Legend Of Legends Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Sacrifice 3

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

Artlan's group went straight to the enemy's tower, destroyed it and kept advancing before the dragon's buff disappeared. They had a few minions left, but they didn't care about that. They destroyed the second tower and moved toward the castle

"How come we haven't seen any enemies?" Halo asked.

They had destroyed the second tower, and the enemies should've been there to meet them, but n.o.body showed up.

Artlan stopped walking and said, "Perhaps they are all headed to our castle."

As Artlan said that, everyone got worried. So, they thought for a while, and he said, "Junhyuk has the force field and the teleportation. He will survive on his own."

The enemies wouldn't commit their entire force to attacking Junhyuk, and if that were the case, he would survive. Also, if the enemy heroes left the castle, the allies had the superiority.

"We will use our all of our powers to destroy the enemy castle. If we don't meet any heroes, we have to destroy their castle first."

Vera smiled.

"We will be faster than them."

The enemy heroes had started out from the castle, but the allies point of origin was the Dragon's Valley. Since they started at different positions, if both side moved at the same speed, the allies would get to the enemy castle first.

"Let's move."

Sarang followed heroes and spoke to the Kasha perched on her shoulder.

"Big brother."

The Kasha replied, "What?"

"We can't find any enemy heroes right now. Maybe they all went to our castle."

The Kasha was silent for a moment and replied, "Is our side moving faster?"


"Then, don't worry about here. I will buy more time."

That wasn't what Sarang meant to say, and she clicked her tongue.

"Don't overdo it."

"Don't worry."

Sarang was done talking and ran fast. This battle depended on their timing.

Junhyuk looked at the Kasha and murmured, 'They are all coming this way!"

It wasn't a simple statement. Even with the support of the archers, it wouldn't be easy. The enemy would rush even when attacked by archers. They had to be confident they could kill Junhyuk before they themselves were killed and they would be moving as a large group. Junhyuk stood up.

He was standing with the archers, looking down at the bottom of the castle and far away. From which direction are they coming? They were probably close to where Bater had destroyed a tower, but his allies were moving much faster. He had to endure for some time.

Junhyuk didn't want to waste time on the castle wall, so he practice using his powers. The enemies needed some time to get there after all.

The Spatial Slash was a newly acquired power, and he didn't know what would happen if he continued practicing it. The damage inflicted could increase or the cooldown could shorten, so he wanted to train.

He swung his sword using Spatial Slash. It ripped the s.p.a.ce in front of him and appeared far away. Junhyuk looked at the damage and decided to practice as much as possible.

Sarang reached the gate of the enemy castle, and there were only two heroes protecting it: Jean Clo and Killa. Killa was standing on the wall, intending to attack with the archers.

Without destroying the wall, with the exception of Vera and Diane, the rest couldn't attack because they lacked range. Killa also had an incredible attack stat and enormous ability to deal damage.

Artlan looked at Halo.

"It will depend on how quickly we kill Killa."

Everyone nodded. Jean Clo was the tankiest, and he stood at the front. Killa had the highest attack, and she stood on the castle wall. While attacking the castle, she would attack them, and they had to endure it.

There were only two, which meant that Bater, Doctor Tula, Regina and Adolphe were headed toward Junhyuk. He had many powers, but it would be hard for him to stay alive. To save Junhyuk, the allies had to destroy the castle as soon as possible.

Artlan looked at Sarang.

"Don't step forward. Use your healing power on the heroes who lose half of their health."


He turned to Vera.

"Start off strong."

It would be best to use the ultimates. The Meteor Shower would fall on the castle even if Jean Clo approached them.

Killa watched the heroes preparing their ultimates. Jean Clo popped his neck left and right. He could dodge the meteors, but Rain from Above was a different matter. The enemies had made plans to kill Junhyuk, but the allies' resolution was also strong.

Jean Clo looked at Killa. She was getting ready to shoot, but the allies weren't within her range yet. He stepped back slowly and leaned against the castle.

"OK! Let's go!"

Even if they used their ultimates, they couldn't get to the gate without getting within range of Killa's shots. Jean Clo leaned against the gate and extended his arms. He would grab anyone that came close to him. Then, he watched the sky fill up with meteors.

"It will hurt like h.e.l.l."

Junhyuk used his Spatial Slash as soon as each cooldown ended. After a while, he saw the enemies approaching from far away. They had minions with them, and Adolphe and three heroes were there.

Junhyuk stared at them and raised his sword. They didn't know, but he could deal damage to a wide area now. He planned to use the Spatial Slash on whoever attacked first.

