Unrivaled Tang Sect _Chapter 37.1

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Part 1

Dai Huabin was stunned. He couldn’t believe that Zhou Yi would react so strongly. He couldn’t adjust in the moment. And before he could react, Zhou Yi had already arrived in front of him. Dai Huabin may be strong within freshmen, but in front of the six ring Zhou Yi, he didn’t even have the power to resist. He immediately followed Huang Chutian, as he was thrown out the window by Zhou Yi.

“Teacher Zhou, I object.” Zhu Lu angrily said with shock.

Zhou Yi grabbed her, then immediately defenestrated her as well, “Get out if you’re dissatisfied.”

If it was said that the cla.s.s was shocked when Zhou Yi threw Huang Chutian out, then the entire cla.s.s had become so silent now that a needle dropping on the floor could be heard as she threw two core disciples out as well. Even the students standing outside heard what happened. They were aghast and the atmosphere immediately became heavy.

w.a.n.g Yan was standing at the side staring in shock. He finally understood why Zhou Yi wasn’t able to obtain a promotion. She… Her temper was too….

“Teacher Zhou.” w.a.n.g Yan quickly called out.

With a flash, Zhou Yi arrived in front of him. This scared the students so much as they thought Teacher Zhou was even going to throw Teacher w.a.n.g out as well. Zhou Yi coldly said, “Teacher w.a.n.g, you are the homeroom teacher of cla.s.s one. I am the a.s.sistant homeroom teacher. But, I have the authority to practice my own teaching philosophy. Please report to the academy that Huang Chutian, Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu severely violated cla.s.s discipline. But because they are the outer school’s core disciples, I do not have the authority to expel them. So please pet.i.tion the school to remove them from our cla.s.s. I won’t teach students like them. Also, Wu Feng didn’t even come to the first cla.s.s. Please transfer her too.”

w.a.n.g Yan anxiously said, “Teacher Zhou, please calm down. They are all core disciples.”

Zhou Yi coldly looked at him again. “In my eyes, there are only students who listen and students who don’t. There are only outstanding students and trash. There is no such thing as a core disciple. I have already made my decision. They must get out. Okay, now you can give your lesson to the rest of the students. I will teach the ones outside.” As she spoke, she left the cla.s.sroom.

Xiao Xiao whispered, “Yuhao. Can’t you see? Teacher Zhou is getting revenge for you. I like her protection.”

w.a.n.g Dong judged even more simply, “The tyrant reveals her colors!”

Zhou Yi really was a tyrant. She basically expelled three core disciples and an exemplary student receiving core disciple treatment in only a few minutes. If it were any other teacher, they definitely wouldn’t have done so. Even w.a.n.g Yan thought she was crazy.

But, it still had to be said that Zhou Yi’s actions had disciplined every single person in freshman cla.s.s one. Every student also felt a sense of fear.

Core disciples could not be expelled by homeroom teachers. But everyone else could! If even core disciples were used to sharpen her knife, then who else would dare test Teacher Zhou’s tiger temper?

With this, whether it was students inside or outside, everyone dociled. They couldn’t be more obedient.

The former cla.s.s one students had started silently grieving for the twenty-nine students outside. They understood Teacher Zhou’s ways very well. However, were not only celebrating having survived, but also felt intimacy with her. In their hearts, they all felt that Teacher Zhou was getting revenge for Huo Yuhao. It was as if she was getting revenge for all these former cla.s.s one students!

w.a.n.g Yan started cla.s.s with a heart full of depression. Even if he wanted to pet.i.tion the top about Zhou Yi, he would still have to wait until the students left. But, w.a.n.g Yan also quickly discovered that the atmosphere in the cla.s.sroom changed.

Compared to yesterday’s carefreeness, the thirty students left in the cla.s.sroom were all attentively waiting for his knowledge! Their discipline was also wonderful. There was nothing he could pick at.

This couldn’t help but started changing his mind. It seems that a bit of strictness isn’t so bad after all!

Of course, Huang Chutian, Zhu Lu and Dai Huabin, who had just crawled up from the field, didn’t think so. They were still a bit stunned. None of them thought they would end up in such a situation.

Dai Huabin just felt that he had the right to become cla.s.s president. Based on individual power, w.a.n.g Dong couldn’t match him. But, he never thought that Zhou Yi didn’t care about his cultivation or who he was. She used such a direct method to throw him out and even expelled him from the cla.s.s.

Out of the four cla.s.ses in the freshman year, cla.s.s one was the strongest. It was specially designed for control and offense type spirit masters. If cla.s.s one didn’t want him, then where could he go? Only cla.s.s two. But cla.s.s two’s teaching plan was for defense and agility type spirit masters! What could he learn there? Most of all, it was such an embarra.s.sment. As the son of the White Tiger Duke, he was actually expelled. If not for his status as a core disciple, then he would have had to pack up and leave. Dai Huabin was clenching his fists as he wanted to explode.

