Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 31 Chapter 409 Part3

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"However, a thousand-year Spirit and a ten-thousand-year Spirit are obviously more useful than a hundred-year spirit. Through my conversation with the soul masters and the Spirits, I realized that a thousand-year Spirit with two soul skills can fuse with a soul master. However, after fusion, its first soul skill can fuse with its soul master, as well. In other words, the soul master can use another soul skill, exactly as if he had gained another soul ring. This soul skill can be used by the Spirit itself as part of its fighting skills. The other soul skill will be hidden in the Spirit's body. If a soul master's cultivation reaches the bottleneck of the next rank, the Spirit can unleash its soul skill to be the soul master's next soul ring. The precondition is that the soul master must accept it.

"From my perspective, it is highly likely that soul masters will accept it because their Spirit can only unleash the soul rings that it gives them. This will further strengthen his Spirit and compensate for the disparity between this soul ring and a higher-ranked one. At the same time, the higher the rank of that soul ring, the harder it will be to obtain it, and more difficult to find one that is suited for himself. Hence, why doesn't he just use the soul skill the Spirit can give him? To many soul masters, this is not a hard choice.

"When it comes to ten-thousand-year Spirits, they are even more useful for a soul master. First of all, the biggest benefit of a ten-thousand-year Spirit is that they are sentient. While it is harder to fuse with one, once completed, their intelligence will enable them to fuse their own fighting abilities with their soul master's, greatly benefiting the latter. In a fight, the Spirit will be part of the soul master's fighting abilities, and that's without it even providing a soul skill. 

"A ten-thousand-year soul beast, according to its cultivation, can provide between three and four soul skills for its soul master, who has the option to choose. In comparison, a soul master can only depend on luck when fusing with a soul ring. Furthermore, when one obtains a ten-thousand-year Spirit when one already has six rings, one will choose the soul ring the Spirit brings along with it when they add a seventh ring. This will ensure that the soul skill will be implanted into the Spirit, giving the Spirit an additional ability. For soul masters, this is tantamount to obtaining a ten-thousand-year soul ring. 

"A soul master's seventh soul skill is his Martial Soul True Body, which does not carry a soul skill with it. This is something that perplexes us soul masters, especially because of the benefits of a seventh soul ring. By giving the seventh soul skill to one's Spirit, this problem will be eliminated. Even if a soul master cannot use the soul skill himself, it will still benefit him greatly! This is equivalent to having one extra soul skill, how great is that?"

Huo Yuhao described it very clearly, and the humans and soul beasts who heard him all nodded. On the soul masters' side, many eyes gleamed. These powerful soul masters were all thinking how their disciples' fighting styles would change after they had obtained their Spirits.

As the first batch of test subjects, they were already ahead of their time!

Di Tian said, "These benefits are good. The problem now is, what's the success rate of the soul masters forming these contracts themselves? If we can't resolve this problem, no matter how good Spirits are, all they will bring to us soul beasts is more harm."

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, "I've considered this problem. What I can be sure of now is that if they try to fuse with hundred-year soul beasts, the success rate will be similar to mine. However, if they try it with thousand-year soul beasts or ten-thousand-year soul beasts, the success rate will drop visibly. However, this may not always be the case.

"In signing a contract with a soul beast and completing the Spirit Transformation, a very important point is the spiritual power of the soul master involved. When the soul beast and the soul master are both willing, his spiritual power is extremely important. Hence, there's one situation which is highly beneficial to the Spiritual Fusion process. Not only can it greatly increase one's chance of success, but it will also benefit the soul master immensely."

"Oh, there's such a way? What is it?" Du Busi the Body Douluo asked. From his tone right now, he did not treat Huo Yuhao as his junior, but instead as his equal.

Huo Yuhao said, "The soul master has to delay obtaining his next soul ring. Let me give an example: when a four-ringed Soul Ancestor's soul power reaches Rank 50 under normal circ.u.mstances, he will try and obtain another soul ring to become a five-ringed Soul King, right?"

"When he obtains his soul ring, the most powerful one he can obtain is a ten-thousand-year soul ring. He can't obtain one that is twenty thousand-years or more. I won't go into details, but everyone's following me, right?"

The many powerful humans all nodded.