The enemies positioned themselves far away, and Bater stepped forward and showed Junhyuk his fist. Bater raised  his huge mechanical fist and took a heavy drag off his cigar, puffing out an enormous cloud of smoke

"Come down here."

"If you were me, would you go down?" Junhyuk replied, Bater frowned.

Doctor Tula and Regina laughed hard, Bater smiled a bit. His smile made Junhyuk scared, and he s.h.i.+vered. However, at that moment, Junhyuk had the advantage.

He took the time to speak with the Kasha on his shoulder.

"The enemies are here. What's going on over there?"

"Jean Clo is by the gate, and Killa is firing from the wall, but we will kill Jean Clo very soon," the Kasha said.

Junhyuk looked at his enemies. They had moved very fast, even bringing minions with them. He thought the allies would be much faster.

"You got here quick. How did you manage that?" Junhyuk asked.

Regian smirked.

"How? We ran."

He knew that already. Last time, Regina alone destroyed a tower and the gate. She had displayed amazing speed, and he thought she was hiding something. Still, Junhyuk wasn't interested. They were right on edge of where Junhyuk could use his power. That gave away the amount of experience they had on the battlefield if they knew the exact limit of his power by watching him only a few times.

Bater bashed his fists against each other.

"Now, let's begin."

The enemies would destroy the gate first, then kill him, or use long range attacks against him: Regina's pistol, Doctor Tula's missile, Bater's rocket punch and Adolphe's ten-meter sword strike meant that they were all capable of long range attacks.

Junhyuk looked at whom he considered the most dangerous person: Regina and her petrifaction. He wasn't sure about the attack's range, but if he was petrified he would die. He could dodge the doctor's spider web by teleporting, but the petrifaction was different.

He raised his sword, and Bater shouted, "Attack!"

The riflemen usually used the distance to shoot, but they all rushed forward. They were trained in using bayonets for close range combat, but by doing that, they were abandoning their strength in long range.

As Bater ordered, the heroes approached.

Bater rushed through his own minions and reached castle's gate and began pounding against it. The archers focused on the riflemen, and Bater's plan worked beautifully. Junhyuk clicked his tongue and swung his sword at Regina. She dodged by using her incredible speed.

Junhyuk laughed. He had been practicing the Spatial Slash, so he knew they would try to dodge it. They could time their dodges with his swing and escape the Spatial Slash. It was not impossible. Regina also had the highest speed, so she had the highest chance of dodging the slash. However, Junhyuk had already thought of how to deceive them: a false swing.

He had swung just for the h.e.l.l of it, and they dodged.

Regina was moving at high speed and realized Junhyuk hadn't used his power, so she aimed her pistol and closed in quickly. Adolphe and Doctor Tula followed her closely.

Junhyuk looked at them and laughed. He had learned one more thing while practicing the Spatial Slash: he didn't have to swing to use his power.

He held tightly to the his frozen blade and moved it just a little.

Regina started bleeding profusely from the neck, but with her as the focus, a ten-meter radius area was his by a coldstorm of air.

Doctor Tula and Adolphe didn't know what it was and stopped in their tracks.

It was the fourth effect of the Pure Golden Knight Elder's set, and that was the first time Junhyuk had used it. He knew he would damage a wide area, but the magic sword's attribute and attack power boosted the effect further.

Doctor Tula and Adolphe had lost their speed, and he had gotten more than he bargained for.

Regina was holding her neck and continued moving closer to the wall, but she didn't know one thing. Because Junhyuk had attacked, the minions no longer held any meaning for the archers, and they fired at Regina.

Even as she was targeted by the archers, Regina inched closer toward Junhyuk. He knew what she was trying to do and he ran.

Regina removed her eyepatch, and the archers were petrified, but Junhyuk had already left the scene. She ran after him, but Junhyuk teleported to the original spot, and her face turned red with anger.

He smiled at her.

"Where are you going?" he said, but inside, he nearly died of fright. If he had been a moment late, he would've been petrified and he wouldn't have survived.

Junhyuk raised his sword. He had one more teleport and twenty seconds left for his next Spatial Slash. Bater was pounding at the gate, so he had to make the buffed archers shoot at him. He inhaled deeply and jumped off the edge of the wall.

Doctor Tula shot the spider web at him, and Adolphe rushed toward him. Junhyuk was tied up by the web, and Bater turned around. He wanted to finish Junhyuk with a one-two combo, but Junhyuk only smiled.

The ivory-colored energy covered him and stopped all of the attacks. Junhyuk raised his swords and said, "For the next ten seconds, I'll have fun."

Legend Of Legends Chapter 132

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