Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint Chapter 478 - – One Single Fable (2)

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Chapter 478: Episode 91 - One Single Fable (2)


The Great Sage's Status enveloping my entire body now concentrated on the [Ruyi Jingu Bang] held in my right hand. Just like that day on the Tongtian, when we were fighting against the Constellations.

If there was one thing different, then I was now using the complete power of that 'Sun Wukong'.

[Great Fable, 'Liberator of the Forgotten Ones' has completely permeated in you!]

"I shall open up a path."

I swung the [Ruyi Jingu Bang] and a huge hole opened up in the centre of the tsunami wave. However, it was filled back up in an instant.


From the island that the 999th turn's Yi Ji-Hye had brought up, the 'Nameless Ones' began crawling out. Their number was so great that fighting them seemed impossible, but even then, the Great Sage didn't panic at all.

[Destroy them.]

I felt this jolt from the arm raised up in the air, and thick, gloomy clouds suddenly filled up the sky. Somersault clouds carrying thunderbolts rang around within the heavens above. Then, blinding blue rays of light crashed on the ocean.


Several strands of lightning smacked into the sea and tore through everything there to carve out a path. These bolts of lightning continued to smash down many more times. What an enormous amount of Status that was.

This was the power of the one who had reached the last scenario, the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, often referred to as the strongest Constellation ever was.

[Gah-gahk, gagagagagahk?]

However, there were several creatures that managed to withstand the storm of lightning bolts. They were slightly larger than the previous Outer G.o.ds.

[We ki ll the Con stel lat ions]

[End of sta rs dra ws ne ar]

These 'Outer G.o.ds' could string along more concise words. These upper rank creatures travelled through the underwater tunnel and rose up to the ocean's surface.

"Son of a….!"

Han Su-Yeong next to us cried out.


The ground beneath the ocean rocked and lava began boiling up to the surface.

"Everyone, get away!"

We quickly climbed aboard Yi Ji-Hye's [Turtle Dragon] and rose up to the sky. The hazy surface of the ocean was soon filled up with wiggling creatures.

[De stru cti on of the wor ldli ne is co ming]

The 'Outer G.o.ds' descended to this world while spewing out some ominous-sounding lines. We had encountered a creature like that before - during the earlier days of the scenario, on the battlefield of the [Dark Castle].

['The 4th Wall' is faintly stirring.]

Perhaps, the [Devourer of Dream], now acting as a librarian inside the wall, was watching this spectacle as well.

"How are we supposed to kill those things??"

Han Su-Yeong gritted her teeth and emitted [Black Flame] from both of her hands. Tentacles several kilometres long rose up above the ocean at the same time, causing the tidal waves messily mixed in with magma to rise up even taller than mountain ranges.

For some reason, I recalled a certain sentence from the 'Ways of Survival'.

⸢The calamity flooding out from the rising island eventually covered up everything on the surface of the planet.⸥

If this went on, then the Earth of this worldline would end up exactly in that state, too.

"Great Sage!"

I borrowed the power of the Great Sage and faced off against the incoming tidal waves.

The Ruyi Jingu Bang grew in size in the blink and began smacking away the 'Nameless Ones' trying to get closer. I destroyed a building-sized wave and smashed apart a tentacle flying in. However, there was no end in sight.

⸢The tidal wave simply grew larger and larger.⸥

If I managed to beat back one wave, then the second showed up. When I destroyed that, the third one pounced on us. And at the centre of all these waves were the 'Master of the Sunken Island' and other 'Outer G.o.d Kings'.

[….It's not going to be easy this time.]

Even the Great Sage was saying something like that.

At this rate, we'd be finished even before our enemies get here.

"Is there any other way to break past that?"

[Need more time.]

After leaving those words, the Great Sage began gathering more Status. My heart rapidly grew warmer and the Fable in my veins circulated quickly. Since I knew what he was preparing for, I didn't bother to ask anymore. If my thoughts were correct, then he was getting ready to use that skill from the final pages of the 'Ways of the Survival'.

The question was, could my companions and me last until then?

⸢In order to buy time, we need to combine our strengths.⸥

No matter how excellent both Uriel and the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon were as Constellations, it was still too difficult for them to endure. Not to mention, there were four 'Kings' that side.

….Wait, four?


The s.h.i.+eld of steel slapped away several tentacles flying in.

I looked at those huge shoulders standing before me and spoke. "Hyeon-Seong-ssi."

The 999th turn's Yi Hyeon-Seong looked back at me, half of his expression filled with worry, and the other half, confusion.

"We need your help. Please, help us stop the calamity."

He quietly stared at me before asking a question. [[Can you promise me?]]

I didn't ask what that promise was, because I felt like I already knew.

"I don't know if I can protect it, but I'll do my best."

He stared at me for a bit longer, then his eyes blinked slowly. And right next moment, his eyes shone in the silvery light.

[[I shall believe in you Fable.]]


Ma.s.sive branches of steel sprouted from the sides of our s.h.i.+p. They grew in an instant and became walls on four sides. While cras.h.i.+ng into the waves and the 'Nameless Ones', they continued their rapid expansion.

