The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 32

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Ren Baqian followed Qing Yuan into the palace. 

The empress was still lying on the couch.

It seemed that every time he saw the empress, she was in this exact position. She really liked lying down.

Ren Baqian unexpectedly took note of a probable issue which was the width of the couch being exceptionally wide. Any ordinary person who sat on the couch, would definitely be unable to lean against it. Furthermore, the distance was awfully far. It was certainly not comfortable to sit up like this.

This discovery led Ren Baqian to think of something. But, he quickly made this thought vanish and continued the story, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, to the empress.

After speaking consecutively for two chapters, the skies started to get dark. Only then did the empress allow him to stop.

"You disappear every three days, what have you been up to?" The empress squinted her almond-shaped eyes and asked languidly.

Upon hearing those words from the empress, Ren Baqian's heart skipped a beat. In no time at all, his back and forehead were drenched in perspiration. 

Although he knew that this day would arrive, he still wanted to conceal this fact for a longer period. This was because him disappearing once every three days was something that could never be clearly explained. If he was ever discovered, the higher the position he was in, the more his safety was guaranteed.

Previously, he discovered that the people in Dayao were all crude and straightforward. He felt somewhat relieved and thought that his ident.i.ty might not be discovered anytime soon.

When he was locked up in prison, he was not discovered by anyone. Little did he expect that, someone had actually sensed something amiss even though he only disappeared twice.

Although the empress appeared as if she was indolent, Ren Baqian slightly doubted that if he did not answer properly, he would directly be dragged away and then beheaded.

"The two of you, leave this room." The empress waved at the palace maids beside her.

Following which, the entire palace hall sank into a state of tranquility.

The empress was lying on the couch while using one hand to support her head. She was waiting for Ren Baqian's response.

Perspiration continuously trickled down Ren Baqian's head. He incessantly asked himself, "What should I do? Should I tell it as it is or tell a big lie? How can I convince the person in front of me and not let the cat out of the bag?"

Ren Baqian hesitated for a long time. Nevertheless, he was prepared to tell an absurd lie. In the event that he really could not conceal it anymore, he would then come clean.

"Your Majesty…."

"Forget it, I do not wish to hear any lies from you. I know that you have secrets. Everyone has secrets. It was already very surprising when you appeared. Naturally, you would have more secrets than others as well. "

Your dubious background, it doesn't matter. Wherever China is, I am also not concerned.

But, you will have to prove your worth. So long as you are capable, I will be able to utilize you. Whatever you want, I can also give it to you.

"You can leave!"
Just when Ren Baqian was about to speak, the empress abruptly told him to leave. 

Ren Baqian did not know whether the content of the conversation was something to celebrate or something to grief about.

The good news was the opinion of the empress. With regards to his background and his disappearance every three days, the empress wouldn't look into it any further. In the future, he could let down his guard.

Even if he suddenly disappeared, the empress would unlikely say much as long as he displayed his capabilities and what he was worth. He would also not have to rack his brains trying to conceal his whereabouts anymore in the future.

As for the bad news, who said that the Dayao Nation was only full of brawns? The empress seemed as though she had seen through him. Even when he wanted to tell a lie, she was aware of it.

This made Ren Baqian feel a little terrified.

It was just like playing a game. Suddenly, the aboriginal people in the game point out that you are not from their world. It was this kind of feeling which makes people panic.

He returned to the beast park and was sobered up by the night breeze. He felt slightly more at ease.

Regardless of what she said, the empress did not look further into the situation. This was considered a piece of good news.

However, he had to be even more diligent in the future.

He just returned to his room when both Tiantian and Gungun hugged his legs at once. A whining sound could be heard from them, and they would not loosen their claws no matter what.

Ren Baqian crouched down and stroked these two little chaps. Although he was still experiencing heart palpitations, he had more or less calmed down.

He went to fetch a basin of water for the two small chaps and got some bamboo leaves for them as well. The two chaps sat in the pile of bamboo leaves and grabbed the bamboo leaves to eat.

Only then did Ren Baqian returned to his room to rest.

He thought of the empress's words again and again until he fell into a deep slumber.

