Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 463

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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 463: The date in the zoo

The people in the control room saw Kurumi's familiarity with Wu Yan go up by more than half, it almost hit 2/3 of the full gauge. This happened when Wu Yan said he liked animals.

Their eyes almost popped out because this did not fit well with what they believed to be true. The people in the control room of Ratatoskr just can't believe this, it's like their firm a.s.sumptions were wrong.

Although Tokisaki Kurumi only appeared on the radar a few times, Ratatoskr thought they knew enough about her to peg her as a spirit of a highly destructive nature.

She's savage, sick, and quite possibly a major psychopath who did as she pleased.

At least, that was what they knew.

Only now are they getting to know the side of her who reacted positively to another person's statement about liking animals. Kotori's Chupa Chups almost fell out of her wide opened mouth.

Kotori frowned, she's the first one to return to her thoughts. She murmured at Wu Yan who is leading Kurumi towards the zoo.

"s.h.i.+do, you're really an inscrutable person…"

Kyouhei placed his hand on his forehead in a dramatic manner.

"As expected of Ratatoskr's trump card, the esteemed brother of the commander, we were the fools for doubting him. This G.o.d of conquest is on another level compared to us the mere mortals."

The people in the control room experienced another rise in respect for Wu Yan. They are wors.h.i.+pping him in a very unsightly manner.

Wu Yan heard the praises the people in the control room sung of him and he felt pretty smug despite only showing a smile on his face.

He knew she liked animals because he saw Date A Live, even if one didn't know about it, a quick browser search on the internet in the original world would have easily found this trivia. By leveraging his knowledge of her, he can quickly build his familiarity with her.

In the original work, Kurumi went on a rampage when a few people bullied a cat. It was G.o.d's duty to judge them and Kurumi sent them to meet their makers. Her love for animals are apparent to anyone who saw this.

Wu Yan can't let go of this good opportunity. If her favorability hit max and she wore the sealing bracelet that would have been ideal.

He's delusional if he thought this was enough to seal the deal.

Wu Yan and Kurumi found themselves standing in front of the entrance to the zoo. They entered the zoo and an employee in panda costume greeted them. The employee gave Wu Yan a popsicle and the employee walked away.

Kurumi is curious as to why the employee gave Wu Yan a popsicle. She never heard they had this event at the zoo. Wu Yan knew about this and he led Kurumi further into the zoo before giving the employee a furtive thumbs-up. The employee replied with a bow.

When both Wu Yan and Kurumi are no longe rin sight, the employee removed his costume head and revealed his feminine face. It was Yatsuki Tatsuwa.

"Getting rid of the traces of animal abuse sure was hard, the squad leader sure likes handing out hard a.s.signments…"

Tatsuwa bitterly smiled. Unknown to him, had he not done according to Wu Yan's instruction, Kurumi would probably turn this zoo into h.e.l.l on earth for humans after seeing how badly they are treating the animals.

Kurumi didn't know about this. She's too busy looking at the lambs in the dainty enclosure. Her face is flushed red with excitement. She's like your average bubbly girl who liked animals. She is putting her personality and emotion on full display.


Wu Yan gave Kurumi the popsicle. He felt like this is the appropriate compensation for being able to witness this side of her. She's too weak to these cuddly creatures.

"You're giving it to me?"

Kurumi tilted her head in confusion, she accepted the popsicle anyway.

"What about you?"

"Can't be helped, there's only 1 popsicle so naturally ladies first."


Kurumi offered the popsicle with a cheerful laugh.

"Why don't we eat it together?"

f.u.c.k yes!

Is what Wu Yan would have liked to shout but he acted all reserved.

"Is that okay with you?"

"Ara ara…"

Kurumi placed a hand on her cheek.

"If it's s.h.i.+do-san…"

Wu Yan shrugged before enjoying the popsicle with her. They both ate the popsicle like real couples and the people in the control room had the front row seat to their flowery love show. Their impression of Wu Yan raised once more.

A bunch of shepherd dogs came running from afar. Their barks attracted Kurumi's attention.

Wu Yan amused himself with her reaction and he crouched to beckon the dogs.

"Here boy…"

Kurumi flinched in surprise, she looked at the dogs with a tense look, she looks like she wanted the dogs to come running.

One of the dogs approached them but it stopped some distance away from them. After hesitating for a bit, the dog slowly got closer to Wu Yan.

Kurumi held her breath as If she's afraid that she might scare the dog away. Time slowly ticked and the dog got close enough to Wu Yan that it started licking his palm. Wu Yan rubbed the dog's head and the dog lowered its guard. It started frolicking around Wu Yan while barking as if enticing Wu Yan to join it. This dog needed to tone down its cuteness because it's way too cute.

Kurumi is blus.h.i.+ng with excitement, she also crouched down but she didn't call for the dog. She tilted her head in a childish streak of curiosity, she observed the dog's behavior while grinning happily like a true animal lover.

Wu Yan knew what Kurumi is thinking about, he invited her to join him.

"Come, try and pet the dog yourself."


Kurumi hesitaed.

"I don't know if I can do it without scaring the dog away."

"I bet you won't, now get your b.u.t.t over here and just try it."

Wu Yan shook his head while laughing. He didn't expect her to be so cautious around a small animal. She's even afraid that she might scare away the dog. She's behaving like how she did in the original work, she got so p.i.s.sed in the original work that her Astral Dress materialized.

Kurumi is hesitating between taking up the offer or declining it politely. She saw the dog playfully barking at her and she fell to her inner desire to fluff the animal. She rubbed the dog on its head.

The dog seemed to like it as the dog barked in excitement before pouncing on Kurumi. Kurumi fell and the dog licked her face all over.

"Wait wait… hahaha, you're tickling me…"

Kurumi subconsciously hugged the dog. The tickling and wet sensation caused Kurumi to laugh out loud.

Kurumi's laughter is so genuine and beautiful the two of them formed a picture-esque scene.

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 463

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