Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 29 Chapter 362 Part3

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Dai Huabin charged through the vegetation before witnessing a terrifying sight; an enormous centipede was a.s.saulting Zhu Lu!

This centipede was more than three meters long, with uncountable legs. It was jade-green in color, and emanated a dark green toxic gas. Dai Huabin was still quite a distance away, but he could already smell a waft of its rotting stench.

Zhu Lu was using her agile hands against this giant centipede, but there was a gash extending all the way down from her pretty cheeks and across her entire right arm. Her right arm was hanging limply by her side, and it was evident that she had cried out in pain because of this wound.

Even though Dai Huabin had never seen this kind of soul beast before, his eyes became bloodshot when he realized that Zhu Lu was injured, and he unleashed a tiger's roar into the sky.

Dai Huabin's five soul rings rose up in an instant, while his already muscular body began to grow and expand. He was still relatively far away, so he opened his mouth as his second soul ring sparkled and fired a white beam of light towards that centipede.

The centipede looked very peculiar. It was like a tough spring, and suddenly spun around when it felt the threat coming from not too far away. It actually used its head to block Dai Huabin's White Tiger Fierce Light Wave. 

White light was deflected in all directions, but the centipede was only knocked sideways slightly. Its body twisted and meandered as the lower half of its body bounced lightly against the ground, before it launched itself towards Zhu Lu again. The centipede was obviously more interested in Zhu Lu than in Dai Huabin.

Dai Huabin was charging forward at full speed at this point, and he used his first, third, and fifth soul rings without any hesitation.

Those soul rings gave him his White Tiger's s.h.i.+eld, White Tiger's Vajra Transformation, and White Tiger's DevilG.o.d Transformation. These three soul skills were typically used together, and were the signature moves of the White Tiger lineage.

Dai Huabin transformed into an exceptionally muscular and burly giant more than two and a half meters tall. His entire body was covered in white fur, which radiated eye-catching color as his tiger claws protruded like razor-sharp blades. Dai Huabin raised his speed and strength to the highest possible level as he arrived beside Zhu Lu in a flash. He swung his tiger claws powerfully at the giant centipede. 

The centipede opened its mouth, and a dense and dark green venomous fog erupted from its jaws. This fog sprayed onto Dai Huabin's White Tiger s.h.i.+eld, and sizzling sounds could be heard. Dai Huabin could feel his soul power being consumed at an exponentially faster rate than before.

However, his claws struck the centipede's body as well! This time, the centipede didn't have an easy time dealing with Dai Huabin's attack.

Dai Huabin felt as if he had slashed into a thick and st.u.r.dy metal rod. The centipede was remarkably elastic, and it bolted swiftly into the air, but Dai Huabin's sharp claws left several deep gashes behind on its tough body.

Dai Huabin's fourth soul ring lit up at this moment, and uncountable light rays instantly rained down on the centipede.

In terms of connecting soul skills, Dai Huabin lived up to his reputation as one of Shrek Academy's elites. How could anybody who could enter Shrek Academy's inner courtyard be a subpar fighter?

Dai Huabin looked back at Zhu Lu as he attacked the centipede and asked, "How are you feeling, Lu Lu?"

Zhu Lu was clearly very relieved when she saw him. Her delicate frame swayed a little as she sat down on the ground. "I think I've been poisoned. Be careful."

"I'll kill it first, before I help you treat your wounds." Dai Huabin roared angrily once more. Zhu Lu being injured gave him a ma.s.sive heartache, and this was especially true after he had determined his true feelings for Zhu Lu earlier today.

Dai Huabin unleashed his full strength, and his body sprang into the air. He arrived before the giant centipede in almost the same instant as he stretched out his tiger claws and launched lightning-fast attacks upon it.

The centipede was quite formidable. Its body was three meters long, and was its strongest weapon, every single leg was like a sharp blade.

Dai Huabin couldn't be bothered with any tricks and techniques because he wanted to save Zhu Lu as quickly as possible. He relied on the effects of his White Tiger's three amplification soul skills stacking to fight force with force!

Shrill clas.h.i.+ng sounds rang out again and again as more and more wounds appeared on the enormous centipede's body. Dai Huabin's white fur and his White Tiger's s.h.i.+eld became his most effective defensive abilities, and he continued fighting force with force just like that. Even though he was expending soul power at an alarming rate, he didn't seem like he was injured at all.

Dai Huabin smashed the giant centipede once more, sending it flying. The enormous centipede was already wounded all over, and it seemed to realize that it had lost. It arched and bounced back to its feet before escaping rapidly into the distance.

Dai Huabin couldn't be bothered with chasing it; he immediately returned to Zhu Lu's side.

Zhu Lu was almost unconscious at this point. Dai Huabin only realized how serious her injuries were when he knelt down beside her.

The giant centipede's venom was extremely intense. Black streaks webbed all over her body, and this was especially true for her facial wound and the gash down her right arm. Her skin was starting to smell of rot, and even her flesh and the muscles beneath her skin had become black. Zhu Lu's soul power could only prevent the toxins from reaching her brain and heart. But even so, it didn't seem like she could hold those toxins off any longer.

What should I do? Dai Huabin's fighting strength was formidable enough, but he wasn't any good at first aid or treating wounds! Dai Huabin almost ground his teeth down as he watched Zhu Lu in the state she was in. 

"Hold on, Lu Lu." Dai Huabin growled as he suddenly raised his right hand and sliced off the flesh and skin around the wound on Zhu Lu's right arm. His other hand swiftly transformed back into a human arm, and he helped her seal her blood vessels to prevent her from losing too much blood.

