The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 444 Ferocious Beas

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When that familiar tune started playing again, blue veins emerged from everyone's foreheads.

If it was unpleasant to the ears, so be it. However, the noise from the erhu made everyone quiver from time to time. As a result, it was inevitable that their movements became imperfect.

"Stop her! I'll go!" one man shouted. He turned his body toward the mountain and pounced over while the others immediately filled the gap that he had left behind.

The empress shot him a icy-cold glare and said, "Courting death!"

Attacking the empress's people in front of her? If he wasn't courting death, then what was he doing?

Immediately, the purple-red veins on her forehead got deeper. She completely ignored the swords around her, turned into a flash of red light, chased after that man, and crashed into him.

"A good opportunity!" The person who was obstructing the empress felt delighted. With peerless vigor, his longsword pierced toward the empress. She could either dodge or face the attack head on. If she were to dodge, then she naturally wouldn't be able to catch up to him. If she were to face the attack head on, the chances of winning this battle would be significantly higher if this attack caused a slight injury.

"Want to escape?" Shan Rou sneered. Like a snake, the ribbon in her hand advanced toward the empress's feet and wrapped around them.

"Have a taste of my staff!" A tall man jumped into the air, and just like a poisonous dragon, he thrusted the long staff in his hand.

"Get lost!" the empress violently shouted. She brushed her hand across the oncoming longsword, and the sound of metal clanking together could be heard. When she moved her hand across the longsword, her fingers flicked on the blade 17 times, each with tremendous force. The vibrations traveled from the sword to the other party's hand, forcibly springing it away from his grip.

Next, she flipped her palm to face the sky. Her white, jade-like palm forcibly blocked the long staff that resembled a poisonous dragon in the air.

However, a clear sword gleam quietly streaked across the empress's back, causing a string of blood to spurt out. Just as her blood sprayed into the air, it rapidly turned into gas.

This was caused by the ignition of the essence blood in the empress's body. Once her essence blood was out of her body, it could no longer be controlled, causing it to immediately evaporate.

The empress ignored the injury to her back, and in a flash, she appeared outside of the group of people who were encircling her. The tips of her toes tapped on the ground gently, and in a split second, she caught up with the person who was five meters ahead.

"Be careful!" Everyone was extremely shocked. They were extremely shocked not because the empress had broken through the encirclement so easily, but because of the fact that they didn't even hurt her a single bit. More importantly, there was also a person trapped within the ribbon that was wrapped around the empress's feet.

Shan Rou had actually been rigidly dragged out by the empress.

"Let me a.s.sist you!" a few people shouted in succession. Then, they grabbed the ribbon between the empress and Shan Rou while their comrades pounced on the empress.

The empress looked ahead and realized that there was another person who was five meters away from her. She only needed another step before she could capture him. Just at this moment, she felt a strong force coming from her feet that caused her to stop in her tracks.

The empress was at one end of the ribbon while another six people were grabbing the other end of it. It was as if they were in a tug-of-war.

However, there were still another ten silhouettes fluttering toward the empress.

The empress went ballistic. The color of the veins on her face grew darker as her skin began to turn red. She used her feet to push off from the ground and sped toward the ribbon which was grabbed by six other people. Everyone was caught unprepared. One by one, each of them got dragged away unsteadily.

The debris under the empress's feet flew everywhere. When she dashed off, only a large hole was left in her original location.

Using this strength and momentum, she finally caught up with the person ahead of her.

As this person turned around, dozens of bone needles spilled out from his hand. This was followed by six iron awls which were as thick as fingers. All of a sudden, the short spike in his hand turned into a long spike, and he yelled, "Break!"

Like a dragon, the spike advanced toward the empress at lightning speed.

The empress used her hands to prop herself up, allowing dozens of bone needles to hit her body. Once the essence blood revolved around her body, the bone needles that had just pa.s.sed through her skin immediately turned into powder.

The six iron awls landed in the empress's hands, and she threw them back at the people who were chasing after her. She gave everyone a scare, and one after another, they prepared to avoid those iron awls.

