Legend Of Legends Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Anna 2

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

Jaeyoung stared coolly at Anna and asked her, "Where were you last night around ten?"

Anna was touching her chin and looked calmly at Jaeyoung. Then, she looked at Junhyuk. He was avoiding her eyes, and she felt like there was something weird about him, but didn't know what it was.

"I've seen you before. Aren't you a model?" Anna asked.

"I have other jobs as well," he answered casually.

"Hm. Your other job has to do with the CIA?"

Anna felt dazed and looked at Jaeyoung again. He was looking at her directly. He had to be curious about her power. If not, he wouldn't be asking her questions about her whereabouts. So, one man was avoiding her, and the other was looking at her directly.

She didn't know what they are thinking, but if anything happened, she knew how to deal with them.

"I went to a club."

"You left the club at exactly at 9:35 p.m. What did you do afterward?"

"I went home. Why do you ask?"

"At what time did you get home?"

"Well, I went home and took a shower and went to sleep. I didn't check the time. I partied hard."

Jaeyoung continued unfazed, "Then, do you remember the guy who was pestering you?"

Anna realized Jaeyoung knew too much about what she had done. A smile creeped across her lips, and she said, "There was a guy, but I don't remember his face."

Jaeyoung showed Sukjoon Hong's face in his cell phone.

"Was this the guy?"

"Well, it could've been him." Anna said, shaking her head. She asked, "Why do you ask?"

"His car was involved in a murder case. The car was stolen, and we are investigating the women he met."

"Really? Nothing out of ordinary took place."

Her blue eyes sparkled, and Jaeyoung's eyes twitched.

"I understand," he said, giving her his business card. "If you remember something, give me a call."

"Sure," she got up and smiled. "Then, am I free to go?"

Anna left, and Junhyuk asked, "What do you think?"

Jaeyoung didn't answer him. Junhyuk thought he was acting strange. His eyes seemed to be blank, so Junhyuk grabbed his shoulder. Jaeyoung reacted by trying to twist Junhyuk's hand, but he was not powerful enough.

Junhyuk grabbed him and said, "Pull yourself together!"

"Let go of me! What are you doing?" Jaeyoung asked.

He looked like himself again, so Junhyuk let him go and sighed.

"I thought you were hypnotized."

"I'm fine."

"What are you thinking?"

Jaeyoung spoke calmly, "From the look in her eyes, I felt like I couldn't trust her, but we need to double check a few more things. She is the strongest suspect so far.

"What are we going to do now?"

"We should follow her."

"Do we do it ourselves?"


Jaeyoung picked up his cell phone.

"Evacuate the area," he said and looked at Junhyuk. "Get in the car."

Junhyuk got in the car without protesting. The car moved slowly and then stopped. They could see Anna from where they were. She got on a motorcycle, a 2012 Ducati Diavel Cromo. He was curious about how she afforded her multiple motorcycles that cost tens of thousands of dollars. She took off, and Jaeyoung followed her. Junhyuk frowned during the chase.

"She is riding her motorcycle on car-only lanes."

"It's against the law, but it's not important now."

Anna turned her head, lifted her left arm and waved at them. Then, she sped off. Her motorcycle could maintain an incredible speed, and Jaeyoung also stepped on the accelerator. They were on Highway 88 when Junhyuk looked at the speedometer. It said 100 km/h. The car moved fast, but it was unable to catch up.

The car was going fast when Jaeyoung turned the wheel to the right. Junhyuk felt nervous. That side had no road.


The car drove off the road, going through the guardrail on its way into the Han River. Junhyuk looked at Jaeyoung's eyes, and they were normal again.

"She got us."

They hadn't expected that. Junhyuk placed his hand on Jaeyoung's shoulder and looked at the incoming surface of the water. Right as they hit the water, Junhyuk teleported. The car was under water and the airbags popped out. Junhyuk went over to the window and broke it with his fist from the outside. He made sure the window was broken and took Jaeyoung to the surface.


Junhyuk saw Jaeyoung was himself again.

"What happened?"

Junhyuk frowned and answered, "I think she got us."

"You mean by hypnosis?"

"If not, you wouldn't have swerved through the guardrail and driven into the Han River."

People were gathering around the area of the accident.

"What should we do?"

"Let's leave this place. They will take care of the rest."

