 94: Not Just Any Husky

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Chapter 94: Not Just Any Husky

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ever since yesterday, Lily had been isolating in her room. She hadn't responded to anyone.

Vivian made breakfast ready; in fact it was more like lunch than a breakfast since Lily only woke up at ten. Realizing Lily wasn't at the table, she glanced at the bedroom door and asked, "Is Doggie OK?"

"After going through such emotional shock, she needed sometime alone." said Hao Ren as he filled up his bowl with rice. "I’ll send in her breakfast. I'm afraid that you’re the last person she would want to see at the moment. It’s just too embarra.s.sing."

"Why is that?" Vivian hadn't gotten the message.

Hao Ren spread his hands as he said, "The vampire is still a vampire, but the werewolf that she have always been proud of turned out to be a husky. Her self-esteem must have hit rock bottom. She’s too embarra.s.sed."

"Feeling less important? I don’t think she would have thought of that deeply in mind," Vivian sat beside Hao Ren as she tossed a ham to Rollie. "What’s more, our relations.h.i.+p isn't as tense as you've imagined. No doubt we have had quarrels but we aren't sworn enemies, there isn't enough reason for her to not face me. Those are my thoughts."

No one knows what goes on within Lily’s mind except herself. But considering how sensitive she is as a person, it was kind of hard to tell what was in her mind; Hao Ren thought as he took a long sigh. After being a day of cold-eyed bystander, all of a sudden, Y’zaks chimed in. "Although I don’t know what the heck ‘Husky’ is, but that little girl’s really sad?"

"It’s hard to explain what it feels like when a werewolf discovers it isn't a werewolf at all, but a husky." Hao Ren was being honest. But Y’zaks was dismissive, "It isn't hard to understand. I knew a demon team leader whom thought to himself that all this while he was the offspring of a fallen angel, but I hadn't had the courage to tell him that his wings was in fact a deformity caused by dystopia..."

Hao Ren: "..... I’ll send Lily her breakfast."

He took the meal, came to her doorstep, and knocked twice. There wasn't any response.

"Hey, Lily, it’s me." Hao Ren knocked a little harder this time. "I brought you breakfast, could you please open the door? We can talk over it after you have your breakfast..."

Before his voice trailed off, the door swung open. Lily was standing there, yawning. "Landlord, meal time isn't it?"

"... just woke up?" asked Hao Ren.


"We were knocking on your door..."

"I didn't hear it."


Not a slight bit of sadness was written on her sleepy face. He didn't know what to make out of it, as they’ve been worried for nothing since last night and till this morning. Lily had been sleeping like a log.

Hao Ren had wanted to ask but he didn't: was the dumb husky in such a hurry to show off its natural instinct after knowing her real ident.i.ty last night?

Lily didn’t have a clue about the dramatic expression written on Hao Ren’s face. She took her breakfast over to the table and started gobbling until she was completely stuffed. "Burrrp! I'm done!"

"Have your brains been short-circuited?" Vivian stared at Lily in amazement before patting her head. She said, "Doggie, do you remember what happened last night?"

Lily’s facial expression changed after hearing that, and that was a good sign—it proved that she hadn't gone insane. Her eyes took a quick sweep of her surroundings before glacing upon Hao Ren. "Landlord... am I really a husky?"

"Nothing is as truthful than this, don’t run away from it, Lily." Vivian answered on behalf of Hao Ren. "Think about it, wolves and huskies are close relatives, so do werewolves and werehuskies. Think of yourself as a minority within the werewolf race."

"The only werehusky in the werewolf race?" Lily gave out an astonished face while counting her fingers. "Why am I the only husky...?"

"Who knows, there could be a husky branch in the werewolf race?" Vivian tried to comfort her. "Look, huskies evolved from wolves, as they came from the same family a few hundred years ago. So a werehusky spin-off from werewolves is entirely possible."

"Well, that sounds a little out of this world." Hao Ren whispered to Y’zaks.

"But I think she’s got a point." said Y’zaks as he nodded.

Hao Ren: "....."

Lily hasn’t gotten used to think about such complex situations, she had completely lost the thread. In the end, she shrugged it off and said, "Forget it, I'm happy with my life, after all it has got nothing to do with food and sleep."

Hao Ren looked at Lily in amazement: she’s more husky than a husky when it comes to thinking, and as naive as one could ever get.

"I've go an idea, I know how to verify your ident.i.ty in the most accurate way." As a vampire, Vivian had been color-blind species-wise. She reached out and held Lily by her hand to offer her help. "Appearance can be deceiving while the MDT could have messed things up, but I've got a reliable way to do that."

Lily’s ears stood up as she listened. "How?"

"Allow me to suck your blood."

Lily shook off Vivian’s hand and hid behind Hao Ren. "Battie, mind what you say! I thought I could treat you as a friend?"

"Look how tense you've become," Vivian gave Lily an oblique glance. "It’s just like getting a blood test done in the hospital, I’d only take a sip for testing purposes. I’m not saying I feast on it. Look, if you decline my offer, you won’t find similar services elsewhere, and that will leave you no choice but to visit a vet. Where on earth could you find a vet who would do a werewolf and werehusky verification?"

Something told Hao Ren that MDT a.n.a.lysis was way better than Vivian’s homemade formula. But after pondering for some time, Lily chose to buy upon Vivian’s idea. "Alright, let’s make it upfront, just one bite, or else I’ll bite back. You know my teeth is sharper than yours."

A teeth fight between a husky and a vampire— how cute could the maiden get?

Vivian was all smiles as she slowly walked up to Lily. Lily’s tail straightened as she instinctively curled herself up on the couch. "Where... are you going to bite?"

"As per our clan’s custom—the neck. Of course I’d bite the arm if you’re scared."

"What’s there to be afraid of? Here’s my neck... Oh, wait a second, have you brushed your teeth yet?"

"The teeth of the esteemed Blood Clan are sterile. No worries, in fact they’re cleaner than a clean room."

"...rinse your mouth first, at least."

"Stop the bullsh*t! Here you go, close your eyes!"


Before Lily could finish her trashy talk, Vivian had sunk her fangs into Lily’s neck, and the werewolf girl could only force out a short cry of surprise. Hao Ren stood by aside and watched throughout as the two beautiful were entangled together on the couch, which led out an imagination of the blooming lilies’ scene... what a waste.

Anyway, Vivian kept her word as she had only sucked a small amount of blood out of Lily’s neck. It took less than a few seconds before Vivian got to her feet. She smacked her mouth appreciating the after-taste. A strange hot flush appeared on Lily’s face as she looked at Vivian quizzically. "How’s that?"

Vivian’s expression slowly changed from calm to frowning. Lily tensed up when she saw the odd expression on Vivian’s face. "Please don’t scare me... how was it?"

"I think my understanding of the world is still very limited," said Vivian as she quietly distanced herself away from Lily. "There’re two things, neither which I know is good news nor bad news. First, you’re definitely a husky, I swear by the name of Blood Clan. I've never made a mistake when it comes to blood identification."

Lily had prepared herself mentally, so she hadn’t got a problem with the first news. "What about the second?"

"...I had also identified a one-sixteenth Pekingese bloodline."

The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 94: Not Just Any Husky

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