A short while later, a square pathway with an open centre was created before our eyes. It was a tunnel created by the advancing walls of steel.

[[Please go ahead.]]

I nodded and began running on the tunnel.

How long did we run like that? I spotted a familiar face at the end of the tunnel.


Jeong Hui-Won was busy swinging her sword in the middle of the 'Nameless Ones'. Companions and I quickly crossed the tunnel and aided her.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't break past them."

She bit her lower lip and muttered out in bitterness. Her voice was thick with despair.

She couldn't even get near the 999th turn's Uriel and ended up too preoccupied with cutting down these 'Nameless Ones' pouncing on her from the sky.


The steel walls shook heavily while emitting crunching noises. 'Outer G.o.ds' were frantically pouncing on them as if they'd devour us in an instant.

If we took just one step outside these walls, then they'd really rip us apart like piranhas, that's for sure.

Crunch, cruuuunch….

The sounds of the 'Nameless Ones' gnawing on the metal walls could be heard next.


And then, the 'Nameless Ones' rushed towards us from the exit of the tunnel. They pounced on us like rabid dogs, their s...o...b..ring tongues wildly wagging.

[Ah, aaaaaah!]

In the next second, though, something akin to bright light fell from the sky and sliced apart every single one of them before our eyes. Someone had carved up the tunnel we were standing in from the outside.

We were treated to the sight of the great apocalypse's battlefield outside the sliced-open tunnel.

The dead 'Nameless Ones' created huge islands of corpses. While looking at this horrible sight of forgotten Fables dying meaningless deaths, the children began retching uncontrollably.

I too became speechless and looked at this battlefield.

Someone murmured in a tearful voice.

"Just why, to go this far…."

This was the 'great apocalypse'. The scenario that Yu Jung-Hyeok from the original storyline had to fight through. And even now, that very Yu Jung-Hyeok was fighting against the 'Outer G.o.d Kings' in the middle of this great battlefield.


There seemed to be flashes of light on one side of the empty sky, only for an echo of explosion noise to reverberate all the way to the other side. Some things moved with speed that my eyes could barely chase after. The ones that sliced apart the tunnel we stood in were engaged in a bitter battle.

I even forgot that we were in a battlefield and was lost in that scene for a little while.

[Great Fable, 'Delusional Design', is loudly yapping on!]

[Great Fable, 'h.e.l.lscape of Eternity', is continuing on with its storytelling!]

The strongest beings from the forgotten worldline were busy competing with the Fables. The torrents of [Breaking the Sky Swordsmans.h.i.+p] and the [h.e.l.lfire] resisting it, and then the remnants of the [Black Flame] mixed in to create a ma.s.sive tornado.

Strong winds generated from the sword images collided among the gloomy clouds, and ancient Fables howled on like aged dragons. Fables were screaming as if to tear the sky apart.

The living histories were colliding and extinguis.h.i.+ng right before our eyes. And at the centre of all the stories was Yu Jung-Hyeok's [Dark Heavenly Demon Sword].

We couldn't afford to waste the precious time he had bought for us. I pointed to our front and spoke. "The cause of these waves is the 'Sunken Island' itself."

The 'Nameless Ones' flooded in like dust clouds. Then, upper-rank Outer G.o.ds raising up even more waves behind them. And finally, the 'Sunken Island' in the centre of them all.

Most likely, the 999th turn's Yi Ji-Hye was in the middle of that island.

"Our priority is to demolish that island. The most optimal course of action is to subdue the 999th turn's Yi Ji-Hye, but…."

I took a look beyond the encroaching waves. If the culprit behind this 'great apocalypse' event, the 'Master of the Sunken Island' Yi Ji-Hye, was subdued, the disaster itself should peter out, but the problem was with how to get there.

Han Su-Yeong spoke up.

"Don't forget, the 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon and Uriel is over there, too. Even if Yu Jung-Hyeok is facing off against Uriel, what will you do about Kim Nam-Woon?"

"Don't worry. I have a plan."

Even now, we were at a disadvantage in our combat strength. Well, we had already exhausted a considerable amount of energy during the earlier fights, after all. However, we weren't completely on the back foot, either.

"Gil-Yeong-ah, Yu-Seung-ah. Release the insects and monsters to stop the movements of the Outer G.o.ds as much as possible. Yu Sang-Ah-ssi, if you see an opening, try to cast one more debuff on that Yi Ji-Hye, please. Han Su-Yeong, you take care of the 'Nameless Ones' showing up in our rear."

"What about you?"

"I'll create a path. Hui-Won-ssi, please come with me."

The moment Jeong Hui-Won nodded her head, I unleashed my Status.

[Constellation, 'Demon King of Salvation', is unleas.h.i.+ng his Status!]

With excellent timing, I sensed Yi Hyeon-Seong's Fable enveloping my body next. The outer layer created through the [Steel Transformation] sprouted above my skin. We certainly made the right call to go to first. We definitely needed his [Fable metal] in order to efficiently destroy the outer layers of those 'Nameless Ones'.

