Legend Of Legends Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: Two of Them

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

[You died once. You have four revives remaining in this battlefield.]

"I don't intend to die any more."

He had four revives left, but he didn't want to die. Each time he died, he felt deep psychological pain. He would grow from the pain he felt, but there was no such need.

[You may exit through the central door.]

He walked through it and heard a soft voice.

[Champion Junhyuk Lee deployed.]

As he walked toward the castle's gate, he saw the allied heroes. They were gathered there, smiling bitterly as they saw Junhyuk.

"You were killed as well?"

"But Sarang is still alive."


Sarang was still alive, which meant the enemies hadn't picked up any items. Everyone was glad about that.

"I'm supposed to meet her at the Dimensional Merchant," he said.

"Good thinking. If she can get there, she'll be safe."

They couldn't fight inside the merchant, so that was the safest place as long as she didn't run across any enemies at the entrance.

Artlan looked at the group.

"What should we do?"

They had destroyed all of the enemies' first towers, while their enemies had only destroyed the one in the central path. The allies had the advantage.

The group was deep in thought when Halo said, "Let's push center. The enemies will be there as well."

"What about Sarang?"

Vera shook her head.

"We have to move as a group. If we go after Sarang now, everyone has to go, and the enemies will push the second central tower. We will have a team battle first and then look for her."

I agree, but the allies will need Sarang's power in the team battle! It won't be easy without it.

Vera read his mind and placed a hand on his head.

"We'll win. Don't worry."

He heard her, puffed out his chest and said, "Let's go."

It would be better if the enemies didn't come through the center. The allies would destroy their tower and advance. However, with all the other first towers remaining, they had to go through the middle path. It would be a true team battle to decide who was stronger.

Artlan selected three hundred minions. He wanted to rush the enemy, taking more than half of their total minions. Heading to the central tower, they pa.s.sed the first destroyed tower and advanced, but the enemies were nowhere to be found.

Junhyuk frowned, and Artlan said, "They must've gone somewhere else." He pulled out a saber and added, "OK. Who will get the towers first?"

Artlan ran ahead first. The center road was shorter, so the allies would destroy the second tower and head to the castle first.

Junhyuk looked at the group and asked, "What about Sarang?"

Artlan took a moment and said, "Can you go alone?"

"Me, alone?"

"The enemies have to be gathered as a group. If not, their formation will crumble. So, go alone."

"Will you be OK without me?"

Vera put her arm around him.

"Don't worry. We'll be fine without you."

The heroes looked at him and told him not to worry, so Junhyuk shrugged and said, "OK. I'll be safe on my own."

"Right. Get Sarang and bring her to the central castle wall."


The heroes moved to the second tower while Junhyuk headed toward the Dimensional Merchant. It was rare for him to be moving by himself. As he walked, he kept a close eye around himself.

He was a champion, so he was not scared of most monsters. The twin-headed ogre was strong, but he could still kill it. He could use the Spatial Slash, and if that didn't work, he could draw it out.

As he headed to the Dimensional Battlefield, he killed two monsters on his way. Once there, Junhyuk used the portal to get inside. Outside, a spider kept watch of his movements.

Junhyuk saw Sarang inside, and when she saw him, she gave him a big bear hug. He laughed and patted her back.

"It's OK. You came here all by yourself."

Sarang nodded.

"I was doing some shopping."

"What do you want?"

"I was just browsing. I have 40,500G now."

"That's a lot!"

"I think it's because I'm an expert."

Junhyuk pulled the Precise Mechanical Glove out.

"Sarang, I have to give you 30,000G. Can I give this to you instead? It boosts intelligence, and I can't use it. I don't want to sell it to Bebe. He would only give me half price."

Bebe spoke out, "I heard everything!"

Junhyuk smiled and showed her the Precise Mechanical Glove. Her eyes widened.

"This is amazing! It adds a hundred to intelligence!"

Junhyuk looked at Bebe.

"What is its original price?"

"It's 250,000G."

It was a good idea to pick up items and make exchanges. Junhyuk looked at her, and her eyes beamed while she nodded.

"Thanks! I'll use it well!"

He smiled and asked, "What did Killa drop?"

Sarang showed him a pauldron, a type of shoulder armor.

"It increases evasion, defense and focus!"


Junhyuk looked at Bebe, and he added, "Some powers take a long time to cast. If an enemy attacks, you can be disrupted. However, if you have focus, that won't happen."

Killas had a lot of power, and among them, her sniping took a long time to prepare. She had to have that item to increase her focus so she wouldn't be interrupted.

Junhyuk thought the pauldron would be a good item for Sarang. The enemy heroes had dropped nice items. It was better to use them rather than sell them.

He could use his powers right away, so he didn't need focus.

