The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 30

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After giving a tight slap to the back of that cook's head, Caretaker Gou turned around and squatted in front of Ren Baqian with a cold face. He took out a bit from each of the small bags of spices and tasted them. His expression changed repeatedly after merely tasting a few different types. As a chef, he felt that there were at least two types which could be used as spices.

But, it would have to be tested out in actual fact. What kind of flavor would the ingredient actually emit after entering the pot?

There were a lot of flavorful ingredients but not all could be used as spices.

He got up and looked at Ren Baqian in an extremely complicated manner. He clenched his teeth for a long time and finally said, "You prepare, we will watch from the sideline. If these are really spices for cooking, I will call you older brother whenever I see you in the future."

"That way, all of you will gain from it." Caretaker Gou and the others face turned black when Ren Baqian spoke.

Everyone wanted to curse but strongly restrained themselves.

They were waiting for Ren Baqian to finish preparing the dishes before they could settle scores with him. But, many people saw Ren Baqian's unconstrained expression and suspected that there would be no chance to settle scores anymore. This time, the imperial kitchen would perhaps be completely defeated.

Ren Baqian no longer paid attention to them and walked two rounds around the imperial kitchen in silence.

At last, he found half a piece of a beast's leg in the corner. He had seen this type of meat at the beast park's kitchen before. It was the kind of creature who pulled carriages on the street. But, its appearance was just like a magnified version of a goat.

Its mutton flavor was very strong, but the taste was very good. He felt that the mutton was tastier over here as compared to Earth.

"Who is going to help me cut, cut into pieces. One plate is enough." Ren Baqian faced everyone who was at the doorway and asked. His knife skills were definitely incomparable to these cooks and he did not want to display his incompetence.

"You!" Caretaker Gou gritted his teeth. But, he still pointed out one of them to act as Ren Baqian's supporting role. 

Subsequently, Ren Baqian took out another piece of meat, turned his head around and looked towards everyone. He revealed a good-natured smile which only he acknowledged it as. The meaning behind his smile was understood by everyone.

Upon seeing that manner of Ren Baqian, everyone was absolutely cheesed off.

This time, it was another person who walked towards Ren Baqian. He held the kitchen knife in his hand and had a fierce look on his face. If he was on Earth, it would seem as if he was that sort of guy who wanted revenge on society. Ren Baqian would definitely hide as far away as he could.

But, all the people in Dayao gave off such a vibe, and Ren Baqian actually did not really care. Instead, he warned them repeatedly, "Cut them into small pieces. There must be one fat layer and one thin layer, include a little bit of the skin as well."

Seeing that the two people were cutting the meat, Ren Baqian washed two cuc.u.mbers and placed them on the chopping board. He then pounded them twice and sliced them into pieces.

Yes, that's right. He was preparing smashed cuc.u.mber salad. It was a pity that there wasn't a peeler. After a while, he deep fried some peanuts, mixed them inside, and considered it barely acceptable.

Once the other side was done cutting and cleaning the meat, Ren Baqian marinated the mutton with c.u.min, the spices from this world, and also some pepper. After a bit, he was prepared to cook two dishes: c.u.min mutton and red braised meat.

Both were considered relatively famous dishes.

However, when he went to take the pot, he immediately shouted, "F***" in his heart.

The pot was actually this heavy? It weighed at least 30 to 40 catties, and he almost couldn't lift it with one hand. Although an adult can move the pot around, it was impossible for him to flip the dishes with one hand while holding the pot in another.

It was also the same for the spatula, which was thick and heavy. Ren Baqian weighed it in his hand, and it was at least 7 to 8 catties. He sensibly put it aside. He knew that if he used this spatula, his hand would be aching after a few flips.

He turned his head around, saw that the previous two cooks who were helping him went back to the sidelines. Ren Baqian signaled to them, "I'll instruct, both of you will follow."

"You can't even do the cooking, how can such a person come and cook?" Someone muttered.