Huo Yuhao said, "So what if he doesn't try and fuse with his soul ring at this moment? What will happen? Ten thousand years ago, the Grandmaster of Shrek Academy told us in his research into the ten core forces of the soul master world that soul power will continually acc.u.mulate until the soul master has obtained his next soul ring, before it will burst out. In other words, if one continues cultivating, one's soul power will continually increase, but it won't reveal itself.

"For many soul masters, they cannot bear such a delay. After all, by obtaining a soul ring, one's soul power will increase tremendously, which is also accompanied by an improvement in the quality of the soul master's strength. However, if a soul master does not obtain a soul ring at this moment and continues cultivating, he will not only improve his soul power, but also his spiritual power. For a normal soul master, his spiritual power will increase along with his soul power. The more he cultivates, the more he meditates, the stronger his spiritual power will be. If his soul power can be suppressed for a while, and he is given more time to improve, his spiritual power can fulfill the criteria easily when he fuses with his Spirit. At the same time, this kind of training will make a soul master more stable and resilient, traits which are important when it comes to Spiritual Fusion. The success rate will thus naturally increase. Even without me, the contract can be completed.

"In an optimal situation, if a four-ringed soul master can increase his soul power to Rank 60 before obtaining a Spirit, I can guarantee that his success rate, even if it's with a ten-thousand-year Spirit, will be more than eighty percent. Once it's done, he can obtain two ten-thousand-year soul rings, which will allow his strength to increase ma.s.sively."

Du Busi nodded non-stop. The conditions that Huo Yuhao were laying out could definitely be met. In his Body Sect, there were soul masters who cultivated like this. For some of the more anxious and gung-ho disciples, he would purposely deny them their soul rings so that they could improve their personality.

Elder Xuan said, "Your contract seems very difficult. How long will it take to master?"

Huo Yuhao said, "I've considered this, too. I believe that it's not ideal for everyone to learn it. Once someone knows how to make a contract, a soul master will find it hard to resist the temptation of finding a Spirit. They will go and search for soul beasts, and the process of Spiritual Fusion is extremely difficult. Once it fails, the soul beast will be injured, and the soul master will not escape unscathed, either. It's best for someone like me to facilitate the process as an outsider. This maximizes the success rate and prevents either side from getting hurt. Furthermore, the conductor will also be able to bear a portion of the pressure placed on the soul master. This will make the contract process a lot easier."

Elder Xuan frowned and said, "You are just one person. Will you help everyone?"

Huo Yuhao said confidently, "Of course I can't do it alone. However, I believe that there are some people who are competent enough."

This aroused Di Tian's interest, and he asked Huo Yuhao, "What kind of people?"

Huo Yuhao replied, "Soul masters with spiritual-type martial souls like me!

"Normally, they will cultivate their spiritual power. The more powerful their spiritual power is, the stronger their martial soul be. Hence, in terms of spiritual power, even a three-ringed Soul Elder will be have greater spiritual power than a normal Soul Emperor. With spiritual-type soul masters as the middleman, the chance of success will naturally be higher. Furthermore, after they learn the contract process from me, it will increase their chances even more.

"While there are not many soul masters with spiritual-type martial souls, they are still a significant portion of the population. However, there are only a few spiritual-type soul beasts, so it's hard for them to become strong. If we can gather them, I'll train them and guarantee that afterward, the success rate of a Spiritual Fusion mediated by them will reach seventy percent or more. The specific success rate will depend on the spiritual cultivation of the soul master. By then, I will have divided them by their cultivation. Those with more powerful spiritual power will help the higher-ranked Spirits and soul masters, and those with less powerful spiritual power will fuse the ten-year and hundred-year Spirits with lower-ranked soul masters. This will help to increase the chances of success."

"This makes sense," agreed Du Busi promptly. "Yuhao's words make sense. Xuan Zi and I share the same opinion. The contract is rather complicated, and not something that an ordinary soul master can master. Furthermore, as one makes the contract, it will drain one of their spiritual power. With a bunch of people dedicated to facilitating the contract process, the success rate will be higher. Those who possess spiritual-type martial souls are the best candidates. 

"Good idea! We can try it once we get back. I have some soul masters like the ones you've described in my Body Sect. Let me tell you now that the Body Sect will learn from Shrek Academy."

Huo Yuhao said nothing, but smiled faintly.

Elder Xuan's mouth twitched as he said, "Old Poison, you sure know to benefit yourself! Huo Yuhao is the only one who can administer the contract. You now plan on learning the skill for yourself!"

Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 31 Chapter 409 Part3

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