Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 27 Chapter 299 Part1

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When Qing Qing raised her hands, something weird happened. There was a ring on every finger of her hands. All ten rings lit up with a bright glow, making her look like a member of the nouveau riche. Following that, a scepter appeared in her hand, two yellow, two purple, and one black soul ring surfacing from it. The first, second, and third soul rings lit up simultaneously. Although her control of her soul skills wasn't as immaculate as Xiao Xiao's, she could still be considered quite adept!

Three connected streaks of lights landed on Qin Yueyue. Her entire body started to s.h.i.+ne with green light, and her entire aura immediately changed.

On the other side of Qin Yueyue, Chen Jun materialized a heavy s.h.i.+eld in his hand. The top of the s.h.i.+eld was rectangular, while the bottom was a triangular wedge. It reached almost two meters in height, a cla.s.sic tower s.h.i.+eld. He looked fearsome as he hoisted his s.h.i.+eld. Chen Ju's martial soul was unknown, but it seemed to enhance his strength and soul power. His s.h.i.+eld was embedded with four huge gems, which soul engineers could tell formed the formation arrays of his s.h.i.+eld.

Attack, defense, and enhancement! The combination of these three from the Clearjade Sect was rather strong. Furthermore, they defended the rest of their teammates as they appeared.

The Tang Sect was advancing less quickly. No one had unleashed any strong abilities. Xu Sans.h.i.+ walked in front with the s.h.i.+eld of the Xuanwu Turtle before him. As he looked at Chen Jun's s.h.i.+eld, he even said, "Aiyo, I've finally met someone similar!"

Both parties were less than thirty meters apart now. On the Clearjade Sect's side, Qin Yueyue lifted her blade up high. However, the Tang Sect's formation broke apart just before she managed to slash her blade down. Three went to the left, while four moved to the right, creating a gap in their formation.

Qin Yueyue stopped her blade suddenly and spat out blood in extreme discomfort. The gap her opponents had created was supposed to be where her blade landed!

Just as she stopped, w.a.n.g Dong'er used Huo Yuhao's wheelchair to propel herself into the air. In mid-air, the G.o.ddess of Light's pair of b.u.t.terfly wings opened up, and the Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess shot straight towards the Clearjade Sect like a glowing meteor shower.

Not only that, but a series of whizzing sounds also resonated out. Streaks and streaks of white light flew into the air under the cover of the Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess, and engulfed their opponents. The Origin of Destruction, He Caitou, finally attacked!

Apart from He Caitou, the rest of Shrek's Seven Monsters were most adept in mid or close-combat battle. Even Huo Yuhao wasn't an exception. Although he was also a soul engineer, he didn't specialize in long-range attacks.

He Caitou had always been researching stationary soul tools, and he had learned how to accurately attack his targets from a distance. Although he couldn't use stationary soul tools in this tournament, he was still very good in terms of long-range and wide aretype attacks.

While Tang Sect's movements to their left and right appeared very sudden, it was precisely these movements that immediately messed up the Clearjade Sect's rhythm. When He Caitou's wide area attack landed, Qin Yueyue still hadn't slashed out with her blade yet.

Furthermore, He Caitou's soul tools and w.a.n.g Dong'er's Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess were guided by Huo Yuhao's Spiritual Detection. The level of precision was down to the millimeter! Huo Yuhao was even monitoring the formation of their opponents!

He Caitou wasn't using a strong soul tool, only a Cla.s.s 4 stinger cannon. Such soul cannons weren't able to create explosions that covered huge areas, but the penetrative power of the attacks from such soul cannons were very high. They could potentially even punch all the way through someone and hit the person behind them!

The best way to deal with such soul cannons was to avoid them. As long as they were avoided, they were unlikely to cause much damage.

He Caitou fired sixteen of these cannons. At least one of them was targeted at every Clearjade Sect disciple, and was even aimed at their heads. Their points of contact were precisely calculated using Huo Yuhao's Spiritual Detection, and no mistakes would be made. The remaining ten cannons were aimed at one person, which wasn't the team leader or Xue Bing. They were aimed at the weakest, but fastest, You Chen!

w.a.n.g Dong'er's Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess seemed to engulf a huge area, but it only had two main targets, Xue Bing and Cain. The Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess surrounded both of them for only one reason: to affect them so that they couldn't help You Chen!

As for the three in front, they couldn't pose any threat to the Tang Sect, even though they were a good combination.

