Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 17 Chapter 152 Part2

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"The Tang Sect has walked towards collapse as soul tools have developed over the years, and the talents in the sect kept on diminis.h.i.+ng. Eventually, it was encroached upon and collapsed. Shrek Academy has always maintained its neutrality in the continent, thus the academy can't do anything to save the Tang Sect. But it pains me to see the Tang Sect's collapse. Bei Bei found Xiao Ya, and he joined the sect because I told him to.

"After the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament ended, all of you became the new generation of Shrek's Seven Monsters. This t.i.tle and glory will follow you throughout your lives. The first generation of Shrek's Seven Monsters were all from the Tang Sect. That's why I hope this continues. Shrek is ultimately an academy, and can't intervene in the continent's matters unless a critical situation pops up. But if all of you belong to one sect, you won't be restricted. I hope that the Tang Sect can rise and be as powerful as it was tens of thousands of years ago. I believe that all of you are not inferior to the first generation of Shrek's Seven Monsters in terms of talent. Perhaps you may be restricted because you were born into a sect, but I still hope that you can join the Tang Sect with Jiang Nannan. If the seven of you work together and develop the Tang Sect, you can make it as influential as the Body Sect."

Elder Mu's breathing quickened as he spoke those words. His cheeks became redder too. His eyes were filled with hope as he looked at Xu Sans.h.i.+ and Jiang Nannan. He was waiting for their answers.

"I'm willing," Jiang Nannan spoke first. Her teary eyes revealed a resolute look. "Elder Mu, please rest a.s.sured. I'm willing to join the Tang Sect. If I'm not remembering wrongly, Ancestor Xiao Wu from the first generation of Shrek's Seven Monsters had the same martial soul as me. I will work hard to follow in her footsteps, and help the Tang Sect regain its former glory."

Bei Bei heaved a sigh of relief as he heard Jiang Nannan's words. That was because Xu Sans.h.i.+ had once mentioned that he would join the Tang Sect if Jiang Nannan was willing. Jiang Nannan had finally agreed. However, where was Tang Ya?

It was undeniable that he had tried to get close to Tang Ya at the most difficult period of her life, and joined the Tang Sect under Elder Mu's instruction. However, he had fallen in love with her after interacting with her all these years. But Tang Ya had disappeared at this most critical period. He had heard nothing from her over the past year.

"I'm willing too," Xu Sans.h.i.+ agreed. He looked at Jiang Nannan and said, "Elder Mu, I'm willing to join the Tang Sect and break my ties with my family's sect. We'll work hard together to reinstate the Tang Sect."

Elder Mu smiled and waved his right hand gently, and a soft force lifted them off the ground. "Good. This is good. I'm finally doing something for the Tang Sect on behalf of Shrek Academy. I will be watching all of you from above and waiting for the day all of you succeed. Bei Bei, come over."

Bei Bei rushed up beside Elder Mu and lowered his head. He greeted, "Great-great grandfather."

Elder Mu said, "You're the only successor from my lineage. Your parents died young as they were carrying out their duties as Shrek Guardians. I was very hurt by that incident. I can see you carrying on the light-type bloodline. Although your martial soul only has the partial mutation abilities of the Radiant Holy Dragon, our bloodline was inherited from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon's family successor, Yu Xiaogang. He was also Shrek Academy's notable Grandmaster. Even after thousands of years, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon's bloodline hasn't changed, even if our surnames have. Your martial soul is partly mutated. It's not a bad thing. I'm about to leave, so I'll help you to stabilize the Radiant Holy Dragon's bloodline. From today onwards, you need to do your best to become stronger and continue to walk this path of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon."

Elder Mu's thin and frail right hand gently caressed Bei Bei's head as he spoke. Suddenly, the entire Sea G.o.d's Pavilion lit up, and an intense golden light flashed once before disappearing. Bei Bei groaned and collapsed on the ground. A bolt of golden electricity flashed repeatedly around him, and his entire body shone subtly with a golden light.

This was the strength of an Ultimate Douluo. Even as he reached his life's end, he was still able to maneuver his powers and those of the Golden Tree. He managed to stabilize Bei Bei's bloodline in a split second. Bei Bei's martial soul mutation was stabilized completely just like that. Just as Elder Mu had said, it had been advanced to a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon.

