The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 505 Children From The Mountains

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"Shen Feng?" Ren Baqian heard the name of the culprit from the three people and suddenly gnashed his teeth.

This scoundrel.

She actually taught them the term lady boss!

She even taught them how to play the finger-guessing game!

Although she was well aware of her ident.i.ty, she still had the nerve to do this.

Of course, there were plenty of reasons for Ren Baqian to believe that if he fired her and found another a.s.sistant, this new person would still be someone who worked for the nation.

Perhaps he should go abroad and find a non-Chinese citizen of Chinese descent.

This thought flashed in Ren Baqian's head. Then, he asked, "Did you guys say anything that you weren't supposed to say?"

"No!" the three of them replied at the same time.

Ren Baqian was rather suspicious as to whether they knew what they were saying. However, seeing that they all said the same thing, he didn't pursue the matter any further.

He went upstairs, changed into a new set of clothes, called Shen Feng, and asked, "Where are you? Make a trip here."

Ren Baqian's voice was very calm, so Shen Feng couldn't tell how he was feeling. However, he was somewhat dissatisfied with Shen Feng. Even though she had been working rather well throughout this period of time, he was still somewhat dissatisfied with her.

"I want to resign!" Shen Feng shouted as soon as she answered the call. She immediately hung up the call after she spoke.

"Eh?" Ren Baqian was at a loss for words. Why was Shen Feng acting like a nutcase today? He didn't even find any trouble with her, yet she dared to talk about resigning? She even hung up his call?

Before he could comprehend what was going on, he received three photos consecutively and they were all Shen Feng's selfies.

All Ren Baqian could see was a angsty bald-headed man who was wearing a hospital gown. Was that a pig's head?

Her eyes were now just slits, while half of her face was swollen. She was barely recognizable. There was also some kind of medicine smeared all over her face. All of her hair had been shaved, and there were only bandages left on her head. From the photographs, the background seemed like a hospital ward.

Another photo showed an image of her arm in a cast.

Then, Shen Feng called again, "See that? See what your bast*rds have done? I'm quitting! Boohoo!"

It was unknown if Shen Feng was really having flashbacks of her own tragic experience when she actually started sobbing. This was rather unusual.

After all, she had always adopted a very indifferent and neutral image; it was rare to see her emotional side.

After all, she was still a woman.

Ren Baqian was a little puzzled. Was she beaten up by those three blockheads?

"Take a good rest. I'll give you a month off."

After hanging up the call, Ren Baqian ran downstairs with the phone in his hand, only to see the three winged cavalry warriors who arrived first flaunting their knowledge about the things in the villa to the other three.

Ren Baqian's face was black as he asked, "Did you guys beat Shen Feng up? How many times did I actually remind you guys?"

"No!" The three of them shook their heads in unison.

"Are you guys sure?" Ren Baqian showed the selfies that Shen Feng had sent over. "How did she become like that?"

"We played little bee! She suggested the idea, so don't blame us," the three of them immediately replied.

All of a sudden, Ren Baqian recalled the scene he saw just after returning to Earth…

"Show me how the game go…"

"Little bee, little bee, flying among the flowers." At the same time, the three of them played "rock, paper, scissors." Then, a loud "pow" could be heard.

As the other two swung their palms, the third winged cavalry warrior was instantly sent flying into the wall.

"Just like that. She suggested the idea, and we didn't expect that she was that weak!"

As expected…

Ren Baqian was somewhat speechless…

Shen Feng really deserved it, right?

Disasters that have been lowered by Heaven can still be escaped, but the sins caused by people can never be escaped!

"Don't neglect patrolling this place. If there's something wrong with Her Majesty's temporary residence, no one can protect any of you," Ren Baqian warned.

Since this place wasn't Dayao, he wasn't going to treat them like they were in the army.

It was said that as long as it wasn't during wartime, the morality and conduct of the aboriginal soldiers would be just like this.

"Understood!" Initially, the three of them were still worried about being lectured by Ren Baqian. However, after listening to what he said, they rejoiced.

"How was the progress of your education these days?" Ren Baqian asked.

"Those cooks are really nice people, and we learned quite a bit from them," the three of them said.

"Eh? Cooks? What about the teacher I hired?" Ren Baqian was suspicious.

"We didn't meet any teacher!"

"He didn't come?" Ren Baqian fished out his phone and checked. Sure enough, there were two missed calls from the home tutor that he had previously found. Straightaway, he called back.