Everything sounded like it took a long time to complete, but in fact, this was all done very quickly. A tremendous boom shook the arena!

w.a.n.g Dong'er's Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess was decently strong. She was a Soul Emperor, but her attack wasn't considered extremely strong because she unleashed it over too large of an area. However, they still had to block her attack even if it wasn't at its best! In contrast, the penetrative abilities of stinger cannons were much stronger.

Out of the six Clearjade Sect disciples, Chen Jun, the one with the s.h.i.+eld, was the first to make a move. 

He raised his s.h.i.+eld into the air and covered himself, Qin Yueyue, and Qing Qing.

As the tremendous booms sounded out, the three of them stopped in their tracks, but weren't hurt by the Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess or the stinger cannons. The intense lights released by his s.h.i.+eld blocked all the attacks.

Xue Bing continued to demonstrate his strong side. As he moved, a dominating aura was released from his body. A strong gust of gas rose into the air and destroyed the stinger cannon sh.e.l.l flying towards him. After that, he also helped Cain block the Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess. He also quickly revealed his martial soul, as he leapt up and jumped over the three in front of him, bursting straight towards the Tang Sect team.

Cain raised her right hand gently, and five long, dark-golden nails extended out. She used her nails to scratch the stinger sh.e.l.l, which seemed to be drained as it contacted her nails, and failed to explode, instantly turning into a piece of sc.r.a.p metal. As for the Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess, Cain used her nails to destroy it, too!

However, You Chen wasn't so lucky. As an agility-type soul master, his role was to stay at the sides and lay an ambush for his opponents when the opportunity arose. It was the best way he could unleash his greatest fighting strength. As a result, he was stuck behind as his teammates burst forward. He wanted to take a side route and secretly attack one of Tang Sect's members. He had no fixed target, but instead was ready to attack whoever was most exposed.

However, eleven stinger sh.e.l.ls were cras.h.i.+ng straight towards him under the cover of the Light of the b.u.t.terfly G.o.ddess before he even had a chance to move!

These cannons accurately took into account his trajectory, as well as how he circulated his soul power. He felt as if he were running straight into them!

He wasn't as powerful as Cain, and was even defeated by w.a.n.g Dong'er badly in the first round. After some rest, he had restored around fifty to sixty percent of his power. However, he was taken aback by these eleven cannon sh.e.l.ls. Out of pure reflex, he used a few soul skills and managed to deal with them.

However, a terrifying feeling caused his entire body to shudder. As he lifted his head to look into the sky, You Chen was horrified to see a metal ball with a diameter of around half a meter in the air. This metal ball was facing him like a huge eye, an intense red glow undulating on its surface. As he lifted his head, a streak of red light had already shot straight down towards him.

At the same time, four familiar golden rings appeared around him. The four beams of golden light also rose and instantly locked him in place, there was no chance of escape.

A huge figure appeared in mid-air. A white barrier blocked You Chen's head, and a loud boom rang out a few times before it stopped. You Chen was very pale as he stood very still.

"Clearjade Sect, You Chen, eliminated." The huge figure was undoubtedly Zheng Zhan. When the streak of red light crashed down, he already knew that You Chen was helpless. In addition, You Chen had already used his Invincible Barrier. Even if he hadn't used it yet, he might not even be able to block this attack even if he tried to use it.

He was facing a strong Cla.s.s 7 soul tool called the Eye of Fear!

The Eye of Fear was a strange long-distance control-type soul tool. It could only take effect after being fired into the air. How high the Eye of Fear was fired was dependent on the level of the Eye of Fear. Such a soul tool could either be Cla.s.s 7, 8, or 9. However, the difference in strength between each cla.s.s was quite large.

A Cla.s.s 7 Eye of Fear could be fired up to a height of one hundred meters. From there, it could attack up to a distance of three hundred meters. Every ten seconds, it was able to fire a terror ray. A terror ray could dissect, blast, penetrate, dispel, scorch, and corrode, among other effects. How long it could last depended on the charging capabilities of its energy-gathering formation.

A Cla.s.s 8 Eye of Fear could be fired up to three hundred meters up, and remain in the air. It could attack at a distance of up to a thousand meters, and could be fired every fifteen to twenty seconds. It was three times stronger than a Cla.s.s 7 Eye of Fear. Additionally, it could explode! When it exploded, everything within a two hundred and fifty-meter radius of it would die!

Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 27 Chapter 299 Part1

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