The color on Elder Mu's cheeks faded and turned completely pale. He wanted to lift his hands, but seemed to be completely out of strength. His voice had also become weaker. "Yuhao, w.a.n.g Dong, come over."

Huo Yuhao leapt up beside Elder Mu when he finally heard that it was his turn. He gripped onto Elder Mu's right hand, stuttering. "Teacher, teacher…"

Elder Mu struggled to open his eyes and smiled. "Kid, don't be sad. I've accepted quite a few disciples in my life, but accepting you at this stage of my life is the proudest thing I've ever done. Your Ultimate Ice may cultivate at a slower speed than others, but don't be disheartened or impatient. You'll only become consumed if you rush to achieve success. You're working hard enough at your cultivation already. You need to relax when it's time to do so. You'll proceed to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy to learn in three months' time. The next three years will be very important for you. They will concern the success of Shrek Academy's Soul Tool Department. Remember not to use your Eye of Destiny during that period of time, unless your life is under threat."

"Uh, uh…" Huo Yuhao was completely speechless now. His teardrops fell onto Elder Mu's palm one by one.

Elder Mu forced a smile, "I've basically imparted all my experience and research to you. You must a.s.similate it. You're Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect's future hope. You need to aid Bei Bei and Tang Ya in the future in reinstating the Tang Set's glory. I practiced a divination on Tang Ya before. While she'll meet with a huge crisis, a benefactor will help her. I can confirm that she's alive. You must help Bei Bei find her.

"In addition, I need to warn you that the Douluo Continent cannot be ruled by a different empire. You must work hard to prevent the rise of the Sun Moon Empire. This is my last hope. Once your cultivation reaches nine rings and you become a t.i.tled Douluo, I hope that you can become the Master of the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion."

"Yes, teacher. I promise you anything. Rest first," Huo Yuhao finally managed to string a sentence together.

Elder Mu shook his head slightly. "Fool, you're a fool. How can you not see it? I won't really die. I will always be here to watch all of you grow, and watch as Shrek's legacy is pa.s.sed down forever. The academy will face a few crises in the near future. The responsibility on you is greater than anyone else. The Ultimate Soldier Plan must continue. The academy has imparted everything that's needed to be imparted to you. We'll need you to continue to work hard and discover the future of this extreme path. There's no end to this path."

"Yes…" Huo Yuhao gripped onto Elder Mu's hands tightly. He could clearly feel that Elder Mu was reaching the end of his life now, and could pa.s.s on at any time.

Elder Mu struggle to turn his attention towards w.a.n.g Dong. His voice also became weaker, "w.a.n.g Dong, do you think that I've always been very biased?"

w.a.n.g Dong was in a daze. He wiped the tears in his eyes. He didn't lie, and nodded his head gently.

Elder Mu smiled and said, "That's because I can't completely see through you. I can't see what you've experienced, or what your future will be like. Maybe your talent is not much inferior to Yuhao's. But I can sense an aura from you that makes me shudder every time I try to see through you. I can confirm that you're human, and not a soul beast. However, your secret is bound to be…"

Elder Mu's breathing became faster as he spoke till here. He struggled to say, "I've settled the matter between you and Yuhao. You will cultivate in the inner courtyard for these few years and wait for him to return.

"Shrek's ancestors, Mu En is coming..."

Elder Mu increased the volume of his last words. An intense golden light also suddenly shot out from his body.

Huo Yuhao and w.a.n.g Dong were instantly separated. Elder Mu's body rose from his reclining chair. A magical scene appeared. Two yellow, one purple, three black and three red soul rings appeared on his body. A sonorous dragon's roar resonated in the air.

The entirety of Sea G.o.d's Pavilion turned bright golden, and a huge golden beam of light shot up into the sky from it. All of Shrek Academy, and even Shrek City, was shrouded in golden light.

Elder Mu's bent back started to become straighter as he was soaked in the golden light. His frail-looking face also became younger and younger. Even his thin and sickly body started to gain weight.

There was a look of hope and reluctance in his gaze. Elder Mu looked at everyone in front of him quietly. He lifted his right hand and gently waved. His gaze eventually landed on Huo Yuhao. No further sound was made, and he only gazed on his last disciple benevolently.

The golden light became stronger and stronger, while Elder Mu became younger and younger. He slowly turned from his original frail self into a young man .

Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 17 Chapter 152 Part2

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