"Now, everyone!"

We leapt above the steel walls in the air simultaneously and then, descended towards the tidal wave.

'Outer G.o.ds' noticed our movements and howled out at the same time.


Gong Pil-Du's, now coated with the [Fable metal], flew in from afar to penetrate cleanly through the outer layers of the 'Nameless Ones'. Using the sounds of the cannons as our interludes, we ran on top of the waves.

Tentacles flew in at us with no gaps in between them, but Han Su-Yeong burned them away.

[Constellation, 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' is roaring out!]

The [Black Flame]'s fires caused the Outer G.o.ds to scream in pain.

Jeong Hui-Won and I continued to run on this path. We felt the time/s.p.a.ce surrounding the island faintly distort. Yu Sang-Ah was activating her powers now.

"Dok-Jssi, over there!"

We saw the gigantic [Turtle Dragon] taking up the highest location of the island in the distance. The 999th turn's Yi Ji-Hye was standing on top of the s.h.i.+p's figurehead to command the 'Outer G.o.ds'.

[[Hahahat, where do you think you're going?!]] As if he was waiting for us, the 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon revealed himself. [[I shall protect our Ji-Hye!]]

Even though he was in the middle of fighting Yu Jung-Hyeok, he must've had enough leeway to interfere with us. Maybe, Yu Jung-Hyeok was in some kind of danger right now. I gave the signal to Jeong Hui-Won.

"Don't worry about me and go help Yu Jung-Hyeok first. I'm sure he's slowly reaching his limit by now."

"Don't get killed. Understand?"

Jeong Hui-Won spread open her wings and disappeared in order to aid Yu Jung-Hyeok.

[[Isn't that so sweet? But, don't you worry. I'll send both of you away in an instant!]]

Kim Nam-Woon's figure seemed to melt. His shadow split apart into hundreds and countless figures leapt out from them.

⸢Kim Dok-Ja thought to himself. He couldn't dodge this.⸥

Hundreds, no, thousands of daggers were unilaterally aiming for my body. They moved as if they were alive. The peak of 'knife fighting' Kim Nam-Woon had comprehended was permeating within each and every one of those blade tips. And each attack was strong enough to leave a fatal wound. Even then, I quietly smiled.

"When I met you for the first time, you also wielded your knife at me."

[[But, it's my first time meeting you?]]

"Kim Nam-Woon, aren't you curious how you of this world died?"

One of Kim Nam-Woon's clones frowned after hearing me. [[Who cares how that weakling got killed??]]

I used the [Ruyi Jingu Bang] to deflect the incoming daggers. A few of them still managed to leave behind deep cuts on my thigh and shoulder, but thankfully, Yi Hyeon-Seong's [Fable metal] defended against the attacks in my stead.

Unfortunately, even his forged steel began developing cracks at the vicious barrage of attacks raining down.

As if to fully recreate a certain memory, I started evading the incoming attacks.

⸢Waist, right side.⸥

⸢Right eye.⸥

⸢Left thigh.⸥

Tsu-chut, chuchuchut….

Faint sparks danced about. I took a step back after getting hit by two more daggers.

"You were trash in this worldline. A thug who killed a powerless old man just to clear the first scenario."

[[That's what the first scenario was about, anyway. I ain't curious about such s.h.i.+t…!]]

"You wielded the dagger just like now, until you ended up on your knees begging for your life like a pathetic loser. And then, died miserably after your head exploded."

For the first time ever, his movement came to a stop. His previous mischievous expression was nowhere to be found, only his glare aimed at me remaining.

"Aren't you curious about who killed you like that?"

The dagger was now aiming for my left eye.

"Oh the sword forged to cut down the sleeping giants. Descend to this place, now!"


Everything before my eyes seemed to wane as the ma.s.sive storm of aftermath raged on. A steel giant was summoned through the dimensions and it now stood there imposingly.

The greatest Fable weapon in [Tartarus], Pluto. A bright voice belonging to Kim Nam-Woon came out from its c.o.c.kpit.

[Hahahat! Hey, Gra.s.shopper man, been a while….]

However, I couldn't smile back to him. Because, what I was about to do should prove to be very inhumane to this guy.

[Ng? What's this?]

Kim Nam-Woon discovered something small floating before his nose and tilted his head. Almost at the same time, the other Kim Nam-Woon muttered in sheer dumbfoundedness.

[[….A giant robot???]]



[Same existences from different worldlines have met for the first time!]

The 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon didn't possess a Fable of fighting against me. However, what about now?

['Disconnected Film Theory' is activating!]

Memories were connecting; as the two existences from different worldlines met each other, the unconnected Fable momentarily would become one.

The 999th turn's Kim Nam-Woon, the 'Monarch of the Great Abyss', glared at me with his brows arched up high. It seemed that he had realised everything.


"That's right. The one who killed you in this worldline is…."

The surrounding time and s.p.a.ce transformed. Into that of the subway from the first scenario. To the place where I killed Kim Nam-Woon.

I grinned and continued on.

['Stage Transformation' is activating!]

"It was none other than me."


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