With the empress's strength, on top of these specially crafted iron awls, if they hit someone, they would undoubtedly leave an enormous hole in a person's body.

Thereafter, they could only watch on as the closest iron awl got further and further away. It flew away just like that.

All of a sudden, it was as if the empress's arms became boneless as they wrapped themselves around the other party's spike, tugging and shaking it. Immediately, the wielder wasn't able to hold onto the spike anymore, causing it to fly into the sky.

At a speed that no one could see clearly, the empress consecutively flicked the other party's chest seven times.

"What kind of move is this…?" the person muttered. By the next moment, he became motionless like a clay puppet.

"You are already dead!" The empress didn't even take a look at him. However, before he died, she needed to kill someone else.

She turned around and threw herself to the back. However, a stone under her feet flew in Ren Baqian's direction.

The noises made by Ren Baqian not only made others distracted, but it also made her anxious.

The stone went straight for the erhu in Ren Baqian's hands. She managed to grasp the right amount of strength needed, and it was just enough to smash the erhu into pieces.

However, just when the empress turned her head to face her opponents, this stone hit Ren Baqian's forehead while he was wholeheartedly immersed in the erhu's tune. Ren Baqian saw his vision go blank and then fell backward…

"Ah!" Qing Yuan and Hong Luan cried. They didn't expect Her Majesty to kick a stone over and knock Ren out.

However, the both of them felt relieved. If Her Majesty didn't take any action, they wouldn't be able to take it anymore.

Originally, Lin Qiaole, who was by Ren Baqian's side, was in a daze. Upon seeing that he was laid out, she placed her head on his stomach and adjusted until she found a comfortable sleeping position.

Qing Yuan and Hong Luan were nearly scared to death when they saw one person getting knocked unconscious and the other person trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. The empress was fighting in front of them. What on earth was Lin Qiaole trying to do?

The empress nodded her head to welcome the crowd. With each punch she threw, she welcomed the ferocious beasts head on. A deafening "boom" was heard every now and then. Just like smoke, the ferocious beasts dissipated into the air.

Every time a ferocious beast was defeated, a crack would appear on the chessboard.

At this moment, the cracks on the chessboard were densely packed. Currently, there were only about ten out of the dozens of metamorphosed ferocious beasts remaining.

The empress broke up a few more beasts, jumped up, and pounced on Tie Feng, who was behind her. Then, her five fingers transformed into claws and slashed at the top of his head.

"Stop her!" Shan Rou immediately shouted.

Just then, a paper umbrella appeared right between the empress and Tie Feng. It was Chang Tian who made this move. The paper umbrella obstructed the empress's claws once it was opened, but her claws created a huge hole in it. Soon after, he closed the umbrella and used it as a sword, displaying many different offensive moves.

The empress didn't pay even the slightest attention to this. She used one hand to block the paper umbrella and the other to claw at Tie Feng. Qingyun Sword's longsword turned into a clear gleam and went for the empress's neck. The sword gleam that had injured the empress previously appeared once again.

"Everyone, get lost!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. The two words "get lost" practically turned into reality as huge sound waves slammed around. It was as if ancient beasts were roaring, causing everyone's hearts to skip a beat.

The redness on the surface of her skin and of her veins became even deeper. The color of her veins practically turned purple. Everyone felt that these purple veins of hers seemed to be an ent.i.ty of its own that wanted to separate itself from the empress's body.

The empress's eyes revealed her anger. An overbearing, frightening, and sinister aura was emitted from all over her body.

Everyone felt that they weren't confronting a human anymore. This wasn't the same woman that was dressed in red whose heroic spirit had been br.i.m.m.i.n.g. Instead, it was a beast from ancient times that had resurrected in front of everyone.

Although the former Qi Zixiao was formidable, she had yet to exert all of her strength. At this moment, she was the Qi Zixiao who was the fifth most powerful expert in the world.

The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 444 Ferocious Beas

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