A Valiant Life Chapter 1166

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Published at 18th of July 2019 02:30:08 PM Chapter 1166: 1166

Jin Meng was very curious . “Master Lin? What kind of problem did you see in this guy?”

She couldn't see any problem, and she didn't believe that Master Lin could really see something .

Yun Xue Yao was very curious as well . However, she didn't ask anything . When Ma Shao Hao's father came, they would probably find out what exactly was going on .

“Hey, let go of me!”

Ma Shao Hao struggled . Right now, he was completely dumbfounded . They weren't giving him any respect at all .

If he had known that things would turn out like this, he wouldn't have stayed . It was simply asking for death . He was being held onto the ground .

Initially, he had thought that Zhao Xuan was f*cking awesome . But now, it seemed that he had been mistaken .

Awesome my a*s . He just got defeated like that . How shameful .

As for those martial art experts, they didn't even dare to say a single word right now . They just stood there respectfully .

Ma Shao Hao knew that this Master Lin was f*cking awesome . But right now, it seemed that he was too f*cking awesome . After all, this was Haojiang . It would have been understandable if they were in Shanghai, but now, he couldn't understand it .

Zhao Xuan groaned in his heart . He felt that something wasn't right . This Master Lin's gaze was quite peculiar . It was as if Master Lin was looking through him . It made him feel very uncomfortable .

The diners around them had run away long ago after seeing the situation . They didn't want any part of this . Sometimes, one would get unnecessarily dragged into a bad situation .

Zhao Zhong Yang held his phone as he pointed the camera lens at those two guys .

Ma Shao Hao said, “What are you taking photos of?”

Zhao Zhong Yang retorted, “I'm not taking photos . I'm broadcasting . It's fine, show your face and say hi to my Internet buddies . ”

“F*ck . What are you doing? Stop broadcasting my face . Take his face instead . ”

Ma Shao Hao didn't want to say anything anymore .  What the f*ck is up with today? I was slapped in the face by this guy, and I was even thrown to the ground by that old man . Now, this guy is broadcasting me .

If someone I know sees this, it would be humiliating!

In the broadcast room, the netizens started roaring with laughter .

“Haha . I'm dying of laughter . These guys tried to cause trouble for Master Lin, but now, they've been done in by Master Lin . I wonder what the heck they're thinking right now . ”

“What else could they be thinking about? They must be wanting to cry . These people basically dug their own graves . ”

“Look at this guy . He's so miserable . I feel that he's probably the most unfortunate person in the world . ”

“Master Lin is just bringing his staff to Haojiang for a vacation, but so many things actually happened . How peculiar is that? If I could be there, it would really be great . ”

“I wonder what will happen once that Ma Shao Hao's father comes . ”

“What is up with those big guys? Why did they turn on their boss?”

“Those guys are martial artists . Don't you know who Master Lin is? At Kunlun Mountain, he amazed the crowd and became the undisputed Chief of the martial arts circles . How could these guys not be afraid of him?”

Zhao Zhong Yang went all out to broadcast the scene for his Internet buddies . Even though Ma Shao Hao tried to hide his face, Zhao Zhong Yang found different angles to capture his face .

Meanwhile, Fraud Tian shook his head . These guys were simply finding trouble for themselves . They really didn't know what was good for themselves .

Going against Lin Fan was really stupid . Didn't they know how many people had ended up tragically after going against Lin Fan?

Soon after .

“Xue Yao…”

A middle-aged man, who looked around fifty years of age, was stunned upon looking at this scene . And that young man who was being held against the table seemed like his son .

“Uncle Ma . ” Yun Xue Yao stood up .

Ma Guo Hui walked over hastily . When he saw Lin Fan, he immediately extended his hand . “Nice to meet you, Master Lin . I've been looking forward to meeting you . ”

Lin Fan stood up as well . “Nice to meet you . ”

Lin Fan could tell that this Ma Guo Hui was insanely wealthy . Moreover, anyone who knew Yun Xue Yao was no ordinary person .

“You rotten brat, are you causing trouble again? And you've even caused trouble for Master Lin?” Ma Guo Hui barked .

He was one of the big shots in Haojiang . He had a good understanding of matters happening in the country . He was particularly aware of Master Lin . After all, he would frequently meet some big leaders, and those leaders would often talk about Master Lin .

Also, he even knew that Master Lin had a good relations.h.i.+p with that elderly man in Beijing . That made him feel that Master Lin was no simple man .

Hence, after hearing Yun Xue Yao's description of the situation over the phone, he definitely had to come down to take a look and see what was going on .

“Dad, I didn't!” Ma Shao Hao cried out miserably .

He was very fearful of his father . He deeply resented what Yun Xue Yao had done . It was really despicable to call his old man over . He was completely at a loss .

“Hmph . I'll settle this matter with you when we go back,” said Ma Guo Hui furiously .

Then, that big man let go of Ma Shao Hao . Although no one was holding him now, Ma Shao Hao still didn't dare to move .

Since his father was here now, there was nothing more he could say . He could only stay there obediently .

Ma Guo Hui looked at Zhao Xuan who was being held there as well, and he wondered who this young man was .

Lin Fan raised his hand . “Chief Ma, you have to be wary of this man . He has bad intentions being with your son . He might cause you trouble and even harm your son in the future . ”

When Ma Shao Hao heard this, he interrupted, “Don't try to trick others . He's my friend . You're being absurd!”

Ma Guo Hui was taken aback . Then, his brows furrowed . “Master Lin, could I trouble you to elaborate further?”

He couldn't quite understand clearly what Master Lin's words meant . However, he had a rough idea . This man was dangerous .

Meanwhile, when Zhao Xuan heard those words, his expression changed drastically . Then, he growled, “Let go of me! I'm Ma Shao Hao's friend, why would I harm him? Don't accuse me of that!”

Lin Fan smiled . “You're from Hong Kong and you came here to collaborate with Ma Shao Hao . After all, Ma Shao Hao's family background could be of great benefit to you . Moreover, Ma Shao Hao is quite stupid, and he could never outsmart you . He would definitely end up getting fooled by you . As for the full story, I think Chief Ma can investigate and find out for himself . ”

“I'm not f*cking stupid!” Ma Shao Hao couldn't stand being called stupid .

“Shut up . ” Ma Guo Hui glared at him . He took out his phone and took Zhao Xuan's ident.i.ty card from his body . Then, he made a call .

“I want you to look into this person . I want all his information immediately . ”

With his abilities, he could investigate someone with a single phone call .

A Valiant Life Chapter 1166

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