On the second day, he woke up and looked at the sweet potatoes. They were already processed and waiting to germinate.

Ren Baqian first found Caretaker s.h.i.+. Caretaker s.h.i.+ then brought him to look at different plots of land which could be used to plant the sweet potatoes.

Near the vicinity of the beast park, there was a piece of smooth and empty ground which had previously been cultivated. There were a few fruits and vegetables planted on top of it. A majority of the food eaten by the odd-job workers from the beast park were planted here. Usually, there were a few elders and women that would take care of this plot of land. They were the family members of those odd-job workers.

"What do you think of this place? The vegetables have already ripened. I will get someone to pluck them out," Caretaker s.h.i.+ said before he led him to another plot of land.
"Let's walk further. We do not need such a big plot—one mu of land is already sufficient," Ren Baqian stated.

After walking half around, they saw a small plot on land on an inclined ground. Its area was approximately one mu, and its position was a little remote. The soil was also not the best quality. But, Ren Baqian did not mind at all. Anyhow, the requirements for the quality of soil to plant sweet potatoes were not that high. In addition, it was better that the location was slightly more remote.

"This place will do."

"The land here is so-so and the harvest might be slightly inferior," Caretaker s.h.i.+ persuaded him.

"No worries, this place is pretty good." Ren Baqian smiled. The position of this plot of land was relatively more remote. But, on the contrary, it was just right. n.o.body would pay attention to what they were planting.

"Can these two plots of land be used as well?" He thought of the spices which he had brought and pointed towards the plot of lands nearby.

Caretaker s.h.i.+ looked over to the direction he was pointing at, patted his chest and said, "No problem. Although the beast park does not have much land, we are still able to evenly distribute a few plots of it."

After confirming the position of the land, Caretaker s.h.i.+ hastily went out to handle the matters of the shaved ice shop.

The other two shops' owners.h.i.+p had also been transferred over to them. Now, he had to tidy up all three shops. He also had to find a carpenter to make the bar counter as well as a long bench.

Ren Baqian had already handed over the method of manufacturing ice to Caretaker s.h.i.+. It was very simple, as long as he knew where to find saltpeter, it would be settled.

As for making fruits shaved ice, it was even simpler.

The follow-up of the matter should not require Ren Baqian's partic.i.p.ation any further provided that he received his share of money.

He had selected the plot of land, but the sweet potatoes had yet to germinate. Ren Baqian was unoccupied and therefore decided to look for the odd-job worker who knew carpentry. Ren Baqian asked him to make a chair which was strange-looking in the eyes of the other party.

Ren Baqian intended to make a sofa inspired by the empress's couch he had seen. With such a sofa that would enable the entire person to sink inside, it would definitely be much more comfortable than the couch.

Naturally, such stuff would be delivered to the empress first. After which, he could make one for himself.

Soon after, he went to the beast park and began to look for materials to make the padding inside the sofa. Cotton, bird feathers, and such were all possible materials.

Although Dayao didn't have cotton, but there were a lot of bird feathers in the beast park. A lot of bird feathers were cleared up every day; they were all burned as rubbish.

After instructing people to keep the bird feathers for him, Ren Baqian went searching for animal hide that was already tanned. Only then did he realized that Dayao people actually did not know how to tan animal hide. The hides were all taken from the animals and then dried. After which, it would then be sold in bundles to the merchants who collected them.

The price would naturally be outrageously low. Yet, when wanting to buy tanned animal hide from merchants, people flinched from the price.

A sheet of an ordinary goat's hide, which was also the enormous goat that pulls carriages, was sold at 1 tael of silver for three sheets. However, the tanned animal hides were sold at 10 taels of silver for just one sheet.

The profits made people go crazy even just at the thought of it.

It was no wonder why foreign merchants flocked into Dayao even though it was virtually scorching hot and had nothing enjoyable. A few times or even ten times worth of profits made the majority the people willing to take the risk.

Ren Baqian figured that he only had one more day before he returned to Earth. He was also not anxious. Since he was returning to Earth, he might as well surf the Internet and search for methods to tan animal hides when he's back there.

The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 32

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