The other party rejected his call…

Ren Baqian's face turned black. What was going on?

He called back again.

This time, the call was answered. The other party's tone was indifferent, "Mister, what's the problem?"

"I have already made an appointment with you, why didn't you turn up?"

"Are you kidding me? I showed up, but was chased away. Even though I'm not as rich as you, there isn't a need to play a prank on me, right? I'm just a student and am not used to all of this." After completing his sentence, he hung up the call.

"After I left, who else came?" Ren Baqian turned around and questioned the few winged cavalry warriors sternly.

"A tiny boy, thin and weak, who said that he's called An Ran. Sir Ren instructed us to drive everyone else away apart from the designated person named Teacher. As such, we chased him away."

Ren Baqian had nothing to say.

"I'm not angry… I'm not angry… I'm not angry…" Ren Baqian kept repeating as he held his head.

If he was serious with these idiots, then he would be the real loser.

"The three of you, tell the rest about what they need to know." Ren Baqian waved and drove to the gate of a university. He pasted a sheet of paper on his car window, "Looking for a home tutor. Salary is 200 yuan per hour! Requirement: Honest!"

Many people saw this scene and grew interested.

An hourly salary of 200 yuan was considered pretty good for part-time workers. Generally, the salary of a one on one tutor was only about 100 yuan per hour, not to mention that Ren Baqian was searching for a home tutor at a mid-tier university.

However, Ren Baqian didn't write down the level of the student who was to be tutored or the topics required to be taught. This actually made many people uncertain about whether they should take up the job.

This uncertainty was to the degree that some people suspected that he was a swindler. After all, it seemed that this was too good to be true and was most likely deceptive.

After a long time, a feeble-looking boy who had and was dressed in simple clothes came over to knock on Ren Baqian's car window.

"Excuse me, what kind of tutor do you want to hire?" the boy asked. "I'm a freshman here and have just pa.s.sed the college entrance examination."

"I'll hire you. Hop in!" As Ren Baqian sized him up, Ren Baqian concluded that he indeed seemed honest.


"Rest a.s.sured, your level is good enough to teach. As long as he or she is honest, I don't need a tutor with standards that are too high."

The boy hesitated. The salary was rather attractive. Plus, it shouldn't be a problem if he got in the car at the school gate where the surveillance camera could capture it. As soon as he rea.s.sured himself, he got in the car.

Ren Baqian spoke as he drove and explained, "I only need you to teach how to write chinese characters. The simpler the better—as long as they learn how to read and write. Also, you'll just have to teach them some general knowledge."

"Ah?" The boy was slightly taken aback.

"There are some children who have been living in the mountains who don't know anything about the outside world. I need someone to help them understand the outside world," Ren Baqian said. He had better bring the tutor over before revealing too much. If he showed anyone photos of the aboriginals, he reckoned that no one would dare to come.

In fact, after interacting with those winged cavalry warriors, one would know that even though they looked intimidating, they weren't evil people.

After hearing these words, the boy could finally relaxed a little. He felt that these students should be children from impoverished areas. Although he couldn't understand why the person in front of him was doing this, perhaps he was just a good samaritan? Adopting kids from rural areas?

At the thought of this, the boy suddenly felt deep veneration.

He was born in a village. If not for the a.s.sistance of a kind soul, he would have probably ended up the same as the other kids in the village, dropping out of school before even completing elementary school in order to work. Therefore, from the bottom of his heart, he felt respect and admiration for such kind people.

"It's not in the city?" the boy asked as he looked at Ren Baqian, who was driving out of the city.

"Don't worry, your transport fees will be reimbursed. You will also be paid the same rate for your time on the road as the teaching rate."

"No need, no need. The wages are already very high." The boy was a little embarra.s.sed.

"No worries. Those kids have a weaker foundation, so you may have to put in more effort," Ren Baqian said.

"I'll do my best!" the boy declared in response. He swore in his mind that he would definitely help and impart all of his knowledge to them.

The reason wasn't only due to his salary, but also because of the fact that they had similar family backgrounds.

The boy's notion remained until Ren Baqian opened the door of his villa…

"Okay, these are the six students that you will be teaching." Ren Baqian flashed a good-natured smile at the tutor.

The boy stared at the six bald, fierce-looking men in the living room whose bodies were filled with scars. Their gazes were similar to that of a bear who wanted to gobble up humans. Immediately, he felt sluggish…

The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 505 Children From The Mountains

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