Ren Baqian spread out his hands as he was helpless. The ladle in this world was too heavy. He thought of the kitchen knife which he used just now; it was also not light. He wasn't sure if it was their usual practice or perhaps heavy things have a better touch to them?

Looking at these cooks which were tall with thick spare tires around their waists and each could fit two of his entire body size, Ren Baqian felt that it was extremely probable.

The two cooks came over reluctantly. Ren Baqian ordered one of them to start stir-frying the sugar. The cook simmered the brown sugar and the soy sauce till it bubbled. Then, he added in a spice which was similar to scallion and ginger. After which, he put in the pieces of meat and stir-fried them altogether.

Ren Baqian struggled even when he used one hand to hold the iron pot. Dayao people, on the other hand, held the pot as if it was as light as paper and effortlessly flipped the pot in the air. This allowed Ren Baqian to realize the gap between him and the Dayao people.

Apart from the two chefs, the other people were all looking from a distance.

Although they found Ren Baqian to be an eyesore, but at this moment, they channeled all their attention on to the cooking process.

Because stir-frying sugar was a process that they had never tried before.

After adding the nutmeg, anise, and cinnamon in, fragrance emitted from the pot. The entire imperial kitchen was filled with that scent. Upon smelling the fragrance, the eyes of the cooks in the surrounding shone with excitement.

Needless to say, this smell alone was sufficient to captivate people. It was indeed very aromatic.

The other ingredients were from their kitchen but they had never once made something that smelled like that. They could only say that whatever Ren Baqian brought was indeed spices. In addition, these spices were able to increase the quality of the dishes.

When he was using a small flame to stew the red braised meat at the end, Ren Baqian ordered the other cook to stir-fry the c.u.min mutton. 

After adding the c.u.min in the pot, a strong and fragrant c.u.min flavor was immediately given off. It was an aroma which these cooks had never smelled before. 

This time, n.o.body could stand still any longer and crowded over.

Firstly, he scooped a little of the c.u.min mutton onto a small plate. He then took a bite and soon after, revealed a smile and pa.s.sed it over to Caretaker Gou. "Try it?"

Caretaker Gou calmly collected the plate from him. He waited for the dish to cool down slightly. Then, he used two of his fingers to pick up a piece of meat and placed it into his mouth to taste.

He pa.s.sed on the plate to the cooks at the back, and each of them promptly took a piece to taste. Their eyes instantly glittered when they placed the piece of meat in their mouths. 

The odor of the meat was significantly neutralized, and it was even fresher and tastier. Especially after adding the fragrance of c.u.min, everyone was practically full of praise for it. Everyone only had a single piece and when they wanted to get a second serving, they realized that the plate as already empty.

"How is it?" Ren Baqian was full of smiles.

Caretaker Gou gritted his teeth and stared rigidly at Ren Baqian. In the end, he still bowed his head and replied, "Big Brother Ren!"
"Not bad, not bad!" Ren Baqian clapped his hands and smiled. He then looked towards the other cooks.

"Big Brother Ren!" Seeing that Caretaker Gou already shouted his name, the others had no choice but to open their mouths.

Ren Baqian felt particularly at ease when he heard the present 70 to 80 chefs , calling him Big Brother Ren. "Alright, remember to call me Brother Ren whenever we meet. Big Brother Ren sounds weird."

The cooks at the scene were full of sullenness. But, who lost the bet? Caretaker Gou had already called him, how could they not follow suit?

Prior to this, who would have thought that this fellow from the beast park actually could take out these many spices which they had never seen before.

Once the red braised meat was done, Ren Baqian divided it into big and small portions. He took a bite himself before pa.s.sing it over to Caretaker Gou.

After everyone finished the fragrant and sweet spongy red braised meat which melted in their mouths, all of their grievances were thrown aside. They only wanted to know what are these spices? Where did Ren Baqian obtain them from?

The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 30

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