"You need evasion and defense. Take good care of it."

"You don't want me to sell it?"

"It'll be better to use the items over selling them."

Sarang nodded and took the pauldron and the glove.

"What did you want to buy?" Junhyuk asked her.

"Bebe told me there were some nice items in the 40,000G range."

She might get items that increased her magic attack, but good items cost over 80,000G. It would be better to save for now over buy something.

"The best items are all expensive. Buy one return stone and save your money."

"A return stone?"

"How much is a return stone?" Junhyuk asked Bebe.

"It's 5,000G."

"What about the discount?"

Bebe smiled.

"Right. You'll get a discount."

Junhyuk looked at her.

"I have a higher discount rate, so I'll buy it for you."

Bebe shook his head.

"You may only carry one return stone. Also, when you own one, it's a.s.signed to you. You can't give it away."

Junhyuk thought Bebe wasn't easy to deal with, and Sarang stepped forward.

"I'll buy it."

She bought one, and Bebe calmly gave her an explanation.

"It has been charged three times. When you use it, you are immune for ten seconds."

"I understand," she said and looked at Junhyuk. "Are you getting anything?"

Junhyuk pulled the Frozen Rune Sword out and said, "I want to upgrade this."

Bebe pushed his plate.

"Is this the last upgrade? It's 40,000G."

"Do it please."

The 40,000G was subtracted, he was left with 62,240G. Bebe sprinkled some powder over the Frozen Rune Sword. The powder dropped over it like falling stars, and Bebe hammered it hard.


A gust of wind wooshed out, and Junhyuk watched the Frozen Rune Sword change. The blade was thicker, and it had turned white. Bebe gave him his sword back, and Junhyuk inspected it.

Frozen Rune Sword (Rare)

Attack +140

Striking the opponent decreases the opponent's attack and movement speeds by 12%. Stacks three times.

He had enhanced Bebe's Basic Longsword with the ice attribute. It increased the attack power to 140 and, when it struck the opponent, it decreased the opponent's attack and movement speeds by 12 percent. It was possible to stack the effects three times, but it depended on the opponent's resistance.

After upgrading it seven times, it had become a rare item. Further upgrades were possible with the use of upgrade stones.

Junhyuk wanted to upgrade his armor. Bebe's Black Armor could be upgraded, which would increase its attack speed buff.

He made Sarang turn around and told Bebe, "Upgrade my armor."


"The first is 10,000G; the second is 20,000G; and the third is 30,000G, correct?" Junhyuk asked calmly.


"Do it three times."

He really wanted to commit, and Bebe pushed the plate forward. The 60,000G was subtracted,  leaving him with 2,240G.

Bebe sprinkles the powder three times, hammered it and smiled.

"It worked out well. Look."

Junhyuk could see the black armor was a little more polished.

Bebe's Black Armor (+3)

Defense +95

Magic Defense +95

Attack Speed +11%

Among basic suits of armor, this one increases the wearer's attack speed. After the third upgrade, its defense and magic defense increased to ninety-five, and the wearer's attack speed increases by 11 percent.

Junhyuk was satisfied with the stats.

"Defense has increased."

"Thanks to the upgrade."

Bebe placed the helmet on him, and as he put it on, he thought of something else.

"Is there an item that changes the way people see my face?"

"A transformation item?"

"Just for the face?"

"You mean a mask," Bebe said with eyes slightly widened. "What do you want it for?"

"How much is a mask?"

"It depends. A single-face mask is 2,000G, but a multi-face mask costs around 10,000G."

Junhyuk was relieved.

"Just give me a single-face mask."

Bebe pulled out a thin sheet of vinyl and asked, "Do you want any particular shape?"

"Just something different from my face now," he answered.

"I'll give you a sharp, angular shape."

Bebe put the mask on himself, and he looked mean. He had small lips and sharp eyes. People would avoid someone like him.

He pulled the mask off, and Junhyuk put his hand over the plate and asked, "Discount?"

"Yes. Give me 1,800G."

He had 2,240G, but after the purchase, only 440G remained. However, he had gotten something important.

"Can someone tell I'm wearing the mask through scientific methods?" he asked.

Bebe shook his head.

"No one can tell you are wearing a mask, but someone might measure your proportions and figure out who you are."

Junhyuk was curious if anyone was willing to do that. Then, he put the mask in the Spatial Bag and smiled.

"I can buy anything here."

"Sure. As long as you have money."

Junhyuk nodded and looked at Sarang.

"Let's go to the castle's central wall. We should help."


He walked out of the portal with her and heard something approaching them from behind. He frowned as soon as he saw them. Doctor Tula and Adolphe were staring back at them.

Legend Of Legends Chapter 175

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