Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 45, Chapter 614.2: You Dare!

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The commanders, especially the legion commanders from the different soul engineer legions, had originally wanted to question Ju Zi's orders. After all, the soul engineer legions had lost many soul engineers in yesterday's battle.

However, after seeing how Elder Kong had nodded in agreement with her proposal, no one dared to raise any objections.

Because the War G.o.d Empress had the support of Elder Kong, no one dared to challenge Ju Zi's decision. It was also precisely because of Kong Deming that Ju Zi was able to rule the entire Sun Moon Empire comfortably.

“Spread the War G.o.d Empress' orders! The great Sun Moon Empire has decided to show mercy on the innocent lives within the Star Luo Empire. As long as the Star Luo Empire surrenders the White Tiger Duke, Dai Hao, the Sun Moon Empire will allow the Star Luo Empire to surrender. If the Star Luo Empire dares to show any form of resistance, we will ma.s.sacre every single person within the city!”

The orders were projected by a sound amplifying soul tool in the direction of Star Luo City. Very quickly, the entire city learned what the Sun Moon Empire had proposed.

Xu Jiawei, who was standing above the city walls, lowered his head and remained silent. He clenched his fists before speaking softly, “Brother Dai, I will definitely accompany you when I join you in h.e.l.l.”

At this very instant, there were no longer any other options. He knew that even he would not be able to stop Dai Hao from saving the millions of lives within Star Luo City. This was a fact of life that everyone understood.

A heavy silence fell upon the people above Star Luo City's walls.

All the commanders suddenly dropped to their knees. Very soon, the soldiers and then the civilians followed suit. Everyone from above the city walls and within the city were all kneeling at that instant.

The White Tiger Duke slowly turned around as he revealed a faint smile on his rugged face. He exclaimed with his deep voice, “I, Dai Hao, have spent my life on the battlefield fighting loyally for our empire. Today, there's no reason why I wouldn't give my life for the millions of lives of our Star Luo Empire. Take care, everyone! I, Dai Hao, shall take my leave!”

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, he turned around and leaped into the air.

At this instant, a figure suddenly pounced onto him and hugged him tightly around his waist. “No, Father! You can't go!”

The person who had pounced onto him was his personal guard, who was also none other than his youngest son—Dai Luoli.

Because of his bravery and a mult.i.tude of military achievements, Dai Luoli had already become a commander. He commanded the personal guards who protected the White Tiger Duke. Right now, tears were already streaming down his face as he tried to keep his father from leaving.

Dai Hao sighed gently and stroked his head. “My dumb son, there's no need for you to stop me. Let's not make our family look bad. Yaoheng, pull him away.”

Yaoheng immediately strode over as he dragged Dai Luoli away from his father. Dai Huabin had also come over to help Yaoheng control his brother.

“Let go of me! Let go of me! Do you all really want to see Father die just like this?” Dai Luoli's eyes were now red as he tried his best to break free from his brothers. However, his cultivation was not as high as that of his brothers. No matter how hard he struggled, Dai Luoli simply could not free himself.

Dai Yaoheng suddenly slapped Dai Luoli. His eyes were also equally red. “Dumba.s.s, do you think I want Father to die? Huabin, take care of him. Both of you will have to make sure our Dai family doesn't die out. We must never forget what the Sun Moon Empire has done to us.”

Following which, he suddenly turned around to face Dai Hao and said, “Father, I am the eldest son in our family. Please allow me to join you to demonstrate the loyalty we have for our empire.”

As he spoke, he suddenly moved his palms and planted them on Dai Huabin's and Dai Luoli's necks. Because of this, both his brothers fell unconscious, and collapsed to the ground.

Following which, Dai Yaoheng turned around and bowed to Elder Xuan. Without saying anything, he strode towards Dai Hao.

His bow was simply a gesture to thank Elder Xuan in advance for taking care of his family, since he would not be returning to Star Luo City with his father.

Dai Hao stared at his son and spoke, “You are truly a man from our Dai family. You are a good child!” Following which, he raised his hand and brought Dai Yaoheng into his embrace. It was clear that he was very proud of his son.

However, his hand suddenly moved towards Dai Yaoheng's neck. Similarly, Dai Yaoheng froze before he fell unconscious. He would never have expected his father to use the same method on him.

Dai Hao turned around to face Elder Xuan and pleaded, “Elder Xuan, I will need you to take care of my sons for me.”

Elder Xuan sighed and replied, “White Tiger Duke, you can rest a.s.sured that as long as Shrek City is still around, I will not let anyone hurt them.”

“Alright!” After hearing Elder Xuan's promise, the White Tiger Duke seemed to have no more worries. He leaped upwards and released a deafening howl. “The White Tiger Duke is here. Come and take my life if you dare! Hahahahaha!”

He suddenly ripped apart the armor and s.h.i.+rt he was wearing to reveal his muscular physique. His body seemed to possess a perfect balance between strength and aesthetics. His powerful aura infected all of Star Luo City.

The commanders who were already kneeling on the ground could not help but lower their heads and bawl. No one wanted to see how the war G.o.d of their generation was about to fall.