However, Dai Huabin drew a cold breath once more after slicing off her poisoned flesh - the bones underneath Zhu Lu's flesh had already become black; it was clear that she was heavily poisoned.

What should I do? I can't hesitate any longer.

Dai Huabin took a deep breath, and his tiger eyes welled up with tears as he swiped out vigorously with his right hand. Sharp tiger claws that resembled sharp blades instantly cut downward…


Xu Sans.h.i.+'s eyes were a little lost as he appeared along a street. The street was bustling with activity, and there were many people around him.

Eh? Why does this place look so familiar?

He was shocked to realize that he seemed to have returned to the real world, and felt an indescribable familiarity towards everything around him.

Xu Sans.h.i.+ looked up at the sky. The sun was sliding down towards the west; it was evening.

"Second young master, second young master! Why are you still here? We've already made the reservation for you. Follow me, quickly. It's your birthday celebration today." A little fellow that seemed a little wretched raced over, and arrived before Xu Sans.h.i.+ as he panted vigorously. 

"What are you doing here, Chen Wen?" Xu Sans.h.i.+ felt a surge of warmth in his heart when he saw the person who was speaking to him. The reason was because this fellow who seemed exceptionally wretched was Xu Sans.h.i.+'s good friend that he had grown up with and played with as kid. This fellow was also his personal servant, and the two of them had been together since they were children. They were as close to one another as actual brothers. 

However, Chen Wen's talent wasn't good, and he didn't have any soul power after his martial soul had awakened. Xu Sans.h.i.+, meanwhile, became stronger and stronger, and after he entered Shrek Academy, they no longer kept in touch like they had before. Xu Sans.h.i.+ was elated when he saw Chen Wen here.

"What's wrong with you, second young master? Where am I supposed to be if I'm not supposed to be here? Quickly, follow me, or we'll be late! You have no idea, but I've found an exquisite one for you today. You will definitely be pleased. Haven't you been saying for years that you wished to experience that wonderful sensation as soon as possible? Today is your fifteenth birthday, and the house master has personally arranged everything for you. Why aren't you eager and in a hurry?"

Xu Sans.h.i.+ could feel that something was wrong with his own voice when he spoke, and he suddenly snapped his head down and stared at his own body when he heard Chen Wen's words.

He realized to his shock that his body had become smaller and shorter, and even his clothes were different from what he was wearing in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley.

My fifteenth birthday - my fifteenth birthday! Can it be? Can it be that I…?

Xu Sans.h.i.+ had an epiphany hit his brain like a thunderbolt at that moment. His mentality was typically stable and steady on normal days, but he couldn't help but feel a numbing and stinging feeling on his scalp, as if he had touched an electric current, and he was having trouble controlling himself. Xu Sans.h.i.+ felt as if Bei Bei had unleashed his Vigorous Thunderbolt on him.

This is my fifteenth birthday! Today is actually my fifteenth birthday! I… I'm actually back, and I look like I did all those years ago. How is that possible? How is any of this actually possible?

Chen Wen hurriedly ran over and tried to pull Xu Sans.h.i.+ along as he saw the sluggish look in his eyes. Xu Sans.h.i.+ was entirely immersed in his own memories at this moment, and his eyes were still lackadaisical as he followed Chen Wen's lead. Xu Sans.h.i.+'s mind was a mess.

Of course Xu Sans.h.i.+ remembered his fifteenth birthday. His fifteenth birthday was the day that he had first met her…

This place was his hometown, and both of them came from the same city. Xu Sans.h.i.+ came from the Heaven Dou Empire, and his family belonged to one of the Heavenly Dou Empire's reclusive sects, the Mysterious Underworld Sect. Everyone in his family had centered their hopes on Xu Sans.h.i.+ to succeed as house master in his generation, and his family had nurtured him as best they could since he was a child. Xu Sans.h.i.+ had entered Shrek Academy at the age of twelve, and he became an overnight celebrity along with Bei Bei when they amazed the world with their feats and became one of their cla.s.s's most outstanding students.

He had already been at Shrek Academy for three years when his fifteenth birthday came to pa.s.s.

Chen Wen tugged and pulled as he swiftly led Xu Sans.h.i.+ somewhere. This place's atmosphere seemed a little dubious. The lanterns that were hanging outside were pink, and there were pavilions and c.o.c.klofts inside, along with artificial rocks and landscapes. This place seemed exceptionally elegant and exquisite.

This place,,, it really is this place. I'm actually back! Does this mean that the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley is giving me a chance to undo what I did?

Xu Sans.h.i.+'s eyes suddenly became sharp and focused, and he suddenly felt his thoughts becoming clear and rational in that moment.

He raised his head and looked up at the sky. The moon had risen high into the sky, but it seemed like it was formed from a golden sun and a silver moon in Xu Sans.h.i.+'s eyes.

If… if you're really giving me a chance to undo what I did, I am absolutely willing even if my life is shortened by ten years. It was today's stupidity all those years ago that distanced my true love from me, and she is still haunted up until this day. She isn't the only one… I feel the same way!

"We're here, second young master, it's right inside." Chen Wen's smile became a little wider and more wavy as he pointed at a small room in a corner in front of them, not far from where they were standing.

This is the place. Xu Sans.h.i.+'s throat and mouth went dry at this moment. Everything was just as he remembered. He was back, he was actually back...

Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 29 Chapter 362 Part3

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