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The girls left. Fraud Tian felt very pleased. There was an indescribable joy in him.

Then, he shook his body in front of Zhao Zhong Yang. "Did you see that? If you want to stop being single, you have to spontaneously attack."

Zhao Zhong Yang looked at Fraud Tian disdainfully. "Fraud, I've realized that you have no respect for age. You're already so old but you're still thinking about young girls. Aren't you afraid of being scolded?"

Fraud Tian reb.u.t.ted, "What's wrong? I'm not lying or stealing. Love has no boundaries. Who says that the old cannot have romance with the young? With your att.i.tude, you can keep being a bachelor for the rest of your life. When I stop being single, you'll be jealous."

Zhao Zhong Yang made an 'as if I'd believe your bullsh*t' expression.

Lin Fan looked at Elder Dog and said, "Look at you. Are you satisfied now? You've managed to show off big time. Does it feel good?"

Woof woof!

Elder Dog barked merrily. He was the Righteous Doggy. Now, he had to go and do righteous deeds. There were many people waiting for him.

Just as Fraud Tian was about to get up and get to work…

Another group of people came from afar.

When Lin Fan saw this, he was dumbfounded. "What the f*ck is going on? Is this never going to end?"

"Who are you?" asked Lin Fan doubtfully.

A young man immediately went forward and shook Lin Fan's hand. "Master Lin, I'm really too grateful for you. It was your pet dog that saved my child."

Lin Fan understood now. So these people were here to thank him.

"No need to thank me. I didn't expect him to be so brave either." In front of others, Lin Fan had to praise Elder Dog. After all, if he bragged about Elder Dog, he would receive some of the limelight as well.

At that moment, the young mother squatted down and patted Elder Dog's head. She said gratefully, "Thank you so much, Little Doggy. You're the savior of our family."

The man took out some things. "Master Lin, these are for Elder Dog. Please accept it as our regards. If it hadn't been for him, our newborn child wouldn't be around anymore."


The man took out an embroidered banner and a red packet.

Lin Fan waved his hand. "No need for the red packet. I'll accept this embroidered banner."

The shop owners came gathering around.

"D*mn, Elder Dog is incredible."

"Sister Hong, you're considered Elder Dog's relative. In future, the light will s.h.i.+ne on you as well."

Sister Hong stared at the person who said that. What did he mean by relative? But after thinking, she realized that it was true. That Elder Dog had impregnated her dog and her dog was going to give birth soon. They could indeed be considered relatives.

Everyone started laughing.

The pet dogs of Cloud Street came over as well. They were all filled with pride. Their boss had been put in the limelight and as his loyal underlings, their dog hearts were naturally filled with pride.

Lin Fan took a look at the flag and his expression became one of marvel.

"In the face of danger, the hero is fearless."

"Presented to Elder Dog Nicholas"


Lin Fan was a little jealous. He had gone through so much but he had never received such a high-grade banner before. He had not expected this d*mned dog to receive such a thing.

The man said, "Master Lin, please accept it. Elder Dog is really too brave. I've never seen a dog like him. In the past, I used to think badly of mutts but now, my views have changed. I'm going to raise a mutt to grow up together with my son. When he grows up, I'll tell my son about this incident. His life was saved by a dog."

Lin Fan laughed awkwardly, "Alright, thank you then. Actually, acting courageously for a just cause is a very normal thing."

The man shook his head, "No. Our family will never forget about this."

The young mother added, "If Elder Dog didn't save my son, who knows how I would have become?"

Lin Fan looked at the two of them, then at Elder Dog. He laughed in a gratified manner. No matter what, this deed had been done beautifully by Elder Dog.

After chatting for a while.

The couple, filled with grat.i.tude, left the place.

And something that Lin Fan had not expected happened.

He had thought that those crazy fans would stop coming but unexpectedly, it wasn't that they had stopped coming but it was just that they had gone to buy things and had been held up.

Cloud Street was bustling.

Countless fans had gathered at Cloud Street.

"Master Lin, this is my gift for Elder Dog."

"Master Lin, this is dog food that I imported. Elder Dog will definitely like it."

"Can we take a group photo with Elder Dog? We really love him."

In the face of such requests, what else could Lin Fan say? He just nodded in agreement. As long as they were happy.

Seeing Elder Dog surrounded by his fans, Lin Fan didn't know what to say. Forget it. Let's just treat it as after working hours and relax.


Lin Fan prepared a secret recipe dinner for Elder Dog. he now realized that the composition of things inside Elder Dog's body had slowly changed.

The things that Elder Dog ate were instantly turned into nutrients, enriching his body so that he could grow even stronger.

The eighteenth page's task, to raise Elder Dog into a great being, would perhaps take some time. After all, how could he suddenly become f*cking awesome?

*ring ring*

At that moment, Lin Fan's phone rang. It was an unknown number.

"h.e.l.lo, who is this?"

"h.e.l.lo, Master Lin. I'm a film director. My surname is Cheng and I would like to invite Elder Dog out to act in a film. Don't worry. This film was specially created for Elder Dog by us. It will definitely…"

Lin Fan didn't want to hear anymore and just hung up the call.

Indeed, after Elder Dog had become famous, people in businesses had set their gazes on him.

As Elder Dog's guardian, how could Lin Fan accept this?

*ring ring*

Another call came.

Lin Fan was a little speechless. "No need to call me. Elder Dog doesn't need to act in a movie."

Director Cheng said, "Master Lin, please wait a moment and listen to what I have to say. Don't worry, the price we are offering will definitely satisfy you. h.e.l.lo…?"

Lin Fan hung up again.

Director Cheng was upset with Master Lin now. What was wrong with people these days? He had no manners at all. Before hearing what Director Cheng had to say, he hung up. That was a little ridiculous.

In the morning.

Lin Fan did not have a good sleep at all. Early in the morning, people called him.

If it wasn't to ask Elder Dog to act in a music video, it was for him to shoot a commercial.

One by one, he answered the calls. There were tens of calls in total.

Lin Fan could not take it anymore. He made a post on Weibo.

"Stop calling me. Elder Dog won't accept any commercial acting roles, not will he shoot any commercials or movies. Don't force me to flame you all. r.e.t.a.r.ds."

After sending this Weibo post, the netizens p.i.s.sed themselves from laughter.

Only people in those industries understood the situation.

This was the era of hype. Whoever was hot could act as a guarantee.

Now that Elder Dog had become so hot, of course, there were people who had placed their attention on Elder Dog.

Since Lin Fan couldn't sleep anymore, he got up and went to Cloud Street.

Cloud Street.

"Wu You Lan asked, "What's wrong, Brother Lin?"

Lin Fan replied, "What else could it be? It's all those managers and directors who want Elder Dog to act in their films so they can earn money. I've rejected all of them. If I had known, I wouldn't have put my number on the Internet. What a troublesome matter."

Wu You Lan smiled, "Isn't this normal? It's because Elder Dog is so hot now. Many people are paying attention to him."

Lin Fan shook his head, "Let's not talk about this. It's too troublesome."

A Valiant Life Chapter 781 This Banner Is Quite Good

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