In the meantime, Xu Jiawei appeared to be a lot calmer. He stuck his hand into his sleeve and withdrew a short dagger. He had long thought of committing suicide after failing to protect his people as the Emperor of the Star Luo Empire. Now that Dai Hao had chosen to give up his life for the empire, Xu Jiawei thought of doing the same too. Even though they could not be born on the same day, Xu Jiawei wanted to die on the same day as his brother-in-arms. The moment the White Tiger died for the empire would be the same moment when he would die for his empire.

The sky above was dark and cold. The clouds were like a huge slab of stone on everyone's minds. Everyone, including the powerful soul masters from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, had their fists clenched tightly.

Everyone present knew that there was no other option. However, no one was happy to give up just like this.

They could only stare and watch as the White Tiger Duke went forward to give up his life. It was a shameful moment for everyone! Everyone would owe the White Tiger Duke a favor they would never be able to return.

Even though the White Tiger Duke was flying against the wind, his muscular body, straight back, and the proud look in his eyes made him look formidable. At this instant, he looked like a leader among mankind descending from the sky. He did not resemble someone who had just failed to defend his city.

Under the protection of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, Ju Zi slowly flew forward. She was very excited as her body started to tremble in antic.i.p.ation.

Kong Deming, who was standing by her side, was also equally excited by how close they were to success. After all, it had always been his dream to see his empire unite the entire continent.

However, the main reason why he was willing to help Ju Zi was because she was a lot easier to control than Xu Tianran. In addition, he no longer cared about power and status now that he had become a Cla.s.s 10 soul engineer. Instead, he wanted to see the Sun Moon Empire conquer the entire continent so that he could spread the soul tools he had developed to the whole continent. He knew that Ju Zi would definitely support his aspirations.

Because both parties weren't too far apart, it didn't take long before Dai Hao arrived before the Sun Moon Empire army.

A beam of silver light was projected forward as it enveloped the White Tiger Duke. Dai Hao did not try to resist it as he allowed the silver light to restrict his movements. The white light pulled Dai Hao towards Ju Zi.

It was the first time he was seeing the War G.o.d Empress at such close proximity. He was shocked to see how he had been defeated by such a young lady.

“You are the War G.o.d Empress of the Sun Moon Empire?” Dai Hao asked coldly.

Ju Zi nodded and said, “That's right. Are you Dai Hao, the White Tiger Duke?”

“There would be no other Dai Hao in this world!” Dai Hao replied coldly.

Ju Zi took in a deep breath and asked, “Do you still remember how you brought your troops to attack the cities near the border of the Sun Moon Empire? Do you remember how you killed our people?”

Dai Hao spoke plainly. “I have spent my entire life on the battlefield, and have killed countless enemies. How am I supposed to remember who I have killed? There are always bound to be casualties on the battlefield.”

Tears started to stream down Ju Zi's face as she said, “However, you were the person who killed by father back then. My father was but a civilian—a chef. Our family used to lead a happy life. I loved to eat my father's food. However, he never returned after that fateful day. My mother cried herself to death not long after my father died. And I became an orphan.”

The White Tiger Duke froze, then asked, “So you have come all the way here to exact revenge on me?”

Ju Zi nodded and replied hatefully, “That's right. I have buried this hatred for you in my heart for twenty years. Twenty long years. During these twenty years, I have wanted to skin you alive to avenge my parents. It is because of this hatred that I have managed to put up with everything in my life until now.”

“It would be too easy for you if I were to kill you directly. I want to destroy everything that is a source of your pride. Didn't you take pride in being called the War G.o.d? Then, let me destroy your army and conquer your empire. Today, you shall lose everything you owned. I want to use your blood and soul to bless my parents' spirits.”

After hearing Ju Zi's angry words, the White Tiger Duke broke out into a burst of unexpected laughter.

“There are always bound to be casualties in war. Even though I don't quite remember what happened back then, isn't it very hypocritical of you to blame me for what I have done when the Sun Moon Empire had been doing exactly the same for the past few years? You are but one of the millions of people who want to kill me. In the future, you can similarly expect millions of people who want to seek revenge on you. Go ahead and take your revenge. What are you waiting for? My head is right in front of you. Take it as you wish.”

Even though the White Tiger Duke was their enemy, the commanders of the Sun Moon Empire could not help but marvel at the spirit and courage he was exhibiting. He was truly a commander worthy of respect. Even under such circ.u.mstances, the pride and confidence in him was not battered by Ju Zi's threats.

Ju Zi became very uncomfortable after seeing and hearing his reaction. She suddenly felt that she had not managed to defeat the White Tiger Duke. Compared to what she had expected, he did not seem to be in any pain.

Ju Zi threatened him, “White Tiger Duke, do you believe that I will give orders to slaughter everyone within Star Luo City right now?”

“How dare you?!” The White Tiger Duke was visibly enraged by her words. “Are you not afraid that karma will strike back at you?”

Ju Zi stared coldly at him and said, “I have spent my whole life with a single aim—to exact revenge on you. Why would I be afraid of karma? It is beyond my consideration.”
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Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 45, Chapter 614.2: You Dare!

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