Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 320

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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 320: Heavy guy? Fist of destruction? b.u.t.ting heads

Floor 5 got enveloped in a tense atmosphere the moment Wu Yan got up onto the stage. Everyone held their breaths so the whole place got eerily quiet.

The 9 major factions surrounded the arena. Hinagiku and Mikoto stayed by Fei Fei's side with Fatal Forest. They had very calm expressions. Many wondered why they weren't worried about their own partner. Some of them made snide comments about how the girls are too blind to see Wu Yan's ability. Some of them even wondered if maybe, those two aren't on good terms with Wu Yan.

Never did the thought occur to them that the girls had absolute faith in Wu Yan.

Besides Wu Yan, there is a referee on the arena.  He is here to facilitate the transfer of credit bets and to judge when the fight is over.

The referee scanned the crowd and he continued.

"We will now begin the open challenge issued by special student Wu Yan, is there anyone who would like to step up as the challenger?"

Everyone tensed up while Wu Yan stared down at Bing Mian. He didn't need to say it for Bing Mian to know what he meant.

Bing Mian sneered.

"Surely, you are not expecting me, the second-in-command of Sea of Thick Ice to fight you in the first round? Get over yourself, prove yourself worthy by beating the others first!"

Wu Yan rubbed his chin. He saw through his tiny plot and he laughed at him.

"Oh yeah, that suits you way better. Stay down there and continue making your petty little schemes, after all, you're just the second-in-command of Sea of Thick Ice…"


Wu Yan is implying that he knew about the technique Bing Mian used on him. Bing Mian didn't notice his nuance though, he's too busy throwing a hissy fit over Wu Yan making fun of him. His expression is so dark it's like he's going to crack very soon.

Vish glanced at Wu Yan, he wanted to step up but he chose not to out of shrewdness. The other leaders of the six factions had the same idea.

It would appear n.o.body is up to the challenge.

Wu Yan started getting impatient but the referee spoke up first.

"Are there no challengers among you?"

The referee didn't sound impartial, he sounded more irritated than cool.

Surprisingly, the 9 factions started stirring the moment the referee spoke out.

Bing Mian called out to one of the special students behind him. He pointed at Wu Yan.

"You! Show no mercy!"


The special student responded. He revealed his face that is full of scars.

He leaped and landed on the arena as everyone watched. Now, everyone could see his form.

The guy is ripped as heck with bulging muscles that had a metallic sheen. His scars made him look like a veteran.

Standing about 5 meters away from Wu Yan, everyone could see that the two differed greatly in height and weight. Wu Yan could only be compared to as a child relative to this giant. People started wondering why they didn't notice this boulder standing behind Bing Mian.

The heavy guy grinned.

"Currently no.58 in the rankings, special student Li s.h.i.+, twerp, I challenge you to a fight!"

Wu Yan nodded and he took out his ID card.

"10,000 credits, it's yours if you can beat me!"

Li s.h.i.+ snickered and he responded in kind by taking out his ID card.

"I will be taking your 10,000 credits then!"

The referee spoke after the two of them took out their cards.

"Both parties are to hand their ID cards to me."

Wu Yan saw Li s.h.i.+ meekly handing his ID card to the referee, a stark contrast to his ugly grinning expression just a few seconds ago.

Astonished by Li s.h.i.+'s att.i.tude, he looked around and saw that everyone had a subservient att.i.tude towards the referee.

He scanned the referee and he had a realization. The referee had tier 8 strength.

A tier 8 presiding over a duel?

He thought about it and conjectured that this is probably Silvaria World Inst.i.tute's upper bra.s.s pulling some strings. Some of them are probably worried that there would be accidents or deaths so they arranged for someone who could control the crowd and make things don't get out of hand. He is the reason why Li s.h.i.+ Became an obedient doggy.

He pa.s.sed his ID card to the referee and the referee got down from the stage, leaving only the two fighters.

When the referee got down, the other fighter got again. Wu Yan certainly didn't look intimidating when Wu Yan's height only reached his own waist. He mocked Wu Yan.

"If you're afraid, I don't mind if you surrender, ya twerp!"

Wu Yan scoffed back.

"Oh, how nice of you. Well, I will let you surrender when the time comes, chubbo!"

Li s.h.i.+ roared and a torrent of dou qi started coming out of him in droves, enveloping his large frame in fire. The dou qi's surge caused a mini-storm that blew Wu Yan's hair until it's all ruffled.

"Hahaha! Prepare to die!"

Li s.h.i.+ guffawed as he lifted his fist. Dou qi started gathering at his fist. When he finally charged up, his fist got magnified a few times over.

"It's here! Li s.h.i.+'s fist of destruction!"

"Oh s.h.i.+t son! That fist is going to knock the newbie into next year, he's not getting out of this with only a few broken bones!"

The peanut gallery in Sea of Thick Ice started making some noise. Bing Mian had a smug grin while Fei Fei turned a little grim.

"This is troublesome…"

Hinagiku got curious.

"Sister Fei Fei, is that fist so powerful?"

Fei Fei clenched Night Elf as she revealed a troubled expression.

"It's a force to be reckoned with. I am going to be severely injured if that hit connected cleanly with me."

Fei Fei smiled.

"But, the technique's weakness is that it traded some speed for power, Yan can easily dodge it if he wanted to."

Mikoto's lip twitched as a notion hit her.

"Hey, he's not going to meet the fist head on right?…"

Fei Fei and Hinagiku turned towards the arena in shock and they just can't believe what the guy is doing. He's actually itching to try it out!

Fei Fei walked two steps forward and yelled out to him.

"Yan! Don't take that hit! You're not going to be able to handle it!"

Wu Yan didn't react while Li s.h.i.+ got excited. He's more afraid he's going to dodge but since the guy is going to meet his attack head-on, he's not complaining.

He roared and he punched at Wu Yan's chest.

His fist actually lit up the air around him and his fist looked like a meteor as his fist approached Wu Yan. There is no doubt on everyone's mind that Wu Yan is going to need a stretcher.

Leaving little margin, Wu Yan lifted his fist and smashed back at his fist.

With a loud boom, his small fist stopped Li s.h.i.+'s giant fist dead in its track.

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 320

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