But, what kind of place was this. This was Shrek Academy. The continent’s number one academy. As a three ring spirit elder, he was definitely outstanding compared to people his age. But, in Shrek Academy, where the elite gather, he was but a fart! Even if the White Tiger Duke came himself and saw the statues of the first generation Shrek’s Seven Freaks, he would still have to kneel on the ground to kowtow. What could he do?

“Huabin, what do we do now?” Zhu Lu was at a loss. As an agility type spirit master, she should have gone to cla.s.s two. But because of her spirit fusion skill with Dai Huabin, she was specially allowed to enter cla.s.s one. Yet, now, she was expelled with him. The arrogance in her personality was not lacking compared to Dai Huabin at all!

Dai Huabin clenched his teeth. “We will listen to the school’s arrangement. I will remember this shame. There will be a day, hmph…”

In the end, w.a.n.g Yan never reported Zhou Yi, but instead, stood by her. After the first day of cla.s.ses, the students left in cla.s.s one were one more obedient than another. Their learning capacity was also much higher than any other cla.s.s w.a.n.g Yan had ever taught.

w.a.n.g Yan couldn’t but admire this! He admitted that Zhou Yi’s style was a bit simple and violent. But the results were great. With such a partner, he would be able to train a good group of students. So, before going to the school, he specially talked with Zhou Yi. He only had one request; that he would be partnered with Zhou Yi to teach cla.s.s one until they graduate the outer school. Zhou Yi agreed.

“Nonsense. Zhou Yi, what should I say about you? We had just rea.s.signed cla.s.ses, yet you already created such chaos. Are you afraid of people not knowing who you are? Your freshman students performed the best in the Freshman Examination. The school was just about to promote you to a senior teacher. Then you gave me this c.r.a.p. You…” Du Weilun furiously criticized w.a.n.g Yan and Zhou Yi standing in front of his desk.

Zhou Yi lightly said, “This is my teaching style. It’s fine if I can’t be promoted. You can either tell me to leave, or let me teach this way.”

“You—–” In a fury, Du Weilun really wanted to get rid of her. But he wasn’t like Zhou Yi. He didn’t do anything rash. Zhou Yi’s teaching style had problems, but it had to be said that it really did work. Zhou Yi had already taught more students who could enter the inner school than most senior teachers. Of course, she also expelled the most students in the academy.

w.a.n.g Yan quickly added, “Director Du. Please don’t be angry. Teacher Zhou wasn’t wrong in what she did. These freshmen are gifted, but impossible to train. After today’s punishment, they became much more disciplined. It will be extremely advantageous to their future education. Also, the four students who are core disciples and receiving the treatment of core disciples didn’t really get expelled. With their status, they were going to receive some guidance from inner school teachers anyway. They can continue studying at the academy. There shouldn’t be much effects on them. I support Teacher Zhou’s strict teaching style.”

With w.a.n.g Yan’s support, Du Weilun’s face changed to look a bit better. He pointed at Zhou Yi with a face that hated how she wouldn’t learn, “What do you want me to say about you? When will you, the tyrant flower, learn to be gentle?”

Du Weilun thought that if he left this girl remain here any longer, he would die of anger. “Enough. You two can leave. Zhou Yi, I don’t care about what you do. This time, you are following the cla.s.s from Freshman year. By the time cla.s.s one graduates, if you don’t give me at last five inner school disciples, then I will fire you.”

If Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, Wu Feng and Huang Chutian remained, then w.a.n.g Yan didn’t think much about this requirement. But without these four special chosen students, even he had no confidence.

Yet, Zhou Yi didn’t back down in any way. “There will only be more. Not less.” Right after, she turned and left. It was so smooth.

When Zhou Yi and w.a.n.g Yan were reporting the situation to Du Weilun, Huo Yuhao had just arrived at the Spirit Guidance Division by himself.

Since he couldn’t sell roast fish anymore and there was still two hours before dinner, he said goodbye to w.a.n.g Dong and went directly to the Spirit Guidance Division.

From today on, he will start studying with Teacher Fan Yu.

With Fan Yu’s golden badge, he walked in without any obstacles and went directly to Testing Area twelve. The moment he opened the door, he saw He Caitou busily working on a huge metal desk, with Fan Yu guiding on the side.

“Teacher Fan Yu, Brother He.” Huo Yuhao quickly walked forward to see He Caitou working with some metal parts.

Fan Yu smiled. “You came? I heard about what happened yesterday. It was great. Men should not lose. Caitou, you need to be more careful. Work on it yourself now.”

He Caitou greeted Huo Yuhao, then Fan Yu took Huo Yuhao aside to another metal desk.

Unrivaled Tang Sect _Chapter 37.1

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