Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1007: A normal personality? Waiting for that day

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Chapter 1007: A normal personality? Waiting for that day

With the bright sky witnessing them, the base started increasing in activeness.

After a night's rest, the soldiers started coming out of their tents to start a new day. They did various like cleaning, extinguis.h.i.+ng flames, and getting food ready. There are also soldiers making daily reports to their superiors. The base became very rowdy in an instant.

After a night of patrol duty, the soldiers yawned. The patrols went into their tents to rest. The other soldiers who weren't on patrol duty started forming groups to harvest resources in the Giant Beast Forest.

Walking out of the only path leading to the private lake, Wu Yan saw a bunch of Sisters doing like the other soldiers. They were walking around the tents like they had been doing this for a while now. Their visors made them look like professional hunters. In any case, they were busy too.

Wu Yan watched as the sisters did their daily routines. He started thinking about the girls.

These sisters learned their commonsense from a learning unit. They have their own consciousness and will but they were behaving like non-humans. He felt bad for the sisters.

But now, the sisters can act very independently. They can make food, wash themselves, they were even developing their communication skills.

That would have been impossible in the past.

The Sisters have the Misaka Network. If they want to say anything to one another, they would use it since it's quicker and efficient. They can convey thoughts in a single instant as if they were of the same mind.

The Sisters are rational so they normally used the Network to talk when there are no outsiders around.

Right now, he's watching the Sisters talking without the Network with one another. This is much better for them because they are starting to understand that vocalizing one's thoughts is better than using an instant message network.

Isn't this a sign that the Sisters are becoming humans?

It's hard to distinguish them from one another, they also talked like machines so it's hard to treat them like humans.

The Sisters are working hard and living according to their own styles.

Wu Yan smiled radiantly when he looked at the Sisters who were slowly growing up.

It won't be long before the Sisters possess human-like personalities and thoughts.

While Wu Yan is glad about the Sisters' growth, a bunch of sisters nearby discovered him. They cast their gazes on Wu Yan.

"Onii-san discovered. Misaka 10047 says as she cheered."

Reported that clone with a monotone and without facial twitches.

"It's Onii-san! Onii-san's still alive! Misaka 14309 gasped as she greeted Onii-san who she hadn't seen for a while."

Another clone said without any visible expression or shocked tone.

"I heard Onii-sama abandoned the other nee-sans in order to find new romance targets. Misaka reckons there's a high chance he got dumped by his new flings as Misaka 9776 shared her juicy gossip. Misaka gave Onii-sama a judging look..."

Said the clone who still had no visible expression. But, this sister did use a look like she's looking at a beast.

"Based on Misaka 9776's data, Misaka came to a different conclusion. Onii-sama ditched the other nee-sans to target the Misaka clones. Misaka 19794 defended Onii-sama while trying to give Onii-sama a hint."

Said the clone who gave him more trouble than help.

"I see, Onii-sama is finally going to lay his hands on the sisters, huh? Misaka 3399 says as she slowly backs away although she's secretly happy..."

"Misaka thinks Onii-sama can't dump the other nee-sans. If he wanted to target the Misakas, this Misaka is willing to share Onii-sama with the other nee-sans. Misaka 10976 said as she tried to salvage what is left of Onii-sama's impure soul. She volunteers to enter the den of the tiger herself."

"Misaka 10029 seconds that motion."

"Misaka 19909 concurs."

"Misaka 16300 concurred."

"All Misaka units approved this."

The sisters started going on a tangent. Wu Yan is also sweating cold bullets. The Sisters were slowly drawing closer to him, his lips twitched and he grabbed Ikaros' hands to run for it.

A normal personality?

I don't want to see it now...

Wu Yan walked into the tent used by most of his harem members, Ikaros is blus.h.i.+ng because he's holding her hand.

In the center of the tent is a large table with multiple chairs surrounding it. There were just enough chairs for Wu Yan & co. There are also other desks in this tent.

This tent is the dining tent-c.u.m office when they are discussing business. Other than that, the girls would also gather for teas and cakes, doing girl things with one another.

Flan and Yos.h.i.+no were fooling around while Astrea and Tohka stuffed themselves with food like usual. The other girls were sitting on the chairs with serious looks. They looked like they were talking about something important.

Kotori is the one leading the talk, the other girls listened with different looks. Saiai, Frenda, and Rikou looked nonchalant. Shokuhou and Kurumi were grinning for some reason. Hinagiku and Mikoto had dark looks.

Wu Yan had a bad feeling when he saw this scene.

His gut is telling him to get out of there or it's not going to end well for him.

With a grave expression, he trusted his guts and he slowly turned around to tip-toe away from the girls with Ikaros in tow.

Ikaros didn't understand why Wu Yan is making an escape so she asked him in confusion.

"What's the matter? Master..."

The air froze.

Wu Yan knew he was done for the moment Ikaros spoke. He tried to use a quick teleport spell but two hands pressed down on his shoulder.

Wu Yan trembled. He slowly turned around to see Hinagiku and Kotori leering at him with menacing smiles.


He awkwardly laughed like that gulp didn't just happen.

"Wh-what's up? My beautiful..."

Normally, the two would be blus.h.i.+ng, this tactic didn't work and it even backfired on him.


Hinagiku and Kotori said at the same time.

"We just want you to introduce our new sisters to us!"

Wu Yan blacked out, his heart had only one thought...

Game over...

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1007: A normal personality? Waiting for that day

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