Junhyuk and Jaeyoung swam to the sh.o.r.e. They were drenched, and the people watching came over to them. Jaeyoung took out his cell phone.

"The phone was in the water."

"It's waterproof." Jaeyoung answered curtly and made a call. Within three minutes, another car arrived at the scene, and they got in it.

Junhyuk was covered with a towel.

"What are you going to do?"

"It's dangerous to approach her."

"Are you going to arrest her?"

Jaeyoung thought for a moment and answered, "We should ask the chief first."

Junhyuk nodded, and the car headed to the W.A.N.C.S. lab. When it arrived, both of them went in to meet Iltae.

Iltae thought they looked like a couple of wet rats and laughed hard.

"Your Lamborghini is at the bottom of the Han River," Iltae joked.

"I will get my revenge," Jaeyoung answered seriously.

"You two are in good condition even though you were in a big accident."

"I pa.s.sed out, and Mr. Lee saved me."

Iltae looked at Junhyuk.

"You must be really strong."

"I didn't pa.s.s out. Jaeyoung must've been hypnotized," Junhyuk answered evenly.

"Anyway, thanks for your help."

Jaeyoung sat down and asked, "What are you going to do?"

"We have a suspect, but she is being difficult."


Iltae touched his chin.

"I'll talk to my superiors. They'll know what to do."

Iltae looked at Junhyuk.

"You may leave. We have a suspect, and you saved Mr. Jang. If you involve yourself further, you'll have to register with us."

"Then my work here is over?"

"Take the rest of the week off. Report to work at your company next Monday. I thank you for your service."

"Thank you."

Iltae laughed hard.

"You may leave."

Junhyuk said goodbye and walked outside. He had experienced Anna's prowess and couldn't tell what really happened. That told him how powerful she was. He hadn't looked into her eyes, so he had been safe, and that told him something about her. Her power wasn't absolute. He could deal with her.

Junhyuk got in his own car and tapped on the steering wheel.

"What should I do?"

He wanted to know if she was working for the Rockefeller family, but she was really dangerous. She used her hypnosis to kill people and she might want to kill him as well. Without his powers, he could've been killed with Jaeyoung.

Junhyuk closed his eyes, tapped on the steering wheel some more and opened his eyes.

"OK. Let's go meet her."

He didn't want to avoid her any longer. He wanted to know who hired her and he thought that day was a good day to do it. He moved quickly.

He left his cell phone behind with the car and took public transportation to go to Anna's house. He opened his burner phone and looked at the time. It was eleven o'clock at night., and he could see her through the window. She turned the lights off.

At 11:35 p.m. a car arrived, and a man showed up in her room. She talked to him, and he left.

"That must be Stephen."

Junhyuk had some doubts after seeing father and daughter together, but he had made up his mind. She had killed a lot of people and almost killed him. And she would continue to kill, so Junhyuk summoned Bebe's Black Armor.

He needed to avoid looking at her eyes and things would be easy. Junhyuk scoped out her house. It had a lot of CCTV cameras, but he could ignore them.

He headed to her house, jumped sky high and landed on the roof. Then, he teleported inside her room. Junhyuk was moving through the darkness when Anna suddenly sat up on her bed.

She is wearing a black and yellow suit of armor. It was the first time Junhyuk was seeing it, which meant it was not one of the basic armor sets. Sarang wore 110,000G suit of armor, and Anna's cost about the same.

He thought she was a novice, but now he was not sure. She might even have more gold than him. Sarang's armor had special powers, and Anna's armor probably did too. He couldn't just focus on her hypnosis.

Junhyuk summoned everything he owned. He had to make an honest effort in the fight, but he still avoided her eyes. Anna frowned.

"You know about my power."

Anna extended her hand and picked up a drill.

"I want to ask you a question," Junhyuk said.

"What is it?"

"Who hired you?"

Anna laughed.

"I don't work for anybody."

"Why did you kill Jisuk Dong and the Schterron's mercenaries?"

Anna looked at him and laughed again.

"W.A.N.C.S. has a novice, and you are here to kill me?"

Anna lowered her stance, and Junhyuk raised his swords.

"You aren't going to answer me?"

"Correct," she said smiling. "If you think you can deal with me just by not looking at my eyes, you are mistaken."

Anna had finished speaking and dashed. She moved faster than expected, and he swung the Frozen Rune Sword at her.


Legend Of Legends Chapter 116

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